Saturday, September 3, 2016

Black Plague Records has a sale going on until Sept. 6TH

BPR CD SALE! Buy 10 Jewel cased CDS/DVDS for $50.00 total or 10 Digipack CDS for $60.00 total!!! Sale ends September 6th at midnight!!! Place your orders NOW!!! 

If you want to buy Digipack CDS and jewel cased CDS together email me back your want list and I'll send you back the total!

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BPR067 Fortid (Norway) "Demo Sessions" CD - Pagan Black Metal NEW!!!
BPR072 Enoid (Swiss) "Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments" CD - Black Metal NEW!!!
BPR073 Isgarde (Sweden) "Jag enslig skall ga" CD - Black Metal NEW!!!
BPR074 Helleborus (USA) "The Carnal Sabbath" CD - Black Metal NEW!!!
BPR071 Wormreich / Diabolus Amator / Gravespawn / Vesterian "Infirmos Vocat Deus Fidei" Split CD - Black MetalNEW!!!
BPR066 Humanitas Error Est "Human Pathomorphism" Digipack/Jewel CD - Black Metal with male & female vocals. 
BPR065 Curse / Wan / Styggelse 3 Way Split CD - Thrash/Black Metal. 
BPR064 Perdition Winds/Drama Split CD - Black Metal. 
BPR068 Ritual Genocide "Commencement Towards Annihilation" CD  - Black Metal. 
BPR046-2 AUÐN "Auðn" reissue CD with live bonus track. 
BPR048 DULIA "Hic Contendimus" CD - Occult Black Metal.
BPR035 CHIRAL "Abisso" CD - Black Metal. 
BPR061 Abysmal Growls Of Despair "Between My Dead" CD - Funeral Doom Metal.  
BPR063 AORNOS "Orior" CD - Black Metal from Hungary.
BPR059 Illness " Trvmna" CD - Black Metal.
BPR044 Sympuls-e "Solarstorm" CD - Death Metal.
BPR054 NETER "Idols" CD  - Death Metal.
BPR047 Graven Dusk "Graven Dusk" CD - Black Funeral Doom.
BPR033 Moonkult / Solus "Transmissions" CD - Black Metal.
BPR043 INFER / SEPSIS Split CD - Black/Death Metal. 
Official US Distribution NEOHERESY "Talionis" Digipack CD - Pagan Black Metal. 


CDS - 
1x Besatt-Nine Sins CD Polish fiends Ninth album!
1x Debauchery-Dead Scream Symphony CD Judas Iscariot project!
4x Revenge-Victory.Intollerance.Mastery CD
4x Revenge-Infiltration.Downfall.Death CD
4x Abyssgale Hegemon
3x Apnea Ethereal Solitude Post - Shoegaze Black Metal 
3x Atra Vetosus Ius Vitae Necisque EP | Slipcase Melodic Black Metal
3x Australasia Vertebra Post Rock / Post Black Metal
5x Azaghal / Oath Azaghal / Oath Split Black Metal
3x Drawn into Descent Drawn Into Descent Atmospheric Black Metal
1x Evil Palace Born In Darkness Symphonic Black Metal
2x Gurthang I Will Not Serve Black Metal / Blackened Doom
1x Horizon… Don't Let The Time Pass You By EP Neo Classical Ambient
1x Nights Amore Subscribers Of Death Dark Ambient
3x Scutum Crux The Second Sun Black Metal
4x Skygge Antiqua Ignis Black Metal
2x Weltschmerz Odium Humani Generis Black Metal
3x AGE OF AGONY "For the Forgotten" CD - The best album of the best Hungarian old school DM band.
2x DUSK "Book of Satan" CD - Ritualistic ambient with shamanic vocal. Actual album of the 21 y.o. Carpathian Black Metal band.
2x VEÉR "27" CD - The long-awaited second album of Hungarian Morbid Black Metal horde.
5x VELM "Orkan" CD - Second album af this great Synth melodic Pagan Black Metal band from Hungary.
10x The Wolves of Avalon  ‘'Across Corpses Grey’ CD
1x Meads of asphodel 'exhuming the grave of yeshua' CD [re-issue with bonus]
2x Vexatus “Atom Pompeii” CD
4x In Twilight’s Embrace “The Grim Muse” CD
3x Odraza “Esperalem Tkane” CD
2x Eerie “Into Everlasting Death” CD
2x Genius Ultor – Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce CD
2x Abusiveness “Bramy Nawii” CD
1x Arkhon Infaustus-Orthodoxyn CD
2x Nortt-Graven CD - Black Metal 
1x Kadath - The truth was hidden in the depths of ages. CD - Black Metal from Russia
1x Diabolos-The Three Mothers CD - Black Metal 
10x Hellwaffe "Worship of Anxiety" CD - Black Metal
3x STYXIAN INDUSTRIES (NL) “Zero void nullified (Of apathy and Armageddon)” CD - Industrial Black Metal
7x Gravespawn "Praetorian Maleficus" Pro-CDr - Black Metal. 
