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Interview with Perdition Winds done by Patrick on 5-16-15

Dark  Greetings
Here  is  a  new  interview  with  Finlands   Perdition Winds   talking  about  the  Metal  scene  in  Finland  and their   new  cd  "Aura Of Suffering"  through  Woodcut  Rec. defintly  a  great  black  metal  release  and  band  so  give  this  band  a  listen  if you  enjoy the  cold  blackend  metal.

Interview   with   Perdition  Winds   done  by   Patrick   
1.Hails  when did you  first  meet the  other  members  of    Perdition  Winds  ? When  did  you  all  decide  to  form  the  band? How  did you  all  come  up  with the   name  for the  band?

J.E: I met R.Ä. around 2009 on our gig (Neutron Hammer) and sold him few records the said band. Little later I phoned him up and asked him to join us and he did. Rest of the guys I met some time after this at some gig probably. Can´t recall that too well, though.

I asked R.A. if he would be interested to form a primitive and raw Black Metal band with me since my departure from my previous band (Sacrilegious Impalement). It was logical to ask him since we both also played in Neutron Hammer at the time (Summer 2010). He J.K.A. and R.S. had previously jammed some actual PW riffs but it was laid to rest due to Lie In Ruins activity back then years ago. So it was logical to work on that old formula from the get go and few things led to another and Perdition Winds was born.

About the name, well I had a fascination on word Perdition and wanted to have that. So I gathered Perdition Winds sounded pretty decent name for our style. Simple as that.
2.What  is  the  current  line up  for  Perdition  Winds ? For the  readers  who  have  never  heard  the  band´s   music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?
J.E: Line-up has been the same since the beginning: J.E. – Vocals / R.Ä. – Guitar / T.K. – Guitar / J.K.A. – Bass & backing vocals / R.S. – Drums & backing vocals
  Perdition Winds is cold, harsh and primitive audio violence!
3.Perdition  Winds  has released  their new   release  their  debut  cd   "Aura Of  Suffering" through  the  great  label  Woodcut Rec. how  did the  band  come  in contact  with  this  great  label?
 J.E:  It was released last year already. In fall of 2014.
We are still waiting for the vinyl version, though. Label was interested in our music and wanted to release it
hence the deal with them.
4.How   long did  it take  to  write  and  record  the   songs  on the  new  cd   "Aura Of  Suffering"? Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the   music  or  does  one member   usually  write  everything?
 R.A: All the songs were written kind of fast in summer/autumn of 2013. At that time we were kind of busy with Lie in Ruins, so we didn't have time to start rehearsing these song before early 2014 during the rehearsals thw song found their true form, and all the recording stuff went pretty easily and fast. Usually me and T.K. Write all the music, bit at the end, wnhole band will join with oqn ideas.
5.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics   for  the  band? What  are some  topics/subjects   you  all  write  about?
J.E: I do most of the writing lyrics but also J.K.A. provided one piece (Gray) for last album.
Topics/themes of texts come from dark side of human mind such as war and murder and how that is connected with Devil. But also I write about my nightmarish visions beyond this mortal coil.

I have a vision which I want to paint in words and then it must connect with suitable song to make it a whole. 

R.A.: Also sometimes the lyrics helps to get in the right mode, and make writing music easier for some songs. Some songs have get their birth that way. I read the lyrics and get the idea for the whole song, and the dong will come out pretty fast after that.
6.Has   Perdition  Winds    ever  played  live   or  do you   prefer to  work in  the  studio? What   have  been  some  of your   most   memorable  shows to  date?
 J.E: Yes we have performed live. Our most memorable show so far have been at “Turku Saatanalle III” with Mortuus,Devouring Star and Hoath. It was a night of Black Magic! I also look very much into performing with Sink and Dark Buddha Rising next week here in Helsinki.
7.Perdition  Winds    comes  out   of  the   mighty  Finnish  black  metal  scene  what  is  your   opinion  of  Finland's  black metal  scene?
J.E: Yeah it´s very good and strong musically speaking but I don´t like to socialize too much anymore. I tend to avoid going at shows nowadays too. There´s all those same drunken idiots and futile jibberish involved with people I don´t care for… I´d rather spend my spare time in good and valued company.
8.Who  are  your   all-time  favorite  Finnish  black  metal  bands? Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
 J.E: Beherit, Ride For Revenge, Archgoat, Flame, Impaled Nazarene, Exordium, Clandestine Blaze, Uncreation´s Dawn, Anxious Death, Annihilatus, Cornigr… I could point out more but uh!
9.What  does  the   term  Black Metal   mean  to  you?
J.E: Satan´s Metal!
10.Are  you   or  any members   of   Perdition  Winds   currently   working  with  any other  bands  or  solo  projects?
 J.E: Yes, we all do. Our members are involved in: Lie In Ruins, Supreme Court, Neutron Hammer (on hold), 
Desolate Shrine, Sepulchral Temple, Curse Eternal & Sacrilegious Impalement.
11.Besides  the   new  release  "Aura Of  Suffering" cd   does  the  band  have   any more  new  merchandise  for the  fans?  If  yes  where can  the  fans  find  it?
 J.E: We have recorded at the same time with the LP also material for the up coming split LP with Russian band Drama. This Perdition Winds / Drama Split LP is due to be released on Russian label Cold Breath of Silence any time now. originally it was supposed to come out already in April 2015.
We are also on writing new stuff so beware! 
12.Thank  you  all for  taking the  time  to  fill  out  this   interview   do you   have  any  final  words  for   the  readers?

J.E: Thank you for the interview. People! Get your hands on “Aura of Suffering” by any means necessary: Kill for it, steal it or just by the damn thing! Perdition Winds: Aura of Suffering CD (Woodcut Records: Cut069)
In doom…