Monday, February 4, 2019

WitchGoat--Egregors Of The Black Faith cd{Morbid Skull Rec.} posted on 2-4-19

WitchGoat--Egregors Of The Black Faith  cd{Morbid Skull Rec.}
WithGoat are a new band who come of El Salvador's black thrash metal scene.Egregors Of The Black Faith  is nine tracks of aggressive and violent thrashing black metal.The guitars are played with alot of skill and extremely fast patterns.The guitarist does write some memorable and catchy guitar patterns even adding some welll performed solo's.The drumming is done in the same vein with fast and crazed  drumming parts.The drumming is mainly played in the fast paced realm but does write and perform some mid paced drum patterns mixed into the music.If you are looking for a new band that combines the intensity of the 80's thrash gods and the bands own creative and violent writing ability should check out Egregors Of The Black Faith release today.

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