11x Death's Eminence "Of Blood and Sacrifice" CD black/death metal
2x NEKKROFUKK - Ejakkulation evil storm of Perverse Goatsodomy CD - Nekro Black Metal
4x RITUAL BLOODSHED - Ocean of Ashes CD - Black Metal
1x Nekkrofukk - Impurity Winds of Unholy Rites CD - Nekro Black Metal
3x Shroud of Satan - At the Behest of Time CD - Black Metal
1x Nox Pestes - Kraft der Elemente CD - Black Metal
1x HELL ICON -Odium Irae Involumentum Me, Conscientiae Stimulant Maleficiorum CD - Black Metal
1x BHAOBHAN SIDHE – Gas Chamber Music CD - Black Metal
4x UTMARKEN "Utmarken" CD - Folk Metal
4x BIFRÖST "Mana Ewah" CD - Pagan/Folk Metal
1x OAKENSHIELD "Legacy" CD - Viking/Folk Metal
3x THUNDRA "Angstens Salt" CD - Black Viking Metal
3x AETHERNAEUM "Naturmystik" CD - Folk/Black Metal
2x Fimbulvet ‎– Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht CD - Pagan Black Metal
2x Omnia Malis Est - Viteliù    CD - Black Metal
1x NRCSSST - Schizophrenic Art    CD - Shoegaze/Post-Black Metal
2x Quintessence - Le Fléau De Ton Existence CD - Black Metal
2x The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-li    CD - Post-Black Metal
3x Wrathage - Discipline    CD - Black/Death Metal
1x ... / Dead / Vidharr - "Cold Journey Through Madness" Split CD - Depressive Black Metal, Ambient
2x INFANT DEATH “War” CD - Black/Thrash Metal
2x BLACK COMMAND (NL) “Rites of luciferian illumination” Live CD - Black Metal
4x AKSAYA (Fra)   “K- 141” CD - French Black Metal with some Industrial Touch!
5x Goatpsalm  "DOWNSTREAM" CD - black metal
2x Bosse - Visions of The End CD - Post-Black Metal/Post-Hardcore
3x Trancelike Void - "Where The Trees Can Make It Rain" CD - Black Metal, Acoustic
6x Hæthen - Shaped By Aeolian Winds CD - Black Metal
1x Engulfed In Blackness - "Ceremonial Equinox" CD - Brutal Death Metal
1x Vollmond - "Rituals of Conquest" CD - Doom/Black Metal
1x Trist / Lonesummer - Split CD - Doom/Black Metal / Raw Black Metal/Noise, Shoegaze/Ambient
4x Lux Divina - "From The Tomb To Nature's Blood" CD - Pagan Black Metal
5x Darkflight - Perfectly Calm CD - Black/Doom Metal
2x OLDBLOOD "Possessed By Metal From Hell" Dirty Metal from Hell, Thrashing Black Metal attack to kick you all. Lyrics on tracks "Heavy Metal Night" and "Death´s Industries" originally written by Adramelech (Inferno). Front cover and other pictures drawn by TeitanArts (David Glomba) - (Cult of Fire, Ascension, Torturum, Wulkanaz.) 
1x EVIL(SVK) "Studňa"/"The Well" The long awaited second album of the Slovakian EVIL once again affirms the higher level of musical creativity,lyrical independence and individuality of this band. Submerge into the black metal darkness of The Well and inhale the stench of death lurking in the murky bowels of the abyss
2x ILDVERDEN "Black Midnight Follows Me" CD - pagan black metal band from Ukraine
1x NJIQAHDDA "Yrg Alms" CD - blazing fast black metal to psychedelic doom shoegaze.
1x PANOPTICON / WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS – Split CD II - Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal / Black Metal/Drone
1x PANOPTICON / WHEN BITTER SPRING SLEEPS – Split CD - Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal / Black Metal/Ambient
1x WHEN BITTER SPRING SLEEPS – S/T CD - Black Metal/Ambient
2x Dies Ater "Hunger For Life" CD - Black Metal
4x Ende "The Rebirth Of I" CD - Black Metal
1x Massemord "A Journey Through Life And Death" CD - Black Metal
2x Ophidian Coil "Denial | Will | Becoming" CD - Black Metal
3x Pure "Art Of Loosing One's Own Life" CD - Raw Black Metal
1x Vredehammer "Vinteroffer" CD - Black/Death Metal
1x WAVELENGHTH:SATAN Time Blood Theory CD - Black Metal 
