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Ukraine's death,doom band Sorrowful Land interview is now up done by Patrick on 12-10-16

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  the Ukraine's  atmospheric  doom,death  band  "Sorrowful Land"  who  recently  released  their debut  cd  "Of  Ruins"   read  on  if you  are  a  fan  of  atmospheric death,doom  and  be  sure to  pick  up  the  debut  cd  today

Interview  with  Max  Molodtsov  vocals  and  all  instruments   of  Sorrowful  Land   done  by   Patrick

1. Hello, Max, please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us at what age did you become interested in playing and writing music?

Hi there, folks! Greets from Ukraine! Name’s Max, I’m musician from Kharkov, Ukraine and the mastermind of Atmospheric Doom/Death band Sorrowful Land. As I recall I was like 14 when I realized that I want to become a musician. My mom was the one who presented me an acoustic guitar and I started to learn how to use that thing J Firstly it was more pretending then real playing of course. I ran a Metallica CD and just hit the strings like a James Hetfield wannabe. Oh, God, it was awful and funny!

2. What were the first instruments you learned to play? Are there any instruments that you would like to learn one day?

Obviously – guitar. An acoustic one. I took some lessons, but then I abandoned these classes ‘cause they were way too boring and if you wanna play metal – attending musical classes ain’t the option.

3. Max, you formed Sorrowful Land in 2014, when did you get the idea to start this band and who are some of Sorrowful Land's influences?

The funny thing is that it was not totally my idea! Originally it was a duo. The story goes like: in April of 2014 I received a PM on my Facebook page from a dude I knew for quite some time. And that fellow was Peter Laustsen from a Swedish Melodic Doom band WHEN NOTHING REMAINS. How cool is that? It was he who offered me to create a collaboration project in more darker and heavier style then our main bands played. We both enjoyed Funeral Doom so we decided to give it a try. And then I came with the name “SORROWFUL LAND” and so on. But now it’s totally my solo-project. As for the influences I can name such bands as Doom:VS, Colosseum, Evoken, even a bit of Esoteric. 

4. Sorrowful Land is signed to the great doom label - Solitude Prods. How did you come in contact with this label?

I knew this label for 5 years so far. I’ve been with them since they signed my main Gothic/Doom band – EDENIAN. All Edenian albums were released through the Solitude Productions. So it was not a question for me where to release a debut Sorrowful Land album. And it turned out great!

5. The band released the debut CD "Of Ruins…" How long did it take you to write the music for these songs? Max, you also write the lyrics for the band, what are some topics you wrote about on the debut album?

 Yes, the album was released on November, 7th. It took me two years to complete the album. Main themes for the lyrics are my own feelings, experiences, soul-searching, some dark thoughts I carry within. Also I often use a classic English poetry of XIX century, adopting it for a song. You can find a lot of gems in old poetry.  

6. Max, you handle everything for Sorrowful Land, when you started this band did you plan on working as “one-man band” or would you like to find other musicians to work with?

 Let’s set it clear. When Sorrowful Land appeared – it was a duo (me & Peter Laustsen) and it meant to be this way. But time flows and things change. Since the beginning of 2016 Sorrowful Land came under my control. And it’s gonna be like this ‘cause I’m a “control freak” you know? If something goes wrong – I’m the one to blame, haha

7. If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians - who are some musicians you would like to work with? And what do you feel is the best and worst thing about being the sole member of the band?

Never thought ‘bout that yet. Time will show. Maybe some guest musicians will appear on the next album, who knows. As for the being a sole member of the band – the main thing here is that you’re in charge and the great responsibility is on your shoulders only. I’m ok with that. But sometimes I feel so lazy to record bass parts or compose some cool solo, so I go like “Oh, I need someone else to help me out with that shit”. I think I may call it a “worst thing”.

8. Besides the debut CD "Of Ruins…" does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers at this time? If yes, what is available and where can the readers buy it?

 I’d like to say yes, but no. So for now only the debut CD is available for purchasing. You can order it here: 

9. Max, you live in Ukraine, what is your opinion of the Ukrainian death/doom scene? And who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Ukraine?

We have some pretty decent doom bands here in Ukraine. To name some: Endlesshade, Luna, Embrace of Silence, Eternal Void, WinterMor, Mental Torment. But the funny thing is that Ukrainian bands I like don’t play doom. I enjoy a power-metal band Morton, I think they’re doing great. 

10. Besides atmospheric death/doom do you listen to any other forms of doom or music in general if yes, who are some of your most favorite bands and artists?

 Indeed, I listen to almost every genre of rock and metal music: heavy-metal, thrash, death, melodic-death, black, gothic, progressive, power, etc. As for the favorite bands – TONS OF THEM!! To name a few: Metallica, Slayer, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, Kamelot,  Nickelback, Trivium, Breaking Benjamin, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Draconian, and the list is almost endless 

11. Besides working and playing in Sorrowful Land do you currently work with any other bands or projects if yes, please tell the readers a little about them?

As said before I have a female-fronted Gothic/Doom band called EDENIAN. It gathered in 2010, we released two full-length albums, EP and a couple of singles. One can easily find us on Internet and give it a listen ;)

12. Max, besides playing music you also recently started a webzine called “Shelter Of Doom”, when did you get the idea to start this webzine? Besides Atmospheric Doom do you want to cover and promote any other forms of doom or music in general? So far there are only reviews up, do you have any interest to do some interviews soon or is this a ‘zine only for reviews?

It’s true. Guys from Solitude Prods asked me if I want to write reviews for their upcoming releases and I came with idea of creating my own blog where I can share my humble opinion not only on Solitude Prods releases but every album or EP or even single that I like (or not). So Shelter Of Doom was created. And yes – it’s dedicated to doom-metal only. Also I’m having a thought about adding “Interviews” button. 

13. Do you have anyone helping with the webzine or do you prefer to work alone? If any bands or labels are reading this - where can they send their music to be reviewed?

I prefer to do things myself ‘cause review is very subjective form of expression your own thought. And if you mean help with blog construction, then I must say it’s an easy thing to do, nothing special. Everyone who wants to be  reviewed can PM me on Facebook ( and we’ll discuss the options.

14. Thank you Max for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you too, Patrick, for interesting questions! I had fun answering them. Words for readers would be: support metal scene, support Sorrowful Land, support Edenian and stay safe and doomy! \m/

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