Saturday, February 21, 2015

Metal reviews done on 2-21-15 done by Patrick

Metal  Hails
hope  everyone  is  having  a  good  day,  Here  is  a  new  batch  of  reviews  this  time  around their  are black metal,death metal  and  thrash  reviews  included  hopefully  you  all  will  find  some  bands to  your   liking. 
Expect   new  reviews  and  interviews  very  soon

Abhor-Rituale  Stramonium  cd  {Moribund Rec.}This  is  Italy's  Abhor  sixth full length to date it  took the  band  four  years to  write and release the  newest  cd  but  it  is well worth the  wait.The  music  on  Rituale  Stramonium 
Is  very  well  written  and  played  with  a lot  of talent  combining  semi-raw  black metal  with  some  elements  of  atmospheric  black metal  for  a  nice  mix.The  guitars  range from  slow to  mid-paced  riffs with  some  excellent  played  patterns.The drumming  is  mostly  in the  mid-paced  range  with  some  faster  drums  in a few  of the songs  and  played  extremely  well.The  vocalist  are  harsch black metal  shrieks  with  some  spoken type  of vocals  in a few tracks.Abhor  has  released a great  cd  of  black metal  with  some  elements  of  atmosphere  in a few  of the  songs.If you  are a fan  of this  band  then I  highly  recommend  picking this  up today.

