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Interview with Reckless Manslaughter done by Patrick on 9-20-14

Metal Hails

Reckless  Manslaughter  started  out  in  2008  in  Germany   mixing  old-school  u.s  and  german  influences.And  recently  released  their  second  cd   " "Blast  Into Oblivion"
through  Final  Gates  Records"   if you  are  a fan  of  early to mid  nineties  U.S and some  German  death metal   then  defintly  check  this  band  out  today!!  you  won't  be  disappointed

Metal Regards

Interview   with  Leimy  vocalist  of  Reckless  Manslaughter    done  by   Patrick

1.Hello Leimy how is life in Germany going for you? When did you first discover metal?

  Hi Patrick! Life is perfect here at the moment! We had some great gigs this year (the last one was at the Malta Deathfest one week ago) and now we are preparing for entering the studio in October to record three new songs. But until then I plan to go to a few cool festivals and concerts in the next weeks (e.g. the NRW Deathfest, Carnage Feast and the Bolt Thrower-tour). I'm a metalhead since I am 11 years old. A friend at school gave me „...and justice for all“ from Metallica and *baaaaamm*, I was totally into this kind of music :D A few years later, in 1996 I discovered Cannibal Corpse and so for 18 years I'm in love with Death Metal – a true love which will never end ;)

2.When did you meet the other members of Reckless Manslaughter? What is the current line up? For the readers who have never heard Reckless Manslaughter how
would you describe the music?

 At the moment the lineup consists of the following people (and I'm sure it will be the perfect lineup for a long time): Chris - Bass Dennis – Guitar
Leimy – Vocals
Pneumator – Drums Sebi – Guitar
Dennis joined us in 2012, when we were in search for a second guitar-player to evolve our sound and he totally fits to us and the vision we had with RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER. It was a great decision because he expanded our sound and we soon became friends. Until then there were only the four friends Chris, Leimy, Pneumator and Sebi who just wanted to do some brutal old school Death Metal to kick some asses :D I would describe our music as a mixture between Brutal Death Metal and classic Death Metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity and here and there even Bolt Thrower. Feel free to get your own picture and check us out at ;)

3.The band is signed to Final Gate Rec. how did the band come in contact with this label?Are you happy with the job they have done so far?

We know Marco from Final Gate Records (he is also the owner of Rotten Roll Rex) since a few years from concerts and festivals. He is really a nice guy and we gave him the Promo-CD of our latest album at a gig of Macabre and he was directly totally into our stuff and wanted to release it! We are really happy with the work he has done so far, because he totally stands behind the stuff he has in his sortiment and he only releases music which he really likes. No rip-off behavior, just pure dedication!

4.Reckless Manslaughter has released their second cd "Blast Into Oblivion" how long did it take to write the music for the songs? 

We are not the fastest songwriters, so it took nearly two years to get the stuff together. Sometimes it's hard to arrange with the music because of our jobs and families and so there aren't so many rehearsals. But when we rehearse then the earth is shaking and we collect cool riffs and ideas. Hope the next album won't take so much time...

5.Does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually write everything?

  We are doing the classical style of writing music: A guitar-player comes in with a cool riff-idea and around that we construct a new song at our rehearsal-room. So everybody can contribute with his own ideas.

6. Who usually writes the lyrics for the band? What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

Usually I'm in charge for the lyrics. But since I'm not the best lyric-writer I always get some help from the other bandmebers or friends. Usually we are writing about death, war and apocalypse. Typical Death Metal stuff ;) For us the lyrics aren't so important and so you will never hear some obscure, pseudointellectual elitist-shit. Just some putrid and rotten Death Metal-stuff right in your face ;)

7.Reckless Manslaughter comes out of the mighty German scene.What is your opinion of Germany's metal scene?

 At the moment there is a great underground-scene in Germany and in the last few years we met a lot of cool bands on the road with which we became friends. There is a strong solidarity between the bands and no rivalry. We help each other with gigs and even guest-apperances and enjoy the positive reactions we get. There are so many different and totally individual bands like never before. No matter if you like Swedish Death metal, Brutal Death Metal, American Death Metal, Death/Doom or Black/Death: For every taste you will find a special band! I hope the scene will stay strong!