1x Wilds Forlorn "Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes" CD - Black Metal
1x Winternight "Pestilenz" CD - Black Metal 
3x BESTIALITY "Stuck In Bestial Vison" CD - Black/Thrash Metal
1x HATE THEM ALL “Last Feast With The Beast” CD - Black Metal
2x CIEÑ “Time Of Anti-Humanity” CD - Black Metal
1x CIEÑ "Ecce Homo" CD - Black Metal
3x MOLOCH LETALIS “Zgliszcza” CD - Black/Death Metal
2x ESCARRE "”Une voûte sans cles” CD - Avant-garde Metal
3x Odradek Room - Bardo. Relative Reality.. CD - Progressive Melodic Death/Doom Metal
4x Orphans of Dusk - Revenant CD - Gothic/Doom Metal
1x Womb - Deception Through Your Lies CD - Atmospheric Doom Metal
1x Beyond the Ninth Wave "2003-2007" CD - Black Metal
2x Swarm of Serpents  "Souls ov Hell" CD - Melodic Black Death  
3x Blackcircle Requiem in Silence Black / Drone CD
2x Cerberus Agony of Damnatiion Death Metal CD
5x Clair de Lune Morte In Absence of Words Doom Metal CD
2x LYCANTHROPY (Russia) Cerberus Werewolves II black metal CD
2x ILLNESS (Poland / Norway) Planet Paranoia black schizophrenic metal CD
2x Illness (Poland / Norway) PsychoPath  black shizophrenic metal CD
1x De Profundis (Hungary) This Winter In My Heart atmospheric black with avantgarde & neofolk elements CD
3x Book of Sorrow (Russia) "Nominum" "gothic black metal / dark metal CD
4x In Tenebriz (Russia) "Autumn Constellation"Atmospheric Dark metal / Ambient CD
4x Eisflammen (Russia) "In the Element..." atmospheric black metal / post black CD
4x Black Lakes (Russia) "Sorrow" atmospheric & depressive pagan black CD
3x Neverending Sadness (Russia)"When the Sky has Lost its Color" melodic doom CD
4x Sterbefall (Russia) "Plattensee" atmospheric post black / blackened doom CD
2x Aspercrucio (Russia)"Dead Water" tragic gothic doom metal CD
5x WitcheR (Hungary) "Csendes Domb" atmospheric dark / black metal CD
3x Astarium (Russia)"Winter Growths (Part II)" ambient/neo-classic/darkwave CD
3x Black Lakes / Sumrak (Russia) Obscurus Split Depressive Black / Atmospheric Dark CD
2x Gmork / Epitimia "Солнечный ветер / Четыре сезона" Split CD black metal
2x FLAGELLUM DEI - Order of the Obscure CD
2x Carma – Carma- CD Black/Funeral Doom Metal
2x Mekigah - Litost CD Gothic/Doom Metal
2x Walk Through Fire - Hope Is Misery CD Sludge/Doom Metal
2x Eibon - II CD Sludge/Doom Metal
1x Section 37 – Kudos CD
4x Whelm CD Doom/Sludge Metal/Post-Hardcore
2x A Transylvanian Funeral - Gorgos Goetia CD Black Metal
1x Goatcraft - For All Naught CD Black Metal
1x Fatum Elisum – ST CD Doom/Death Metal
1x DISEIM (Latvia) – “HOLY WRATH”  CD
1x ROCKING CORPSES (Finland) - “ROCK 'N' ROTT”  CD  
1x SOUTHWICKED (U.S. / Europe) - “DEATH'S CROWN”  CD  
1x THE GARDNERZ (Sweden) – “IT ALL FADES”  CD   
5x Ur Draugr "The Wretched Ascetic" CD - Black metal
4x CHRIST AGONY "Condemnation" CD - Melodic Black Metal
4x ZORORMR "IHS" CD - Melodic Black Metal/Dark Ambient
4x ZORORMR "Corpus Hermeticum" CD - Melodic Black Metal/Dark Ambient
2x Trübe Zone of Alienation CD
2x Acrosome Non-pourable lines CD
2x Stellar Descent …fading CD - Black Metal
2x Terra Deep Part of this World, Part of Another CD
3x AKRAL NECROSIS / MARCHOSIAS - (inter)SECTION split CD split between two of the most active Romanian Black Metal bands; cruel and occult Thrash Black Metal from Akral Necrosis and technical, melodic Experimental Black Metal from Marchosias.
3x ORDINUL NEGRU - Sorcery of Darkness CD - the band's seventh album, amazing Occult Black Metal from Romania, atmospheric and evil, traditional and modern at the same time, a must for fans of Wolves in the Throne Room, Altar of Plagues, Neurosis or Burzum.
