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Interview with Greek black,death band Wargrinder done on 1-28-16

Here  is  a  new  interview with the  Greek blackend death metal  horde  Wargrinder  this  band  has  been  around  since the early  2000's  and  is  working  on the  second  full-length  to  be released  later this   year.So  if you  are  a  fan  of  chaotic black/death  metal  then  defintly  check  out this  band  today.

Interview  with    Wargrinder  done  by   Patrick

1.Hails   how  is  2016  starting  out  for  you? You  formed   Wargrinder  in 2000  what  gave you  the  idea to  form the  band?

2016 will be a great year for Wargrinder. The debut The Seal of Genocide just came out on vinyl via Fistbang Recs. The 2nd full length
will be out on tape in a few months or so via Wohrt Recs and then on CD via Nykta Recs this summer. It is titled 'In Suicidal Triumph'.
And next month I'm recording the 3rd full length which is cheduled for 2017. Well the band started off as Shoa in 1999 and then within a year
or so it changed to Wargrinder. I just wanted to create the music that I love inspired by metal bands that I loved. Bass was my first string  instrument and that was because I just loved the heavy distorted sound of Lemmy, Cronos, Angelripper and Helmkamp.

2.How  did you  decide  on the  name  for the  band?  How  do you  feel    Wargrinder's   music   has  changed  over the  years?

I wanted somthing with War in it since the lyrical theme was war and hate from the start. The first demo was composed still under the name Shoa, then
the Doom Messiah came out from Warhammer and that was it. Don't know how many times or how loud I've played that album.
That's a good question. The first material had some slow parts in it since at the time I was listening to Asphyx so much. Last on on Earth is a grand
album and I thought the slow parts blended in nicely with the fast parts. And then the material progressed from the 3 demos to the debut which in its
most part was composed about 12 years ago. Imagine that most of the lyrics where written during my army service in 2003-04. The debut still has those
slow parts but they had already started to diminish. I think the debut is the perfect bridge between the demos and Storming Armored Wolves since there are
tracks that were written right after the 3rd demo and there are tracks that were slowly pieced together from 2008 to 2010. And since I play everything since 2005,
I am able to pick up the speed a bit. And today the material is furious death/black metal. Personally I find it a lot harder to play the guitars than the drums
and I know that the songs are not technical but their fast and constant shredding so...

3. Wargrinder   recently  released  a  split  7inch  with  Hate Manifesto  are  there  any  copies  left? Where  can  the  fans  buy  it  from?

The split 7" was released by Fistbang records and it can be purchased via the label's website. Yes it's still available it came out around 3 months ago.

4.Besides  the  split  7inch  I  know you  are  working  on  new  music  for your  second  full-length. How   many  songs  are you  planning  on  having  on the  new release?
Will  it  be  released  on  cd  or Lp  or  cassette? 

'In Suicidal Triumph' has been recorded and mastered since April of 2014. The songs were composed in January of 2011. It has 9 tracks. It will be released on tape by Wohrt Records
in a few months and on CD by Nykta Records this summer. No plans for vinyl yet but I'm certain that it will eventually happen. Expect nothing but fast bone crushing death/black metal.
And some of my fastest blast beats ever. The compositions are very powerful. I'm very proud of this one. Every single riff is a ripping blade.

5.Does   Wargrinder   have  any  other releases  or  merchandise  available  for  the  readers? If   yes where   can  the  fans  buy  it  from?

Regimental Recs released the 3 demos in a compilation cd titled 'Erased Seeds of Ignorance'. Its still available. Been trying to get some fucking
shirts made for years now but its very complicated from up here. Nythra Productions from Greece will release The Seal of Genocide shirts soon.

6.I  believe  Wargrinder   is  a  one man  band  have you   always  worked   alone  or   would you   like to  find  some  new  members  to  make  Wargrinder  a  full line up?

