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Interview with Desolate Shrine done by Patrick on 1-10-15


Here is  a   new  interview  done  with  the  great  Finnish  band   Desolate  Shrine.The  band  is  getting  ready to  release their  3rd  cd  and I  believe  LP through  the  mighty  Dark Descent Rec.  so  if you   have  heard this  band  you   know  what  I  am  talking  about  and  if you  are  new to them  and  enjoy  Dark death  metal  with  some very  well played  music  defintly  check  this  band  out  today.

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Interview   with  L.L  all  instruments   for   Desolate   Shrine  done   by   Patrick

1.Metal  hails  L.L  how  is  2015  starting  out  for  you?  When  did  you  first  become  interested    in  playing  music? 

I think I´ve always been interested in playing and composing music. At pre-school age I took a bunch of piano lessons for some years but never really “felt it” that much. It never grew into a passion. With the newer technology - midi, trackers etc - I found a way to do full songs with all the necessary instruments no matter how awful they sounded. It still did remind me of so called real music enough. Then I got a guitar, played with it for awhile and got bored. At some point I did realise that drums are the instrument that I most want to play as it felt so physical. Hitting things made me feel good. At that point I was bad to okay with almost any basic band instrument so I could swap roles between them. I never liked practising techniques and that´s why I never became a technical player. In hindsight it does not matter as I can do whatever I want at the level I´m ok with. This fact have also shaped my musical preferences: passion can and must be audible - mistakes belong to music that are crafted by human beings. Being perfect makes everything utterly boring and soulless.

2.What  were  the  first  instruments  you   learned  to   play?  Are  their   any  instruments  you  don't  know  how to   play  but  hope to  learn  someday  soon?

 I´ve always liked woodwinds, violins and other classical instruments. “Jethro Tull” flute would be great addition too but at least now it feels that it would require too much effort and time to really learn the instrument properly. We´ve been talking with few friends about hauling as many weird and ethnic instruments as possible and start jamming and see what comes out. This, of course, would have nothing to do with metal and would not interfere our current bands. Everything has it´s place but not necessarily everywhere. Anyway, it´s good to have curiosity about different things and think outside the box thus keeping things interesting for yourself.

I hate harpsichord and pan flute from the bottom of my heart though

3.Who   are  some  of your   influences/favorite   Musicians? If  you   had  the  chance  to  work  with  any  Musicians {past  or  present}  who  would  you  like  to  work  with?

 For me the main influences are mostly from 90´s. Quite obviously the swedish death metal scene (Entombed, Dismember, Grave etc.) and norwegian black metal (Darkthrone, Emperor and all the basic stuff) made the biggest impression while I was younger. These were not the first metal bands for me but the most influential. I did grow up with all the classic 80´s thrash, thanks to my older brother, but none of that did not make as lasting impression as aforementioned 90´s bands. I still adore many bands from that era (and before) but I found my own musical identity somewhere between ´90 to ´95.

Nowadays I draw a LOT of inspiration from soundtracks, ambient, classical music and non-metal music in general. When I listen to metal I tend to get really uninspired about, well, composing and playing metal. There are thousands of metalheads at the rehearsal place mimicking every other metal band in existence. Why the fuck should I do it too ? This is, of course, a fruitless way of thinking but I can´t seem to escape it. Therefore I´ve found other sources of inspiration to keep me going.

Hard to come up with someone I´d really like to work with, to be honest. LG Petrov could drop some guest vocals. I´d be okey with that. I´d be Honored to work with most of my idols but maybe not that much in DS context. If, for example Fenriz or King Diamond would ask me to participate in whatever project I would say “yes” in an instant

4.When  did  you  first  get  the  idea  to  form  Desolate  Shrine?  What  is  the  current  line-up?

 It was somewhere around 2008 or 2009 when I started working with this idea of “mid-tempo death metal with HM2 -guitars and doomier parts”.  I was absolutely sick of technical death metal, metalcore and stuff like that at the time and wanted to do something else. For me it felt like bands were competing about how many notes you can play in one song - everything seemed to be more athletics than music. Every band had started to sound the same as the production (especially drums) started to have certain unhealthy standards. Drums were mostly samples and everything had to be on grid. Desolate Shrine was, in a way, born out of this idea that I had to do something differently - to counter this annoying trend somehow. Of course there were a lot of amazing bands doing that already at the time but almost all that caught my attention were way overproduced, boring and soulless.