5x PUTRID EVIL / SACROFUCK / EXECUTION OF LIGHT - Putrid Graveyard Hordes Split CD
1x Shamanic Rites "Infiltrate Mutilate Carnage Instigate" CD
2x Indeterminable "Nameless and Dead" CD
1x Shamanic Rites "Savage Rampage of Conquest" CD
5x Grieving Mirth - Calamitosvs Omine
1x Ars Veneficium    The Abyss    CD    Black Metal
1x Atra Hora    Via Combusta    CD    Melodic Black Death Metal
1x Blood Covenant    Sign of Time    CD    Symphonic Black Metal
1x Bulletsize    Numb    CD    Thrash Death Metal
1x Cruelty's Heart / Frostwork    Beyond Bloodied Banners Far and Haunted
1x Father Merrin    All Is Well That Ends in Hell     CD    Doom Metal
1x Lachrimatory    Transient    CD    Doom Death Metal
1x Sangdragon    Requiem for Apocalypse     CD    Symphonic Black Death Metal
4x Emptiness Soul "Life = Pain" CD - Depressive Black Metal
20x Angakok "Angakok" CD - Doom/Sludge Metal
1x Ethir Anduin "I magen av svart kaos" CD
2x Cult Of The Horns / Goatvermin split CD
1x Abysmal Growls Of Despair - Dark Days CD
3x Witchprayer "Devil Worship Prayers" CD
1x Moloch - Verwüstung CD
1x Adkan - Compendivm XI CD
2x Diagnose : Lebensgefahr - Transformalin CD
1x Mind Asylum - Eodharius CD
2x Atheria - Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral….CD
2x культура курения - Некрофилия CD Black Metal/Post-Punk
2x культура курения - Холодные Провода / Цемент CD Black Metal/Post-Punk
1x Fatal Desolation - Cold, Starless, Moonless CD
1x Adversam - Insight CD
1x Aversion to Mankind - Between Scylla And Charybdis CD
1x Aversion to Mankind - Suicidology CD
1x A Cold Dead Body (Ita) 2010 Harvest Years CD
2x Dryom (Дрем) (Rus) 2015 Dryom 2 CD
1x Ea (???) 2012 Ea CD DOOM METAL
1x Everlasting (Rus) 2013 March Of Time CD DOOM METAL
1x Howling Void, The (USA) 2010 Shadows Over The Cosmos CD DOOM METAL
4x WIDMO - Kim ty jesteś tym ja byłem, kim ja jestem tym ty będziesz CD
1x ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS - In the Black Tomb of Time CD
2x Embrional - Annihilation 2007 + Live CD
2x Embrional - The Devil Inside CD
1x Evil Machine - War in Heaven CD
3x HATEFUL Valkyries CD
2x Deep Desolation - Possession CD
1x Lethargy of Death Necrology CD Funeral Doom Metal
2x Ego Depths / Dispersive Light Follow the Skua (Split) CD Funeral Doom Metal/Drone
1x Aura Hiemis / Ego Depths / Sculptor Synthèse Collectif — The Dark Whormholes Digipack CD Funeral Doom Metal
1x Aura Hiemis fiVe CD Death/Doom Metal
1x Tectum Path to Eternity CD Dark Doom Metal
2x Without Dreams Rejected by Angel, Betrayed by Demon CD Funeral Doom Metal
1x Graveyard Of Souls Infinitum Nihil CD Melodic Death/Doom Metal NEW!!!
1x Mirror Morionis Last Winter Tolls CD Atmospheric Doom Metal NEW!!!
1x Z I N V M M - Beltaine (Pagan / Black Metal) CD
2x ÖMHETEN – Själv CD
1x Australasia "Vertebra" CD
4x Aetherius Obscuritas "MMXV" CD
1x Vrag "Mourningwood" CD
2x Spitehowling "Born to Die for Evil" CD
4x Velm "Földek" CD
1x Morkulv "Where Hollowness Dwells" CD
1x Asmodey "Illusive Demonic Emanations" CD
1x Flegethon "The Art of Regeneration" CD
6x One Master 'Reclusive Blasphemy' CD
2x Ipsissimus 'The Three Secrets of Fatima' CD
3x Sidus Mortuorum - Coffin Slaves (Death Metal from Ukraine)
5x Nýr Gata – Seraphim
3x Immorior – Herbstmär
3x ORDINUL NEGRU - Sorcery of Darkness CD
3x Kurhan - Głód CD
2x Evil Machine - War In Heaven CD
4x Genius Ultor - Nic co boskie nie jest miobce CD
2x Abusiveness - Bramy Nawii CD
4x Grey Skies Fallen [USA] - The Many Sides Of Truth CD
2x Fornace [Italy] - My Journey Is Ending But The Torment Will Be Eternal CD
2x Fortid "9" CD
1x Fir Bolg "Towards Ancestral Lands" CD
1x Cerberus "Klagelieder-Grabesgesang" CD
1x Cerberus "Chapters of Blackness" CD
2x Asaru "From the chasms of oblivion" CD
3x 0 X í S T - One Eon CD  - Blackened Doom Metal from Finland
4x 0 X í S T - Nil CD - Blackened Doom Metal from Finland
4x 0 X í S T - Unveiling the Shadow World - CD - Blackened Doom Metal from Finland
2x Argentum "Lucha Y Memoria" CD ambient /  martial 
2x THORGERD(Italy) - "Cold Empire Of Souls" CD
1x Ocultan "Shadows from beyond" Occult Black metal 
6x Gloomy Grim "Grimoire" PRO-CDR
2x Cain "Triumvira" Praetorian Black Metal
3x Sarkus "Our Name is Legion" Black Metal PRO-CDR
4x Corporate Death "Angels & Worms" Death metal
5x Body Core "Decrepit within" swedish technical death metal PRO-CDR
2x Cinis "Subterranean Antiquity" Polish Death metal
1x BALANCE INTERRUPTION (UKR) "Nuclear war for rescue" Devastating Industrialized BlacKaos Metal CD
1x NETHERVOID (USA) "In Swarms of Godless Wrath" Occult Satanic Black Metal CD
1x VICTIM PATH (BLR) "Surrounded by pain" Depressive Dark Metal, CD
2x TWILIGHTFALL "The Energy of Soul" CD
1x Pestkult - Soul Collector CD Black n roll 
1x KING – Forged By Satan’s Doctrine CD
1x SEMARGL - Satanogenesis CD (2006)
2x BLACKTHRU – Is Tamsos… CD
4x AGUYNGUERRAN – Perverting The Nazarene Cult CD
1x DAYS OF BETRAYAL – Decapitated For Research CD
1x MOKER – Translating The Pain CD
2x NEVERLIGHT HORIZON – No Heaven… Only Torment CD
2x ORDEAL – Atrocities CD
1x SIGNS OF DARKNESS – The Fall Of Amen CD
1x SUHRIM – Happy Hour CD
2x THE RECKONING – Counterblast CD
2x THE SEVENTH – Cursed Earth Wasteland CD
1x WELKIN – The_Origin  CD
1x IR / URGE split CD - Black Metal.