Yes Wargrinder is my personal project. I had a guitarist (Impious Sodomiser of the Virgin Mary) and a drummer (Rotten Pulverized Head) back in the 3 demos but I've
played everything ever since. I don't want people interfering with my vision. But for live shows and if it ever happens, yes I do have some old friends that agreed   to help on guitars, bass and vocals.

7.If you   had  the  chance to  work  with  any  musicians{past  or  present}   who  would  you   like to  work  with?

Cronos from VENOM. I'd love to jam with him. He's my abolute metal hero. Also Rangel Arroyo from Abhorrence (Brazil), the mighty Exequy from the States. That CD blew me away.
Get to think about it there are dozens of people I'd like to work with. And I hope that Gene will someday come up with new material for Apocalypse Command. We got some unfinished business.

8.What   does  extreme metal  mean to you?

Everything. Joy, anger, hate. I've taken this music through so many filters that I don't need special moments for it. Sure it's intense but so is my lifestyle. And my beliefs
as well. I practice what I preach. Therefore I listen to it every chance I get. Extreme metal (and metal in general) is my fucking life. I buy it, I trade it and support   it always.

9.Wargrinder  comes   out  of  the Greek  extreme metal  underground. What  is your   opinion   of  Greece's   extreme  metal  scene?

We have a very big scene and I like that a lot. Greeks are very passionate people and that shows in our music as well. That been said, we need to start supporting each other
more and stop acting like fucking rock stars. I've played with so many bands and have seen some really fucked up things happen. Too much gossip man. The way I see it is :
stop caring about what other bands are doing and focus on writing some fucking music. If you wanna act tough, show the scene what you are through music. If you wanna gossip
go on TV and be a famous gossiper. I never understood it. I'm sure you didnt know this but when I released the 1st Wargrinder demo I didnt give it to Greeks aside from
some close friends. Then I traded with Iapetos from Unholy distro and it was him that originally introduced Wargrinder to the Greek scene. It's not just Greece mind you, there
are cunts everywhere in the world. But I'm speaking out of personal experience. I play music because I love the MUSIC. And nothing more. Image, presentation, make up and scary
interviews can stay away from me. I play in fucking Wargrinder I got nothing to do with small minded worms. Or IGNORANT worms if you will.

10.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Greek metal  bands? Are their  any  new  bands  from  Greece  that you  feel  the  readers   should   check  out  soon?

There are some fantastic bands from Greece. And to name a few :  Naer Mataron, Hate Manifesto, Wargoat (Goat Kataklysm), Diabolical Principles, Mortuus Caelum, War Possession,
Deyteronomy, Nergal, Necromantia, The Psalm, Swamp, Human Serpent, Mass Infection, Progress of Inhumanity, Birth Through Gore, Respawn the Plague, Burial Hordes, Birth of Depravity,
the legends Unholy Archangel, Resurgency, Soulskinner, Nadiwrath, Divine Blasphemy, Ithaqua, Legion of Doom, Caedes Cruenta, Lykaionas, ChaosBaphomet, Varathron, Cease of Breeding, The Shadow Order,
man there are many more I will never stop typing... Also check out Wargrinder or go fucking kill yourself.

 11.Besides  Wargrinder   I  recently read  that  you  are  now  working  with  Hate Manifesto   when  did you  join  this  band?  Besides    Hate Manifesto are  you  currently  working  with  any  other  bands  or  projects?

I joined Hate Manifesto some months ago to record drums for their debut album. I've jammed with them before though, around 15 years ago. Just wait till the debut comes out. We will
overcome I can promise you that. Well there are always proposals and due to lack of time I keep rejecting people man, but there are a few bands I'm planning on drumming for and it all
will materialize end of 2016 and 2017

12.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill this   interview   out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

Support the underground, the extreme metal movement. Always push forward. Live proud and to the fullest so you'll die a warrior not a fucking coward.
Achieve or die trying. In Suicidal Triumph..

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