Monday, December 28, 2015

Interview with Morkesagn done by Patrick on 12-28-15

Here  is  a   new  interview  with  the  Ukraineian  black  metal  scene  anyone  who  is  a  fan  of  well  played  black  metal  should  defintly  check  this  band  out  today.



Interview  with   Morkesagn   done  by   Patrick

1. Hails  when  did you  all  first  meet? Was  it   long  before  you  formed   Morkesagn ? How  did  you  choose the  name  for the  band  does   it  have  a  special   meaning?

 Hails, Farn at your service!

Well, Morkesagn line-up has changed significantly since its foundation. Ekvil is the founder of the band. I became a member at the end of 2013. Since then we have changed a couple of bass players, until we ended up with Heydvald, who plays with us since the late 2014. As for our drummer, he plays with us for not so long: since October 2015. We did not know each other before we met in the band.
The name of the band is translated from Norwegian as Dark Legends. The legends we sing about

 2. What is the current line-up of the band? For  the  readers  who  have   never  heard  Morkesagn   music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

Ekvil plays guitar and screams. I’m on the guitar and back vocal. Heydvald rends the air with his bass and Heisenbeard plays on drums.

3. Morkesagn   recently  released  the  debut  cd   "Where  The  Darkness  Never  Ends. I  believe the band  self-released  it  have you  all  looked for  a   label  or  do you   prefer  to  work  alone?

We had looked for a label, but not for very long. After one month of searching, I decided to create my own label and release the album through it. However, when the release was already in progress, I got a couple of offers for collaboration so I am not alone in this.

4. How   long  did  it  take you  all  to  write  and record  the  songs  on  the debut? Does  the  whole  band  work  on the   music  or  does  one  member   usually  write  everything?

We started the work on the album with the recording of guitars and bass at my home at the end of winter in 2015. Ekvil recorded his part and I did my guitar part and bass. Near the end of spring we were ready for recording drums, but at that time we had some discords with our drummer, which ended in us expelling him and looking for a session drummer. By the end of June, we had everything recorded, including Ekvil’s and my vocals, and by the middle of August all material was mastered and ready for the release.

5. Who usually writes the lyrics for the music what are some topics/subjects you all write about?

Ekvil writes lyrics for all our songs. Our main subjects are darkness and underworld; our lyrics takes inspiration in Greek and Scandinavian mythology.

6. Besides the debut cd Where The Darkness Never Ends does the band have any other merchandise or releases available? If yes, where can your fans buy them?

We are working on that. We are going to make some T-shirts, patches etc. All our stuff is available from our websites: or Be sure to follow our news for the updates

7.Does   Morkesagn    play  "live"  very  often  or  do you   prefer to  work  in the  studio?  Who  are some  bands you   have  had the   opportunity  to  share the  stage  with?

Usually we rehearse once per week. We did perform at various live events 5–6 times per year until now, but after our debut release we plan to ignore small gigs for a time being in order to concentrate on the most significant events.
We have shared the stage with a lot of Ukrainian bands.   

 8.What  have  been  some of   Morkesagn  most  memorable  shows  to  date? Are their  any tours  or  shows  planned  for  2016?

I think all great shows are upcoming. We are planning the tour over Europe (Iceland, Great Britain, Turkey, Ukraine) in the August 2016.

 9.What  does   black  metal   mean  to  you?

It is something that inspires, feeds with energy, and awakens something inside.

 10.Morkesagn   comes  out  of  the  Ukrainian  black  metal  scene    what  is  your  thoughts  and  opinions  of the  scene  in  the   Ukraine?

Not as one would like it to be. We do not have a lot of good black metal bands and organization of black metal events is usually quite poor. However, it is something that heavily depends on every individual’s initiative and has wide opportunities to evolve.

11.Who  are  some  of your  all-time   favorite   Ukrainian   bands?  Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should   watch  out  for?

Khors, Nokturnal Mortum, Endless Battle, Drudkh, Hate Forest, Balfor… I would also like to mention Ungoliantha and Daemonium with their recent first releases

 12.Are  any  of  the  members  currently  working  with  other  bands  or   solo  projects?

Almost everyone is a part of another band besides Morkesagn. It is common in Ukraine to see the same people in different combinations forming different bands =)

13.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to    fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

Listen to Black Metal and let your souls forever burn!