8.Who are your all time favorite German bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

My two favourite German bands are Fleshcrawl and Obscenity. I can't decide which I love more since they are providing totally different styles of Death Metal, but both meant much to me and influenced me a lot! At the moment I'm totally in love with the new stuff of our friends of Diabolical Imperium which released a great new album last year which has to be checked out by any fan of American Death Metal! The new Deserted Fear-album will also be a total killer and prepare for the best album which Obscure Infinity has recorded so far! I visited them in the studio and also heard an early roughmix and I was totally blown away! American Death Metal meets Swedish Death Metal meets Black Metal! I'm sure this will be a classic. Oh and then there are my brothers from Sulphur Aeon who also released a fantastic debut last year and got phenomenal reactions from all over the world for their awesome „swallowed by the ocean's tide“-record. As you see, there are many great bands here :)

9.Does Reckless Manslaughter play "live" very often or do you prefer the studio?

We totally prefer to play live! There is nothing which could be cooler than presenting your stuff to an interested audience! Usually we play about 15 gigs per year, which isn't so much. But it's okay for us, because of our work- and family-duties. So every gig is a big event for us and we give our best to make everytime a big party :D

10.Does the band have any tours or shows coming up if yes please tell the readers where you will be playing? Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?

The next gig is at our favourite place at the „AJZ Bahndamm“ in Wermelskirchen and we will share the stage with such awesome acts as Ecocide, Lifeless, Morbid Flesh and Funeral Whore. It will be a night to remember for sure :D After that we have a gig with Wound and Brutally Deceased in Wolfsburg and in December we contribute at a brutal Death Metal-concert in Paderborn. Until today we shared the stage with such awesome acts like Beheaded, Defeated Sanity, Possessed, Brutal Truth, Sadistic Intent, Dehumanized, Cruciamentum, Chapel of Disease, Orphalis, Arroganz, Tombthroat, Mass Infection, Putrid Pile, Cropment or, in May 2011, even with the mighty Morgoth! Not the worst list, uhh? :D

11.What does the term underground metal mean to you?

Underground means insurgency against the mainstream! Fuck trends, fuck moneymakers and followers! Underground means devotion and dedication to the music we love so much: Death fucking Metal!

12.Leimy you handle the vocals for the band when did you first become interested in singing/growling? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?

At the age of 16 I began to record my own growls while singing to some old Six Feet Under stuff. I did a little competition who sounds more brutal and who can growl deeper with an old friend and there we discovered our talent for this singing-style. I loved it to experiment with the voice and I always wanted to found my own Death Metal-band. Well, it took me 8 years until this dream come true, but better late than never ;) Before we rehearse or play a gig I always warm up my voice with 10 minutes of different vocal-warm-ups (I discovered them from the „zen of screaming“-DVD from Melissa Cross) which totally sounds strange and bothersome, but it really helps to pretend vocal-chord-damage! I only can recommend this to any extreme-singer!

13.Leimy who are some of your favorite vocalists? Do you currently play any other instruments?

My favourite vocalists are Jason Avery (Ex-Monstrosity), Chris Barnes (only the „Tomb of the mutilated/The Bleeding”-era), Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth, Ex-Bloodbath), Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Ex-Bloodbath), George Fisher (Cannibal Corpse) and Tommy Dahlström (Aeon, Defaced Creation). I tried out different instruments but I have no feeling for rhythm so I decided to let it be ;)

14.Leimy do you or any of the members of Reckless Manslaughter currently play in side bands? If yes please tell the readers a little about them?

At the moment only Chris, our bass-player, is playing in another band. The band is called „The Mystery“ and it is totally different to our stuff. It is melodic Heavy Metal with a female singer. Really not my kind of music ;)  Dennis used to play at the classic Doom Metal-band „For god's sake“ but they unfortunately disbanded last year without releasing their already recorded, really awesome album which was totally influenced by Candlemass or even Black Sabbath. Really a shame that it was never released....

15.Thank you Leimy for taking the time to fill out this interview do you have any final comments?

Thank you for the deep interview and the interest in our music! It means really much to us, that there are some people out there who are enjoying and supporting our stuff! Grind on and keep your eyes open for our

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