1x DECLINE "Cold Declaration of Visceral Disgust" CD - Black Metal.
2x BLACK BLOOD OF THE EARTH "Cold Waves" CD - Doom/Death Metal.
1x Eden weint im Grab "Traumtrophäen toter Trauertänzer" CD - Gothic Horror Metal.
1x Eden weint im Grab "Geysterstunde II - Ein jenseitiges Kuriositätenkabinett" CD - Gothic Horror Metal.
1x Luciferian / Storm Of Darkness "From underground to the black mass" Split CD - Black Metal.
1x De Profundis "This Winter In My Heart" CD - Melodic Black Metal.
2x Steingrab "Äon" CD - Black Metal.
2x Azziard "Vesanie" Digipack CD - Black/Death Metal.
2x Primitive Graven Image – Traversing The Awesome Night CD
1x Trist / Lonesummer - Split CD
2x Lux Divina - From The Tomb To Nature's Blood CD
2x Darkflight - Perfectly Calm CD
2x Valhom - Despair CD
2x Arsenius Svpia Bphmt Black Metal CD  Jewel Case 15 Independient 2014
2x Thy Owner Entre las Cebnizas de los Bastardos Black Mertal CD Jewel Case 200 Australis 2014
2x Unsilent Black Spell Sessions Black Metal CD    Jewel Case 100 Australis 2010
1x Opus VII Prima Opus Magnum Doom Metal CD   Jewel Case 100 Australis 2013
3x Triebtat/Misanthrop – Schneidetrieb (Lim. 200, DSBM from Germany)
2x Verstorben – Auf einsamen Pfaden (Lim. 500, DSBM from Germany)
3x Stardust/Pestkult/Funeral Dust/Erakko – Devils Work in the Witchtower (Lim. 500, Black Metal from Germany)
2x DARKSTORM (pol) “The mandate of Metal” CD
1x BURIAL MIST “Celestial ash” CD
2x SPIRIT DISEASE "Retaliation"CD thrash death metal Finland
1x OSKRYF "Oskryf" CD drone/doom metal Finland
2x HUMANUS HOSTIA - Nostalgica - CD
2x WINTERBLOOD - Herbstsehnsucht - CD
2x BEYOND LIFE - Blackened sky - CD
2x DE SILENCE ET D'OMBRE - VOL. IV - Worship the Hideous - CD
2x DIVAHAR “Divarise” CD
1x HESPERIA “Spiritvs Italicvs (Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis Part III)” CD
2x ENCORION “Our Pagan Hearts Reborn” CD
2x UNDER EDEN “The Science Of Self-Defeat” CD (CDS has some scratches on them, but still play $2.50)
1x COLD COLOURS “The Great Depression” CD
1x ENCORION “Facing History And Ourselves” CD
1x POSITHRONE “Necropoles” CD
2x UNDERDARK “In The Name Of Chaos” CD
1x MORS IN TABULA “Blemish” CD
1x DREAMLIKE HORROR "Delightful Suicides" CD
2x INSIDIUS INFERNUS “Eyes In Astral Abyss” CD
1x INSIDIUS INFERNUS “Pale Grieving Moon” CD
1x ENOCH Sumerian Chants 2013 Old School Doom Death Metal
2x Aglaomorpha "Perception" CD - Experimental Doom/Death Metal
1x Darktrance "Beyond the Gates of Insanity" CD - Black Metal
1x Re123+ "Magi" CD - Drone Doom / Post Metal
1x Voluntaria/Trauer - "Wintersturm" Split CD depressive Black Metal
1x Mortjuri "Desoulate" CD melodic Black/Death Metal
1x TERRA TERATOS "Meditations about secret of my Dark destiny. Part 2" CD dark ambient
1x IСONOCLAST "Denunciation of Utopia Beyond The Grave" CD slipcase black/doom metal
2x ORDER OF VICTORY "Calamitas virtutis occasio est" CD/DVD martial / neofolk
1x Désespoir / Suicidal Years / Infamous / Lux Funestus "Anthems of Misery" CD - Post / Shogazer Depressive
1x Frostreich "Geistfahrt" CD - Post / Shogazer Black Metal from Germany. 
1x Worthless Lament "Worthless Lament" CD - Depressive Black Metal from Russia. 
