Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Interview with Angelcide done by Patrick on 2-24-15

Here   is  a  new  interview  done  with   New York's   Angelcide the  band  recently  released  the  second  cd  "Hunting  Astral  Prey"  through  the  mighty  U.S  label  Elegy  Rec.  So  take  a  few  minutes  and read about  the  bands  past  and  future  plans.

Interview  with   Maelstrom   vocalist  and  all   instruments  for  Angelcide   done  by   Patrick

1.  Hails! Maelstrom please introduce yourself to the readers?
My spirit longs for knowledge and adventure.  My story is told through my musical journeys.

2.  When  did you  first  become  interested  in  playing  music?  What  was the first  instrument  you   learned  to  play?  When  first  starting  out   did you take  lessons  or  are you  self taught? 
The quest of Maelstrom began at 15, some 15 years ago in 2001 when my first guitar was obtained.  I had some lessons for the first year or two but most of what I know now was learned through exploration and possibly some kind of claircongiance.  I believe music to be hereditary and passed down through my bloodline as my ancestors were classical composers in Italy.
3.  Who are some of your influences and favorite musicians? Are there any instruments that you  would like to learn someday?
My favorite guitar players were Jon Nodtveidt (Dissection) and Chuck Schuldiner (Death).  My favorite vocalists are the Mayhem and Gorgoroth vocalists.  Ihsahn of Emperor was also highly influential in both categories.  Apart from them my influences are to vast to list and encompasses many genres in and out of metal… although Judas Iscariot and Mutiilation were the biggest influences of the early Angelcide.  I know all of the instruments I wanted to learn but perhaps that will change someday.
4.  Besides playing all of the instruments you also handle all of the vocals for the band.  When did you start screaming?  Who are some of your favorite vocalists? 
Around 14 or 15 (the beginning of the last decade) I began honing my vocal tone.  I was the vocalist of the first band I recorded/played shows with before I was good enough to play guitar for a band.  All of the musicians I mentioned in the previous question comprise my favorite vocalists- especially the Mayhem vocalists!
5.  Originally Angelcide was formed in 2003 and you stopped the band in 2010.  Why  did you  stop the band?

I was disillusioned with metal culture and disappointed that the quality of the Angelcide releases I had done throughout that time did not reflect my passion for this music.  I struggled with extreme depression amongst other things at that time and ending Angelicde was a grand act of self destruction.
6.  Maelstrom you  reformed  Angelcide in 2015.   What  gave you  the  inspiration to  reform  the  band?
I wanted the legacy of Angelcide to be better represented than it was by what I had recorded throughout that first era.  I wanted to redefine the band now that my abilities as a musician and engineer have improved throughout the years.  This new Angelcide will be more in tune with my personal and spiritual narrative and better reflect my abilities as a musician.  The band was extremely important to my survival in those very difficult teenage years and I wanted the overall quality of the catalogue to reflect this.
7.  Maelstrom you handle everything in Angelcide.  When you first started the band did you  plan  on  keeping  it  a  one man  band  or  have you  looked  for  new  members to  join?
I sought members many years ago and even had a full lineup on the 2007 demo “Soul Departure" and a session drummer on “Twilight Carnage.”  I’m no longer interested in permanent members but the next album will feature a new session drummer…. a true USBM legend….
8.  If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians {past  or  present} who  would  be some  you  would  like to  work  with?
I believe I could create some exciting music with Hellhammer, the drummer of Mayhem.  I would also like to work with a skilled keyboardist though none in particular come to mind at this time.

9.  Maelstrom you are working with Rob and Elegy Records.  How did you come in contact with this great label?

I’ve known Rob for over a decade.  He lived with members of my old band, Abazagorath, and so I was at the label's HQ quite frequently for many years.  I've had many bad experiences with labels in the past and so it was important I dealt with someone I knew and trusted upon returning.  Also, I have always worshipped Elegy as they released some of the most important American metal albums from bands such as Judas Iscariot, Evoken, and Abazagorath!
10.  Angelcide has recently released the second CD "Hunting Astral Prey."  How long did it take you  to write and record the songs for the new release?  Where do you draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Many of the songs were from an early draft of what would have been the 4th Abazagorath album had I not left the band in 2014.  I revisited and refined this material, along with other songs from the past 5 years or so, to create this morbid work.  The lyrics were inspired by bold scientific theory, Lovecraftian art, and the absolute nihilistic hatred for humanity that has been much of my experience living in New York City the past two years!
11.  When you first started   Angelcide    I  believe  that  you  were  more  of  a   depressive  style  black  metal.  But  on  the  new  cd  "Hunting  Astral  Prey"   you  seem to  have  gone  for  a  more  straight  forward  blackend  death  style.  Why  did  you  decide to  go  for  a  more  straight  forward  sound?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it “straight forward" as it's more technical and varied than all of the past Angelcide albums.  However it is much heavier and brutal and this comes from my experience performing live rituals alongside bands such as Proclamation, Black Witchery, and Revenge.  It was also meant to be stylistically different than the last album I did (Abazagorath’s “The Satanic Verses,” which featured long, epic, melodic narratives) and meant to reflect my current experiences since moving to New York City.  I strive for all of my albums to be different than each other and have their own distinct personality.
12.  Besides  the  new  CD  coming  out  do  you  have   any  other  merchandise  or  releases  available   for the  readers?   If yes  where can  the  fans  buy them  from?
The new CD can be purchased at 

A digital version of our debut “Twilight Carnage" bundled with 2007’s “Soul Departure" demo is available for purchase on

There will be a 7" split with Megalith Grave, the most minimalistic band in existence, available in early March 2016 on the resurrected Desastrious Records!
13.  What  does  black  metal  mean  to  you?

There has always been a part of me, from youth till tonight and beyond, that found beauty in darkness, death, night, hatred, despair, sadism, dominance, war, winter, the cosmos, the forests, the mountains, the ancient Earth, the vast sky, and the great unknown.  Black metal is what articulates this better than any communication currently known to humanity.
14.  Thank you Maelstrom for taking the time to fill this interview out.  Do you have any final  comments for the readers?

Follow your guides wherever they may lead you.  Think on why they have lead you here.