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Interview with Pagan Megalith done by Patrick posted on 3-12-17

Here  is  a  new  interview  done  with  Hungary's  black  metal  band  Pagan  Megalith who  have released their  second  full length  "Viharjaras" on cassette of this year and digitally in 2016 . If  you are  a  fan  of  old-school black  metal  then  be  sure to  check  this  band  out  today.

Interview   with Ae of  Pagan  Megalith   done  by   Patrick

1.Hails  please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers? When  did you  all first  meet  each  other?
Hails and greetings to the readers!
Pagan Megalith was formed in the end of 2004 by Tuhlv, Corvus and Bastard. The first demo material entitled 'From Hell to the Highest Peaks' was recorded and released in 2006 and by 2007 the band started to play live shows. The line-up changed a lot through the passing years, members came and went on.
I met Tuhlv in 2007 and became a member in 2009, right before recording the first full-length, 'Ólomharangok / Leadenbells'. The songs for a second album were written but remained unrecorded thus the band has gone on a hiatus in 2010.
In 2016 Tuhlv asked me if I want to go on from the point where we left off - I said yes, so Pagan Megalith can be considered an active band again since.
2.Pagan  Megalith    was  formed  2004  what  gave  you  the  idea  to  form  this  band?And how  did you  all  choose  the  name  of  the  band?
The initial idea was to recreate the atmosphere and aesthetics of the early Norwegian Black Metal music that seemed so other-wordly and far from any human factors. The band's name is from a Gorgoroth songtitle '(Under the) Pagan Megalith'. Using this name means paying homage for the legacy of ancient cults.

3.What  is  the  current  line-up  of the  band?And  for the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Pagan  Megalith's  music  who  are  some  of the  bands  influences? And  how  do you  feel  the  bands  music  has  changed  over the  years?
The band involves two members: Tuhlv and Ae. For live acts we are working with Vick as a session drummer.
For about influences: The early era of Northern Black Metal defines our style perfectly - nevertheless through the ages our art has matured in lyrics and music as well. Since the first album we are using Hungarian lyrics, this way the main message can be expressed in a more personal and sophisticated way.
4.The  band  is  getting  ready to  release  their  second  full-length "Viharjaras" on  cassette  through  Neverheard  Distro  how  did you  all  come  in  contact  with this  label?
The mastermind behind Neverheard Distro is a long time friend of mine, we have worked with him on some other releases before with other bands. He does a lot to support Hungarian underground with releasing tapes, CDs and also vinyls for bands, but he is also involved in touring and from time to time he sets up shows for the bands working with the label.

5.How  long  did  it take  the  band  to  write  the  music  for  the  new  release and  does the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or does  one  member   usually  write  everything?
The music and lyrics of 'Viharjárás / Stormburst' had been written back in 2009/2010 in a shorter period - all by Tuhlv. In 2016 the material was revised by the two of us, but the main composer is still Tuhlv.
6.Who   usually  takes  care  of  writing  the  lyrics  for the  music  and  what  are some  topics you  all  write  about  on  the  new  release?
The music and lyrics are written by Tuhlv. The topics we are dealing with on the new material are still based on the Negation of All. Let that be a historical themed song ('Rex Saturnalis', 'A siralmas énekből') or something more personal ('Szívnémaság', 'Virrasztásban'). The idea of Death in its beauty or even in its brutality can be catched in the songs.
7.Besides the  new  release  "Viharjaras"  are  their  any  copies of  the  debut  release still  available?Besides  the  physical  releases  is  their  any  other  merchandise available for  the  readers  and  where  can  the readers   buy  it?
There are no more copies of previous releases. We are not planning to have any merch either.
8.What   does  black  metal   mean  to  you?
Black Metal with its mysticism and secretful atmosphere is the musical style within the genre of Metal that is closest to the sound of Death. If this music is not the final aim but a tool to pass on the Anti-Life Propaganda then it is OK. The bells of Death were ringing their songs long before any distortion pedal's buzzing. That's why we can not accept Black Metal as the final stage of musical developement towards the End.
9.Besides  working  in   Pagan  Megalith    do  you  or  any  of the  members  currently  play  in  any other  bands  or  projects?
Tuhlv plays in various acts - Svoid, Karst, Voltak and Gravel Shores to mention. I don't have any other active musical project right now. Our session drummer Vick is involved in one of the most iconic Hungarian punk/rock bands, Junkies.
 10. Pagan  Megalith   comes  out  of  the  Hungarian black  metal  scene what  is your  opinion  of  the  Hungarian  metal  scene?
We dissociate ourselves from any scene. To belong somewhere means human contacts and interactions that we wish to avoid as a band and as individuals.
 11.Who  are your all-time  favorite  Hungarian  bands  and  are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?
In my opinion the best Hungarian acts are Sear Bliss and Ater Tenebrae.
12.Besides  bands  are their  any  honest  and reliable  labels  or  distro's  that  you  could  recommend  to  the  readers?
You should check out Neverheard Distro, P-18 Records, Iron County Records.
13.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do  you  enjoy  doing  in your  free time?
I like to go out into the nature, taking trips to desolate and remote places. I have already climbed most of the peaks in the High Tatras. By now neither of us is an outgoing person that goes to parties or anything like that. From time to time I go to concerts.

14.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill  this   interview  out  do you  all  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?
Embrace Death as an opportunity!

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