2x Nadiwrath / Preteen Deathfuk "Throne Of Desecration" CD - Crust / Black Metal. 
2x Beyond Ye Grave "Ester Panim" CD - Black Metal from Russia.
2x Vintage Flesh "Hour of the Night Gaunts" CD - US Black Metal.
2x Ominous Grim "Phantom God" CD - Black Metal.
2x Throne of Evil "Muerte por Creencias" CD - Black Metal.
4x Blackhorned Saga "Setan" CD - Death/Black Metal.
2x Fatalism "Mystery of Death" tape & miniCD - Debut release from ethereal gloom band Fatalism. Combining elements from diverse sources Neurosis, Alcest, Negative Plane, and Slowdive into a hypnotic ritual. Includes members of One Master and Morgirion, but marks a stark departure from either of those projects.
1x Gravsorg / Dispersed Ashes - Split CD - Black Metal.
1x Merknet "Nigra Diaconia" CD - Black Metal.
2x BONECRACKER(Russia)-“Пороки” CD
1x Total Angels Violence "Death to Death" CD - Black Metal. 
4x Khladnovzor "White Labirint" CD - Black Metal. 
1x Lysergene / Dust To Dearth Death of the Sun Split CD
1x Lysergene "Critical Mass" CD
3x REDREOM(Ger)/STYXIAN INDUSTRIES(Nl)- "Der Befehl lautet:Toete/Manifestation-Exaltation-Revelation"CD
4x SACRAMENTAL BLOOD / HERETICAL GUILT / BLASPHERERION "Split" CD - Technical Brutal Death metal bands from Serbia. After a years of silence their long awaited and highly anticipated Split CD is finally out !!!
1x WINDS OF HYPERBOREA / BENARES "Jebać Życie" CD - Black Metal.
2x Imperial Savagery "Imperial Savagery" CD - Satanic Death Metal.
1x Nocturne "Ave Noctem" CD - Black / Death Metal..
2x DAGOR DAGORATH "Dissident" CD - Syemphinic Black Metal.
1x Deviator "Way of Warriors ~ Hymn to Immortals" CD - A compilation of Deviator tracks spanning their career to 2011. Compiling select tracks from all releases, including those rare, out of print and hard to find releases. A definitive display of Deviator, also featuring the exclusive track “Way of Warriors ~ Hymn to Immortals” Bringing a different and unique take on Ukrainian black metal, fiery, smouldering and charcoal dirty.
2x Moloch – Illusionen eines verlorenen Lebens CD
3x EMPTINESS SOUL – Three Days CD (2013) Depressive Black/Doom Metal
3x EXTERMINAS - Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy CD (2012) Black Metal
3x FECUND BETRAYAL - Depths That Buried the Sea CD (2012) Funeral Doom Metal
2x WirHata "Cold Dismay" Pro-CDR - Blackened Death Metal.
4x Grue "Casualty of the Psychic Wars" CD - Black Metal.
2x The Profane "Raw Sessions Vol. 1" CD - Death and Roll Black Metal.
3x Exile "Hatenight" CD - Black Metal.
1x Human Butchery "Pisychopac Abduction" CD - Death Metal.
3x EVIL ERUPTION "True Evil Never Dies" CD - Black Metal.
1x IUGULATUS - Call of the Horned God CD
3x NIL ABYSS - Nil Abyss MCD
1x MYSTAGOG "...of Old" CD - Black Metal from Hungary.
2x Infuneral / The Last Knell "Split CD" - Black Metal. 
5x Eviscerate "Beneath Dying Skies" CD - US Black Metal. 

Digipack CDS - 
1x Thy Worshiper “Ozimina” (digisleeve CD)
2x Odraza “Kir” (Digipak CD)
3x Pogavranjen “Jedva Čekam Da Nikad Ne Umrem” Digipak CD
2x Kadath - Reflection Black Metal Digipack CD
1x Arkhon Infaustus-Perdition Insanabilis Digipack CD
20x Gravespawn "Woe to the Conquered" Pro-Digipack CDr - Black Metal. 
1x CASUS BELLI -Sequel of generation ep Digipack CD
1x THE BEING - Through Madness to Mercury digi-CD
1x AHNENGRAB Omen Digipack CD
2x NIVLHEL s/t Digipack CD
1x SAXORIOR Saksen Digipack CD
2x OBSCURA MONOTONIA ANIMAE - Crepusculum Aeternorum Cruciatuum Digipack CD - Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal
1x EISMOND - As we hide the moon - deep atmospheric Space Ambient / Chill out
2x FROZEN OCEAN - the dyson swarm digipack CD - electronical dark Post Ambient Black Metal
2x OBSIDIAN GATE - whom the fire obeys digipack CD - symphonic bombastic Black.-Death Metal
1x SIEGHETNAR - Kältetod² Digipack CD - trancezendental Ambient Black Metal
1x URUK-HAI - ...And All The Magic & Might He Brought. Digipack CD - Epic  Battle Hymns in the vein of Summoning
1x HÖLLENKREIS – Des Bruders böser Garten Digipack CD – Epic Ambient with Metal (Uruk-Hai Member)
1x FUNERAL FORNICATION - The Lamentation Digipack CD – Atmospheric Depressiv Black Metal
2x Procer Veneficus - Convoy Pt. II Digipack CD
4x Klor - Klor DigiCD
6x WHEN BITTER SPRING SLEEPS "Spirit in Flames" CD Digipack - dark heathen metal for fans of Primoridial, Isengard, and Bathory. 
