Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reviews done by Patrick posted on 6-11-17

Here  is  a  new  blog  of  reviews  for you to  check  out  and  hopefully  find  something  to your  liking and  metal  tastes.

Barbarian-Barbarian 7inch {Hells Headbangers Rec.}
Barbarian come  out  of  Italy's speed  metal  scene  with a  healthy  dose  of  old school  black metal influence with  their  new self titled two song  seven inch.The  first  song  is Simulacra Of The Ageless need is  a  classic  speed,thrash  metal anthem.With aggressive and  well written guitar  patterns  with some well  written  and  performed  solo's  mixed in with the  music.The  drumming  is  played  with skill going from a  more  controlled mid paced pace to a  more  extreme and  faster pace.The  second song  is  Stench  Of God which  is  played in  the  same  vein with more of  a  old-school black metal influence.The  vocals  are a raw blackend screams  mixed with some  gruff  growls.The  music  is a  bit  more heavier  on  this song  but  is still a great  song  from  the  mighty  Barbarian.If you  are a  fan  of  this  band  then  be sure to  pick  this up  once  it is released.
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Buckshot Facelift-Ulcer Island  cd {Paragon  Rec.}
Buckshot Facelift are  a  band  coming  out  of  the Long  Island New York  scene  who  recently  released their  fourth release  Ulcer Island  through the mighty Paragon Rec.Buckshot Facelift play a  very unique and  angry grind,metal  style  with elements of hardcore,powerviolence used throughout  the  songs.The  guitars range in styles and  speeds going from a  crazed,vicious  guitar parts and in  the  next  moment a  more calm and  almost  atmospheric  guitar pattern.The drums  are  played  in  the  same vein  with vicious  blast  beats throughout  the  songs.But the drums do  slow to a  more well written  and  performed  drum.The  vocals  range  from deep death metal  growls mixed with  screams and  some  gruff death metal  growls  are  used  in a  few  of the  songs.If you  are  looking for a  new  band who  defies  being  labeled  then  be sure  to  pick up a  copy  of  Ulcer Island  today.
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 Gravesite--Neverending  Trail Of  Skulls  cd {Xtreem Music}
Italy's Gravesite are a  old school death metal band who  are  getting ready to  release  their second cd  Neverending  Trail Of  Skulls.Featuring  eight  tracks of  of  solid,old school death metal.The  guitars  are  played with some  really  well  written  and  played  patterns  going from a  fast guitar  style to  a  more controlled guitar sound.The  guitarist  also  knows how to  write some  well  performed guitar structures and solo's.The  vocals  are  old school death growls mixed with  some  gruff,almost  talking  style of  vocal pattern  used in a  few songs.If you  are a  fan of the early to  mid  ninties death metal from the U.S,u.k and some  European  death gods  then  be  sure to  check  out  Gravesite's  newest  release  today.
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Pig's Blood-Pig's Blood  cd  {Godz  Ov  War  Prod.}
Coming  out  of the  U.S  blackend death metal  scene is Pig's Blood with their  self titled debut  release.The  debut  contains ten  tracks  of  bestial and  uncompromising  blackend death  with  elements of  war  metal  incorporated into the  music.The  guitars  are played  at a  fast and crazed pace but the  guitarist  does slow to  a more controlled pace  before going  full force with insane patterns.The drums  are done in the same  vein  with uncompromising hyperspeed drums but the drummer does slow to a  more mid pace range in a  few of the  songs.The  vocals  are a mix of  heavy death  growls and  some  screams  mixed into  a  few of the songs.If you  are a  fan bestial,uncomprimising blackend war death metal  then  be sure to  pick up a  copy  of  Pig's Blood debut  release  today.
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Root--Madness Of  The Graves cd,LP {Paragon Rec.}
Originally  released in  2003  Paragon Rec  has  re-released  Root's  classic  Madness Of  The Graves. For  those  unfamiliar  with  Root's  style  they  are a  very  unique and  original  sounding  metal  band  playing  epic,dark  heavy  metal.The  guitars are played with a lot of  skill  and  precision  mainly  staying in  the  mid paced range  but  is  not  afraid to  slow or  speed up  in  certain  songs.The  vocals  are  sung in  a deep,clean  vocal  style that  fits  the bands  music  style  perfectly  and  their  are  also  some  screams  used in  a few  songs.Besides  the original studio  songs  their  are  also  four  live  songs  from  the of Madness Of  The Graves era.If you  are  a fan of Root's then you  know what to expect  but if you  are a new listener to the  band  and  enjoy quality,epic  metal  with elements  of old-school black metal  mixed in with the  music  be  sure to  pick this  release up today.
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        War  Legion-War Legion cd,digital release {Self released}
War Legion  are a new  band  who  come  out  of  the  Colombian  black  metal scene.The  self-titled  debut features  six  tracks  of violent  old school  black  metal.The  guitar  work  is  extremely  fast and crazed the  guitarist does a  good  job  of  writing  and  playing  the really  fast  guitar sections.But the  guitarist  does a  good  job  of  writing  more  slower,mid tempoed guitar  sections.The  vocals  are raw,grim  black metal screams  and  their  are some deeper death growls used in  a few song.If you  are  looking for a  band that  keeps the  old-school  black metal spirit  alive  then  defintly  give  War Legion's  debut  a  listen today.
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