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Interview with Poland's Blackhorned Saga done by Patrick on 3-18-15

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Here  is  a  new  interview  with  the  Polish  blackend,death/thrash  band  Blackhorned  Saga  who  recently  released their  new  cd  "Setan"  through  the  Polish  label  "Seven Gates  Of  Hell"  defintly  pick  this  cd  up  if you  are   into  old-school  blackend death with  some thrash  influences.

Interview  with  Set  vocalist    of  Blackhorned  Saga  done  by   Patrick


1.Hails Set how is 2015 starting out for you and the band? When did you first discover metal music? Who were some of the first bands you listened to?

Hi Patrick! This year is going well so far, can't really see the difference, except of getting older and older haha.. As for Blackhorned Saga, I know there is some work in progress, some new songs are being composed, but it is a way too early to say anything specific about our next step. A first contact with metal music was for sure in mid 80's, older brother of my friend had collection of Lp's Iron Maiden, Venom, ACDC, but this wasn't a love yet. 89/90 was actually the time, when I started listening heavier sounds and that was because of Napalm Death "from enslavement to obliteration", and I still love it. For sure this one changed my life for good, even if over all these years I went into more "hellish" sounds.

2.When did you first meet the other members of Blackhorned Saga ? What is the current line up of the band?
I met my Brothers in late 1994, they already had a Death Metal band back then, so they knew each other much longer than I do.. Also, that was the time when Lathspell (former band’s name) was funded. I joined them in early 1995. Line up is same since; Set, Abygrel, Godek, Argal

3.For the readers who have never heard "Blackhorned Saga's" music how would you best describe it?
We call our sounds Metal of Death and Doom, but I guess anybody else will name it simply Death/ Black Metal. Fierce and crude Death/ Black Metal.

4.Blackhorned Saga recently released their second cd "Setan" through the label Seven Gates Of Hell how did you come in contact with this label?
7 Gates of Hell is actually one of the longest existing labels in Poland, and they are doing pretty well. Abygrel used to deal with Zibi (7 Gates owner) earlier, releasing His other band Ov Plagues, so they were in contact. Zibi heard the music, offered clean and simple contract.. done.

5.Do all of the members of Blackhorned Saga work on the music or does one member usually write everything? Who usually writes the lyrics for the band what are some topics/subjects you all write about?
Composing is Argal’s and Godek’s job, they both play guitars and they still live in Poland in our town so it’s coming kind of naturally. Godek is also responsible for recording and mastering of our music, so guys are very busy out there. Obviously, if there is something that Abygrel or myself can add (which is not happening really now, because we both live in different countries for years) , it is more than welcome, final arrangement has to be "approved" by all of us.. If we are all happy, then all is going to be ok, if you like it or not. Lyrics are my things… No one even tries to suggest me what about to write or sing haha.. I deal with typical themes for this kind of music, I would say. Angel of death and sorrow, genocide desolation, fucking doom, antichristianity and hypocrisy.. I know that topic is extremely worn out, but I don’t give a fuck about it, this is all about Death/ Black Metal should be! Anyway, lyrics are not included in the booklet and probably will not be in the future as well.

6.How has the response been from the fans? What about the press?
We do not know how and don’t really care how "setan" is selling, response is rather Ok as for such a small and relatively not very well known band as Blackhorned Saga, these several reviews we got so far are actually very good, we can hear and read some really good words here and there. The other thing is that promotion is poor, there is no mugs or condoms with bands logo (that’s good actually haha), so..

7.Besides the new cd "Setan" does Blackhorned Saga have any other merchandise available for the fans? If yes where can the fans buy it?
No, we don’t have any. There were plans for some t-shirts with simple design, but due to lack of time at some stage, plan has gone. However we still want to make some merch, surely we will in upcoming weeks.. Proper info will be spread through the mails, our website, facebook profile and other shit.. No worries, we won’t let You to forget about us haha..

8.Does Blackhorned Saga play live very often? What have been some of your most memorable shows?
We don’t play live at all. Not as a Blackhorned Saga anyway… Reason is simple, Abygrel lives in U.S., Godek and Argal In Poland and myself in Ireland. We can only meet all together during the summer holidays, this is the time for us to record something and is spent mostly in our Grave Room practicising and stuff..

9.Are their any plans for a tour or shows this year? Where will the band be playing?
Unfortunatelly no plans at all. Probably won’t happen, which is ok for me because I don’t like play live haha 

10.Blackhorned Saga comes out of Poland's metal scene what is your opinion of Poland's metal scene?
I think our scene is very good, we have many (if not even too many) bands from all metal subgenres , whatever you wish to hear. A lot of bands from my beautiful country is well known around the world, however You will find some shit as well, just like in every other country…

11.Who are your all-time favorite Polish bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?
From the deep past I adore Vehement Thrower, Betrayer, old Vader, Armagedon (actually they still crushing after their re-union), old Pandemonium, Christ Agony (first three albums plus demos), Infernum, Imperator (demos mostly), Rotting Head, Damnable..I think that for the moment our best bands are Infernal War (new album coming in a few days), Voidhanger, Azarath, Blaze of Perdition, Kriegsmaschine, Plaga, Bestial Raids, Doombringer, Anima Damnata, Deus Mortem, completely underrated Gortal, Dead Infection. Also, check newest killer releases of such bands like Neolith, Kurhan, Odraza, Abusiveness and fuck knows what else haha, too many to name.

12.Set you handle the vocals for the band when did you become interested in becoming a vocalist? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?
To be honest I had no choice, line up was actually complete when i met guys for the first time, I was coming down to their rehearsal place just to listen them, there was a vocalist already but soon he fucked out and then somebody asked me to try the mic. I was drunk, so it was easy to convince me. I tried, all were happy, me too, end of story. Don’t get me wrong, but i’m not looking for influence anywhere. Simply, I don’t practice on the daily basis and I scream my words only once a year when we all meet together, so it’s impossible even to try sound like somebody else. Just a pure bloody doom. Getting my voice chords torn to fiery pain, extinguished by beer and spirits. No hidden tips, no hidden tricks. To the blood

13.Who are some of your influences/favorite vocalists?
Martin Van Drunnen, Tom Araya, Craig Pillard, Ross Dolan, Impurath, Barghest did AMAZING voices on Tortorum’s "katabasis"… In Poland Necrosodom from Anima Damnata/ Azarath/ Deus Mortem. In my opinion he is the best Black/Death Metal vocalist in my country. Long live Necrosodom! 

14.Set in your opinion what does the Metal underground mean to you?
I never wonder about it. For sure it’s not a movement, rather abyss where most of the bands, editors and fans are starting their adventure with music, some believes probably too.. Some stay there, some going further… I’m glad to be still here for over a quarter of century now, so I think it means a lot to me.

15.Besides Blackhorned Saga are you or any of the members currently working with other bands or solo projects?
Godek and Argal are also playing in Rarog’g and Porphyria (currently on hold, I used to do drums there), Abygrel plays in Adhuk and Hellwaffe. All these bands crushing, check them out if you dare.

16.Thank you Set for taking the time to fill out this interview.Do you have any final comments for the readers?
Thank You Patrick for spreading the name of Blackhorned Saga, it was a pleasure to write few words here. We really appreciate this. To the blood!

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