Monday, August 22, 2022

Deformatory--Harbringer cd,digital{Self-Released} Posted on 8-22-22


Coming out of Canada's death metal scene is Deformatory  with their newest EP.Harbringer is  four songs  of heavy and ferocious death metal at it's  finest.Charlie Leduc handles the vocal duties that are heavy death metal growls in their delievery.Charlie  also takes care of the guitars that are presented with a high level of skill and writing ability.The guitars are mainly played at a fast whirlwind style with some well written passages,Neil Grandy handles the drum duties for the band and does a masterful job behind the kit.Playing a mix of heavy,crushing drum  passages and some faster more complex drum patterns.The two members of Deformatory plays a uncomprimising death metal that blends a mix of crushing death metal with the members own writing ability to create a quality death metal release.            Deformatory contacts