Current line-up is the same as it has always been and probably will be as long as we do this under a banner of Desolate Shrine.

5.Desolate  Shrine's  newest  cd "The Heart Of The Netherworld"    will be  released  in early  2015  by  the  great  label   Dark  Descent Rec.   how  did  you   come  in  contact  with  the  label?

 R.S. knew Matt who asked us if we were interested in releasing the upcoming (The Sanctum) through DDR. The label fit as really well so no problems there. 

6.How  long  did  it  take  you  to  write  the   music  for  the  new  songs?  Where  do  you   usually  draw  inspiration  for  the   lyrics?

 The whole writing process took about two years. Usually the songs come in 2 to 3 at the time and then there´s a longer break. At that time we´ll see where the material is taking us and where we should be heading. It´s important, for me, to let inspiration come naturally and therefore there has to be time for inspiration to build up so it can burts again with maximum force. That´s how music comes together naturally and never forced.

Most of the time I have some kind of idean about the “feel” of the song. The structure and/or main idea what I will then follow more or less. Sometimes, during the writing process, the big picture may distort and twist into something completely different but it does not matter. The longer songs (We dawn anew, desolate shrine, the heart of the netherworld) all had a clear structural “guidelines”: how the song starts, how it ends, what happens in the middle, what and how the dynamics alter etc. The vision never changed but the riffs might have. It´s all about a mood I´m trying to create as I see songs as stories instead of collection of riffs. This is why every single note (or absence of it) has it´s place and meaning.

We are all about albums as a whole. Songs have to be good too, of course, but DS albums are meant to be listened from start to finish. I am aware that most people don´t like this approach and never really concentrate on what´s going on and therefore sadly miss the point but that´s their loss. Even in extreme metal people wants to have  songs that are “bite sized”, easy to bang your head with. We are not that band they are searching for in that case.

For "The Heart of the Netherworld" album the lyrics are based on M.L´s personal life occultic workings, studies and findings.

7.Does  Desolate  Shrine   ever  play  live  very  often  or  is this  a studio only  band? Are  their  any  tours  or  shows  planned  for  2015? Who  will be some  places you  all will play?

 We have played one gig so far at Steelfest 2014, Finland. We had help with session members who are also our friends and currently active at Finnish metal scene. It went well - way better than expected as we did not have too many rehearsals and I had to revisit older songs that I had no clue anymore how they were played. It was a lot´s of work over a short time period. Overall it was a good experience and now that we know it (live) can work, I see no reasons why not do it again some time. But right now it´s not something I´m thinking about. We will see what the future holds.

8.LL.  are you  or  any of the   members   of  Desolate Shrine   currently  working  with  other  bands? 

R.S. is active with Lie in Ruins, Perditions Winds and an yet unnamed (as far as I know) project. M.L. is with The Crescent, Lord of Pagathorn and Famulus ab Satanas. I´m currently working with a doom project which still has no name. All the songs are pretty much written but there is lot´s of work ahead. It´s really, really slow and heavy with, unsurprisingly, very long songs. I don´t want DS to turn into a doom band so I have to purge some of these… impulses somehow.

9.Desolate  Shrine   comes  out  of  the  mighty  Finnish metal  scene what  is  your  opinion  on  the  scene  in  Finland? 

The Finnish scene is, as far as I know, quite healthy at the moment. I don´t follow it too much though. Most of the “buzz” is about the mainstream stuff and the same bands are at the limelight year after year. The thing is: we have really, really strong underground scene which I feel is very underrated. It´s not  surprise though as the metal scene is so over saturated here. Most of the better bands don´t get the attention they need. I mostly follow what my friends bands are doing nowadays.

10.Well  we  have  reached  the   end  of  the  interview  thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill this  out.Do  you   have  any  final  words  for  the  fans?

Thank you for support and the interview! I hope some people will buy the physical version(s) as the artwork is a big part of the band and album.

To  Order the   new  Desolate  Shrine   please  check  out  the  Dark  Descent  web-shop  here

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