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Italy's Obscura Amentia interview done by Patrick posted on 4-15-17

Hope  everyone  is  having  a  good  day  so  far? Here  is  a  new  interview  done  with  Italy's  Obscure  Amentia   who  discuss  the  bands  newest  release  and the  past  and  future  plans  for the  band.Anyone  who  likes  black,doom   mixed  with  sime  death  metal  elements  should  defintly  give  this  band  a  listen  today

Interview  with  Obscura   Amentia   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  Hel and  Black Charm  please  introduce  yourselves to the  readers? When  did you  two  first  meet  each  other?

Hail Patrick! First of all thanks for the interview, we met more than ten years ago and a day we decided to try to write a song; the result was our 1st album "The Darkest Dream". Hel is a female screamer, fan of all the extreme scene and of the Doom atmospheres; Black Charm is a multi-instrumentalist that loves the Depressive and the Avantgarde scene, the Death Metal and all the good music also over the Metal.

2.When  did you  two  get the  idea  to  start Obscura   Amentia   ?And  how  did you  all choose  the  name  Obscura   Amentia   does  it  have  a special  meaning?

The project began after some sessions, the first ideas were a bit confused but we have always been interested to the human pain. "Obscura Amentia" for us is the seed of evil, the madness that lurks inside every human being, one of our human instincts.

3.Black Charm  you  take  care  of  writing the  music for the band  when  did you  become interested  in  writing  and  playing  music?

Since adolescence, I've always been fascinated by the world of music and by the way in which it can express themselves, therefore, immediately after learning to play the guitar, my first instrument, I started writing some songs (like all musicians, I think) and after several years and as many collaborations, I'm joined to this project.

4.What  instruments  do  you  play  and  are their  any  new  instruments you  would  like to  learn  one  day?

Guitar, bass and sometimes the keyboard. I'm currently very interested in some Asian stringed instruments, but unfortunately I have not yet managed to try them, maybe in the future I will be able to use them in some music tracks.

5.Hel  you  handle  the  vocals  for the  band  when  did you  start   singing  and  screaming?Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep your  voice  and  throat  healthy?

I start to sing with clean vocals several years ago in a heavy metal band, over time I learned how to modulate my voice to sing in scream. About the healthy of my voice I do not do anything particularly special, I regularly practice sports and yoga to improve breathing.

6.Who  are  some  of your influences and favorite  vocalists?

Some of the vocalists that I like very much are Jennie-Ann Smith from Avatarium, Selvans Haruspex from Selvans, Jake Superchi from Uada and Daevas from Secrets Of The Moon but I'm influenced by no one. 

7.Obscura   Amentia   is  getting  ready to  release  their  third  cd   "The Art Of The Human Decadence" How  long  did  it take  you  Black  Charm  to  write  the  music  for this  release?And for the readers  who  have  never heard  Obscura   Amentia's music  how would you  say  it  has  changed  over the years?

It took about 3 years to write the music for it, also due to some unforeseen breaks, hoping to be more fast the next time. What is changed? We are consolidating into our sound the influences Depressive and Doom at our Atmospheric Black Metal. At first our sound was a kind of Raw Atmospheric Black Metal. 

8.Hel   I  know  you  also  take  care  of  writing  the  lyrics  what were  some  of the  subjects  you  wrote  about   on "The Art Of The Human Decadence"?

The release tells about the illness of a tired mankind suffering the pains given birth to the modern era and the decadence generate from the progress which deprives the human being from all emotions except that anguish.

9.Obscura   Amentia   comes  out  of the  Italian  black,doom  metal  scene   what  is  your  opinion  of  the  metal scene  in  Italy  these days?

Obviously in this internet era everything is very different from the past: lately there are many interesting musical proposals and it’s true that a new band can introduce their music to a huge audience, but we think that compared to the past, the scene, and more specifically the underground, is not supported properly and is slowly dying; currently it’s difficult to speak about a real scene.

10.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Italian  bands? Are their  any  new  bands you  feel  the readers  should  check  out   soon?

Novembre... new bands? We're not dated enough to be able to give such advice.

11.I  know that  Obscura   Amentia   is  a  two  person  band  would  you  like to  add  more  members  to  make  a  full  band  or  do you  prefer  to  work  as  a two  person  band?

We prefer to work like now: it's more personal, intense, like a ritual.

12.Besides  working  in  Obscura   Amentia   do  either  of you  work  with  any  other  bands  or  solo  projects?

Currently we're totally focused only on Obscura Amentia; it's more of a project, it's almost a comparison with our more hidden side.

13.When  not  working  on   new  music  or  band  business what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?

Literature, art and science, and, whenever it’s possible, we try to get away from the town to spend some time in nature.

14.Thank you   Hel and  Black Charm  for  taking  the  time  to  fill this  interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  words to  end the  interview?

It's a pleasure reply to your questions, we love to give info about our creature! We advice to all the readers to give a listen to "The Art Of The Human Decadence"!

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