1x Karg Malstrom Digipak-CD
1x Karg Apathie Digipak-CD
1x Sapaudia Furvus Spiritus Ancellus   Digi-CD
1x Black Hate Los Tes Mundos digipack CD
2x Epitimia - (Un) reality 2CD, 6 panel digi, + booklet. 
4x Verlies - Le Domaine des Hommes digipack CD
1x Menegroth "Das rote Werk" digipack CD
1x Hädanfärd "Avoghetens besvärtade åkallelser" digipack CD
1x Azure Emote "The Gravity of Impermanence" digipack cd Industrial/Avant-garde Death Metal
2x Kursed In thy Laberinths of Death Black Metal Digipack CD
2x Sadism The Ocularis Domination Death Metal Digipack CD
4x Unblessed Unblessed Death/Black Metal Digipack CD
2x Psicorragia Presagios de Agonia Death metal Digipack CD
2x Psicorragia Satira Macabre Death metal Digipack CD
2x Folkheim Pachakuti Folk metal Digipack CD
2x ATER ERA - Beneath Inanimate Grime 3-panel-DigiCD
5x Sjodogg - Som en Oks i Hodet Digi CD Progressive Black Metal
4x Of Spire & Throne – Sanctum In The Light - digi CD Doom/Sludge Metal
3x Septekh - A Plan For World Domination Digi CD
2x AMORPHOUS "A Perfect Evil" digiCD - Death Metal/Grindcore
3x Downfall of Nur "Umbras e Forestas" Digipck CD - Black Metal
3x SEIROM "MESMERIZED" digipack CD - experimental shoegaze 
3x Stuzha - Бутугычаг - Digipak CD - Dark Ambient
1x Apokefale - Tempus Est Nihil - 3 CD digibok - Black/Death Metal
3x Exxasens - Back to Earth - CD digipak (post rock, space rock, post-metal)
3x Crown of Asteria - Great Freshwater Seas - CD Digipak (black,dronemdark ambient)
2x Lotus Circle Caves digipack CD
2x Black Hate Los Tes Mundos digipack CD
2x Enthroning Silence Throned upon ashes of dusk digipack CD
3x SEIROM "MESMERIZED" digipack CD - experimental shoegaze 
3x Stuzha - Бутугычаг - Digipak CD - Dark Ambient
1x Apokefale - Tempus Est Nihil - 3 CD digibok - Black/Death Metal
3x Exxasens - Back to Earth - CD digipak (post rock, space rock, post-metal)
3x Crown of Asteria - Great Freshwater Seas - CD Digipak (black,dronemdark ambient)
2x Lotus Circle Caves digipack CD
2x Enthroning Silence Throned upon ashes of dusk digipack CD
3x Grisatre Paroxystique digipack CD
3x Enisum Samoht Nara digipack CD
3x Hanormale 天照大御神 digipack CD - Industrial Black Metal
1x Dies Ater Hunger For Life Digibook-CD
1x Ewiges Reich Nur Frei Bei Nacht Digi-CD
2x Martyr Lucifer Shards Digibook-CD
1x Sapaudia Furvus Spiritus Ancellus   Digi-CD
1x The Cold View Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste Digipack CD Funeral Doom Metal/Drone
1x Mournful Gust If We Were Alive Digipack CD Death/Doom Metal
3x ANGREPP – Libido Digi-CD
8x Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus "The Child Must Die" Digipack CD  - Ambient Black Metal (CD comes with small logo patch)
3x ANDRAS  "…of Old Wisdom + Legends Demo" Digipack CD Epic Black Metal        
1x Sapaudia Furvus Spiritus Ancellus   Digi-CD
1x Svarthaueg Dragonsk Magi Digi-CD
2x Martyr Lucifer Shards Digibook-CD
2x Lotus Circle Caves digipack CD
4x The Dead Goats - Don't go in the Tomb (digipack CD)
4x Sigihl "Trauermärsche (and a tango upon the world's grave) digipack CD
1x Funeral Moth - dense fog - digi-CD Funeral doom
3x Profetus - As All Seasons Die - digi-CD Funeral doom
3x Profetus - ... To Open the Passages in Dusk- digi-CD Funeral doom
1x DOOR INTO EMPTINESS (BLR) "Sviata" Avantgarde Black Metal for fans of DHG, ULVER and BEHERIT, Digi-CD
3x Quintessence Mystica "Duality" Digipack CD - Symphonic Black Metal.