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 Apocryfal--Aberration  Of Mind  {Digital release/Self-released}
Apocryfal  come  out  of  Finlands   death metal  scene.This  young band  really  knows  how to  create  memorable and  well written  death metal.The  guitars  are very well  played  with  some  catchy riffs  mixed  in the  songs.the  drumming  is really good  with a  mix  of  furious  drum  patterns to a  more  mid paced drum  sound.The  vocals  are  death metal  growls  and  some  grunt/gruff  style  vocals.Apocryfal  are  a  solid brutal death  metal  band that  is  defintly  worth  checking  out  if your  into  this  style  of  music.
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Atomicide--Chaos  Abomination  LP  {Iron  Bonehead Rec.}
Atomicide  return  with  their  second  full-length  for  Iron Bonehead Rec. Atomicide  have  been  in the  underground  metal  scene  for  about  ten  years  with their  brand  of  vicious  and  violent death,blackend  metal.The  guitars  are  played  at  hyperspeed  with a few  mid paced  sections  before  going  extremely  fast  with  the  guitars  once again.The  drumming  is  non stop  barrage  of  hyperspeed  drum  beats that are  chaotic  but  also  done  very  well with  some  impressive  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  deep death growls  with  some  scratchy vocals  and a few  screams  throughout  the  LP. This  is  a  really  chaotic  but  well written  slab  of  chaotic  death metal  if your  into  old-school,vicious  death metal  then  defintly  do yourself  a favor and pick  this  gem  of  a release  up today.
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Blasphmachine--Oath  pro cdr  {Cold Raw  Rec.}
 Malaysia's Blasphmachine  release their  newest  E.P of  raw,violent  blackend death  metal.The  two  tracks  on  the  Oath Mcdr  are  very  well  played  going from hyper fast  death metal  to  a  more  slower mid range paced  black metal.The  guitars  are  done  extremely  good  with  hyperspeed  guitars  to a  more controlled mid-paced.The  vocals  are  death metal  growls  with  some  raw screams  mixed  in the  music.This  is  a great  band  and release  if you  are  a  fan  of  early nineties  blackend death metal  then  pick  this  release  up  today.
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Bone Alley--Demo{N}  2014  pro cdr   {Cold  Raw Rec.}
BoneAlley  comes  out  of  the  Canadian  black metal  scene .Bone Alley  play  very low/raw  sounding  black metal  that  is  pretty  hard to  hear  {unless you  turn the  sound  way up} usually  I  love  this  style  of  demo/raw sounding  production  but  this  is  too  much .The  music  is  decent  with  some good  riffs  and  drumming    but  the  low quality  of the  production kills  it.Hopefully  the  band  can  do  a  better  job  with  their  next  release.
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Cvinger--The   Enthronement  Ov  Diabolic  Souls  cd/digital    {Self-released}
Slovenia's  Cvinger  are   back  with their  debut  cd/digital  release  The   Enthronement  Ov  Diabolic  Souls.Picking  up right  where they  left  off  with their  last  E.P  "Monastery Of The Fallen"  fast,vicious  black metal  with  some  really  well played  riffs that range from  fast to a  mid-paced  range.The drumming  is done  with  a lot of talent  and aggression  with some  chaotic blast beats  and  and some  slower mid paced  beats  that  fit the  music  very  well.the  vocalist  does a great  range  with  some   raw black metal screams with some death metal growls  in a few  of the  songs and even some  well done clean sung chants.Cvinger  have  released  a great  debut full length  that  every  black metal  fan  should  hear  so  get your  copy  soon
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Doden  Grotte-Demo MMX111  Pro  Cdr {Cold Raw Rec.}
Doden  Grotte  play  a  violent and vicous  style  of  raw  black  metal.The  guitarist  is  really  good  at creating  fast  and chaotic  guitar  patterns  and  even  throw  in a few solo's  in a few  of the  songs.The  drumming  is top notch  with fast,blasting  drum  beats that  are  not  all fast and  wild  their  are some  very  well  done  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  demonic  shrieks and  screams that  fit the  music  perfect.Doden  Grotte  are a  great  black metal  band  that  know  how to  play  and  create  chaotic black metal.
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Dysangelium--Thanatos  Askesis  cd    {W.T.C  prod.}
Germany's  Dysangelium  have  released  their debut  cd  "Thanatos  Askesis". Dysangelium  play  black  metal  similar to  the  mid nineties  black metal  scene.Going from a  fast frenzied  speed  to  a more  controlled  mid paced  range that  are done  with  a lot  of  good riffs.The drumming extremely  tight  and  played  with a lot  of  skill  even  in a few  of the  songs the  drummer  lets  loose  with  some  blast  beats.The  vocals  are  black metal screams  and some  shouting/screams  entertwined.Dysangelium   have  released  a  great  debut  cd  that  should  not be  missed  for  those that  worship  the  blackend  sounds.
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 Goat  Semen--Ego  Svm  Satana  cd,Lp  {Hells  Headbangers  Rec.}
The  South American  horde  Goat Semen have  released  their  debut cd/Lp  through  the  mighty  Hells  Headbangers.combing  vicious  old school  death  metal  with  some  thrashing war  metal  guitars are  played  extremely  fast and  with a lot  of  chaotic riffs mixed  in.But  don't  let  the  fast  riffs  fool you this guitar  player  knows  how  to create  violent sounding  guitar  riffs  but  are  also  very  trained and  can  create some  well done  guitar  patterns.The  drumming  is done  fast  with  a lot  of crazy  drum  patterns  but  like the  guitars  the  drumming is top  notch  with  some  crazed  patterns but  also done  with  a lot  of  talent.Goat Semen   have  created  a  great  debut  if your  into  old-school fast death  metal  with  some  bestial thrash  elements then  definitely   check  this  out  today!
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Humilation---Battalion  cd  {Deepsend Rec.}
Malaysia's  Humiliation   return  with  their  brand  new  cd  "Battalion"  featuring  eleven  songs  of  old-school  death  metal.With  semi  fast  guitars  that  range  mostly  in the  mid tempo  area  but do  speed  up  in  a  few  of  the songs  with  some  very  well  played  riffs  and even  some  solo's  thrown  in a few  songs.The  drumming  is  mid paced  with   some  excellent  drum  patterns  and the  drumming does speed  up  in a few  sections.Humilation  have  been  around for quite  a  few  years  now  so  if you  are  familiar  with them  then  you  will defintly  wanna  check  this  beast  out  if your a  new fan  and  enjoy  mid  nineties  death  metal  like  bolt thrower,asphyx  then  defintly  give this  band and release  a  chance.
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Malamorte--The  Fall Of  Babylon Pro-cdr  {Cold Raw Rec.}
Malamorte  come  out  of  the  Italian  black  metal  scene playing  a  very  cold and raw  mid-paced style  of  black  metal with  some  outburst of  crazed  guitars and  drums.The  guitars  are done  extremely  well with  some  grim  mid paced riffs mixed with  a few  outbursts  of  faster riffs  entertwined.The  vocals  are done  really  good with  some vicious  blackend  shrieks and  screams.This  is  a decent  band  to  check  out  if your  into  the  second wave of  black metal  with  some  thrashy  guitars. 
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Phantasmal--The  Reapers   Forge  cassette  tape {self-released}
Coming  out  of  the U.S  Metal  scene  is  Phantasmal  releasing  their  debut  demo  The  Reapers   Forge  combining  thrash  with  old-school death and  black  metal  elements.The  two  man  band  have  created  a  very  old-school  sounding  masterpiece  with  thrashing  guitars  that  are fast  and  also  have some  creative  solo's entertwined.The  drumming  is top  notched  with  some mid-paced  drums  and  their are  some  very  heavy,fast drum  parts  as well.The  vocalist  does a  good  job  with  black metal  screams  and  some  gruff  vocals  in a  few  tracks.This  is  a  very  well played  band that  has released  a good  demo  worth  checking  out.
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