Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Apocryfal--Crushing Black Death Metal cd{Mara Prod.} posted on 1-1-20

Apocryfal--Crushing Black Death Metal  cd{Mara Prod.}
I was first introduced to this band in 2013 with their EP. Aberration of mind which was really good introduction.Crushing Black Death Metal is the bands debut full-length featuring eight tracks of old school death metal with some black metal elements used in some of the songs.The guitar work is a mix of both crazed fast guitar chords and patterns but do slow to a more calmer mid paced range.The guitarist does write some memorable guitar passages even adding some well played solo's in a few of the songs.The drumming is done with both fast,aggressive drum passages and some slower mid paced drums.The vocals are a mix of old school deep death metal growls and some raspy black metal screams,If you are looking for a band that creates and plays old school brutal blackend death metal then do not let Apocryfal's debut pass you by.
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