1x Aisthesis The Eon of Wrath Symphonic Black Metal CD  Digipack 100 Australis 2010
1x Serpent Throne Infernal Desecration Black Mertal CD  Digipack 200 Australis 2014
1x A Sad Bada White Rivers and Coldest Chains Doom Metal CD  Digipack 100 Australis 2014
1x Poema Arcanvs  Transciemnt Chronicles Doom Metal CD   Digipack 100 Australis 2012
3x Bauda  Oniirica Ambient / Folk Metal CD   Digipack 100 Australis 2012
3x NOCTEM CURSIS - Nocturnal frost - Digipack CD
1x BLAND VARGAR - Notturno 11 (reissue 2014) - Digipack CD
1x COLD DESIGN "Summer will soon be here" CD Digi combat electro / military pop
2x KREIVISKAI "Zemmis supnai / Сны земли" CD Digi neofolk / ethno-ambient
1x ORDER OF VICTORY "Nemo oblivioni tradita est, nihil oblivioni tradita est" CD Digi martial / neofolk
4x Vindorn / Triumph, Genus / Sator Marte 3-Way Split 2 Panel Digipack CD - Black Metal.
2x Aisthesis "The Eon of Wrath" Digipack CD - Symphonic Black Metal.
1x Opus VII "Prima Opus Magnum" Digipack CD - Doom / Death Metal.
4x Lapsus Dei "Sadness Reflections" Digipack CD - Doom / Death Metal.
1x Begrabnis/Estrangement - split Digipack CD - Japanese ambient/industrial doom Begrabnis VS Australian avantgarde schizophrenic funeral doom Estrangement. 
2x Afterbirth "Foeticidal Embryo Harvestation" Digipack CD - Brutal Death Metal.
2x Embrionic Death "Regurgitated Stream of Rot" Digipack CD - Death Metal
1x Cristalys "In Hoc Signo Vinces" Digipack CD - 53 minutes of Ancestral Black Metal
1x Black Depths Grey Waves Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart Digi CD
2x DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES "Manifesto Of Death" Digipack CD - Black Metal from Greece.
5x The Negation "Paths of Obedience" Digipack CD - Black/Death from France.
1x EMBATERION - The Sound of Charge (French Death / Thrash band with spartan concept) Digipack CD
2x GRAFVOLLUTH - Long Live Death! DigiCD

2x DEATH TO MENTAL SLAVES – A Black Metal compilation DVD/CD set. DVD features individual song performances from various bands we have filmed or received from the bands themselves. CD contains mainly elite, underrated talent from the metal underground. DVD Contents: Exclusive vids from Nachtmystium, Satan's Almighty Penis, Forest of Impaled, Demoncy, FOG, Abhor, Death Dies, Hell-Born, Holmgang, Loits, Nokturne666, Teratism, To Scale the Throne. CD Contents: Ravendawn, Blackhorned, Church Bizarre, Nekros, Erasmus, Dom Dracul, Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, Blashyrk, Mephistophelian, Hills of Sefiroth, Hellgoat, Destroy Humanity Now, Aesthenia, Sanguis.
1x KRIEG – Official Live DVD Three Full live performances on a professionally-manufactured DVD Live shows included.
1x NOKTURNE – Live 2003-2004 + LA, City of Chaos Videos DVD (Pagan Flames) THREE full-length live performances.
1x OLD GOAT – Slaves Of War PRO DVD/CD set. Black Filth Metal from Alaska, USA. Totally unique and bizarre! Video DVD Contents: TWO Live shows!! Bonus Old Goat DVD Xtras: Into the Valley of Horns – Music Video, Scanned original lyric sheets penned by vocalist Stagnator, Live Show Poster Gallery, Band Bio + Photos, + Buried Filth!! Audio CD Contents: Slaves Of War Full-length Studio Album
2x SEAR BLISS – OFFICIAL LIVE BOOTLEG DVD (Pagan Flames) Hungarian melodic black metal from an extremely experienced group. DVD features live footage provided by the band from many tours, recording sessions, backstage, insane metal parties. Almost two full hours of excellent quality video.
2x THROCULT – LIVE CONJURATIONS Pro DVD (Pagan Flames) 2 Live shows. Multiple-camera filmed, professionally audio-recorded, 4 pro music videos, + Tons of extras! A MASTERPIECE of BLACK METAL VIDEO ART
1x V/A - Chronicles of Doom - DVD - This DVD contains shows of the bands who are playing doom and doom releated genre in Rotterdam/Holland 2006. Multi-camara shooted pro quality DVD featuring Saturnus, Ataraxie, Inborn Suffering, Doomraiser, Funeralium, Nymphea Aurora, Abysmal Darkening, Reverend Bizarre, The Prophecy, The Gates Of Slumber, Centurions Ghost, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Season's End, and Mary Bell. Filmed, authoring by Camisole(France).
1. Abysmal Darkening - End It
2. Nymphea Aurora - Misery
3. Funeralium - Funeralium
4. Doomraiser - Metamorphosis
5. Inborn Suffering - Stygian Darkness
6. Ataraxie - Another Way Of Despondency
7. Saturnus - Rain Wash Me
8. Mary Bell - Stone The Martyr
9. Season's End - A Ghost In My Emotion
10. Insanity Reigns Supreme - Worship
11. Centurions Ghost - Devil's Desciple
12. The Gates Of Slumber - Suffer No Guilt
13. The Prophecy - Rivers
14. Reverend Bizarre - Funeral Summer