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Interview With Prayer Of The Dying done by Patrick on 5-26-14

Greetings  here is a new  interview  with  a good  friend  and  band  from  Malta  Prayer Of The  Dying. Main man  of  this band Martin   ciappara   has doen  a great job  of writing excellent blackend death with traces   of  other  metal  influences 

Interview with Martin Ciappara of Prayer Of The  Dying done by Patrick   

1. Hails brother!! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please tell the   readers a little about yourself.

You’re  welcome my friend and thank you for your time. Well hmmmm! something about me. I am a very simple man who lives for my family and music. I don’t really care about anything else.

2. At what age did you first become interested in playing music? What was the first instrument you learned to play? Did you take lessons for the instruments or are you self taught? 

I think I was 10 when I got into music. I started learning guitar during religion lessons and funnily enough I started playing in churches heheheh. I learnt some chords  and some fucking hallelujah. But it was a start. I never took lessons, no, so the few things I know I learnt them on my own. And then I heard a guy playing drums and he let me try, and it was like a shock for me. I said this is my fucking thing man.

3. Are there any instruments  that you haven't learned to play  yet but you  want to ? 

Oh yes I would like to know how to play all the instruments in this world. But the most I would like to learn is the piano.

 4. Prayer Of The Dying is your main band that you have been working on for quite a few  years now. When did you get the idea to form Prayer Of The  Dying? How did you come up with the name for this project/band?

Prayer of the Dying was more or less always on my mind. But I never had the chance and the right people to do it with. And that is one of the reasons that Prayer is a one man band. It’s more personal like this, and I can do whatever I want. The idea came… I actually don’t remember where the name came from. But what it means to me is that, we have already started dying as soon as we are born. Sooner or later each one of us will beg his god to have mercy on him and not to let him suffer or die in this life. So this prayer belongs to each and every one of us.

5.For the  readers who have never heard the  band’s music how would you describe  the music of Prayer Of The Dying?

A lot of people say that this is a mixture of Black, Death and Doom. Well, I think they are right. But I actually write depending on what my mood is, at that particular moment, and what comes out comes out.

6.Martin you recently  released the bands new   cd  "Gods Failed Creation"  how long did  it  take you to write  the  songs for  this  release? How has  the  response been from the  fans  and the  press?

I am not sure, but I think it took me a year, more or less. However, I wasn’t working full time on the album. I had a lot more stuff to do, outside of Prayer of the Dying. The feedback was really great and I had a lot of good reviews so I can’t complain.

7.I  noticed on the  new cd you  had some  guest musicions  on Gods Failed Creation?  Is this your  first  time working with them?  Please introduce them to the  readers?

Yes, it’s the first time with most of them. There’s Daniel Bezzina who is the producer of this album. Daniel Bartolo, Patrik Carlsson from Anachronaeon, Elton Falzon from Thy Legion,  Simon Dimech -I worked with him before, I think he is in all Prayer o f the Dying’s releases. Jacobo Cordova from Majestic Downfall,  Atilla Kabak from Black Vulture, Richard Schierer from Dying Messiah, William Cauchi, Zatanic Tony Sundstrand from Demorian and Drifa Sigurdardottir. I would like to thank all of them, for the dedication shown on this album.

8.If you had the opportunity to  work with  any musicians [past or  present]  who would you  love to work with?

Man trust me, I worked with a lot of musicians in my life. I really don’t know which one. But I can tell you, that the musician I mostly worked with, is definitely Atilla Kabak.

9.On Gods Failed Creation  their is a song called "The Desert Inside"   featuring  some  female vocals. Is this your time  using  female vocals? Do you plan to use them on the next Prayer Of The Dying release? 

It actually was my producer’s (Daniel Bezzina)’s idea. He told me he could imagine a female voice in that track. He told me he has a friend, Drifa Sigurdardottir so Daniel arranged everything, and she made it happen. That was the first time I used a female vocalist but I don’t think it will be the last.

10.Martin in your opinion   what does the  underground mean to you? 

Well man. One word Everything!

11.i mentioned earlier  that you had some guest musicians  play  on the new cd.Have you ever thought of finding some  new people to join Prayer Of The  Dying to do live shows or do you prefer to stay a solo act? 

Some people always ask me this question. Prayer of the Dying was born as a solo project and that’s the way it will die. As for  live shows, I want to be honest. It has sometimes come to my mind, but it usually passes in a few seconds. So I don’t think there will be any live shows.

12.What do you  feel  are the  advantges and disadvantges  to being  a one man   band? 

The advantages are way too much to mention hehe and as for disadvantages, there is only one – the money. In a band you split everything. Whether it’s for the release of an album or promotion etc etc. In a one man band, you have to pay everything yourself. And trust me it’s not fucking easy. Sales are not so good. I do not get to cover half of the expenses. I am not doing this for money of course, but if you cover at least 3/4 of the expenses it would be much easier. Music is like having another family, so I have 2. And with today’s wages it’s very hard.

13.Besides Prayer Of The Dying  you   also  play in a couple of other  bands   can you please give the   readers  some information   on these bands? 

Yes. I am the drummer of Black Vulture, Sarratum, Luciferian Blood and Lustre. Something new is coming up but I can’t say any more because we need to try first and see if it works. Sadly, Sarrum and I have recorded the last track as Sarratum. He has decided to stop the band and I respect his decision. After all, he is the creator of Sarratum. Black Vulture have a new album on the way. I hope we release this beast soon! And I am recording some new tracks with Luciferian Blood. I think that’s all heheee.

14.Where  can people  buy your cd's  and merchandise?  

Just send me a message on facebook or e-mail me on

15.Well Martin we have come to the  end of  the interview thank you  again my friend  for  taking  the time  to fill this out. Do you have any final words for  the  readers?

Thanks to those who still believe in the underground. And of course those few sick followers of Prayer of the Dying.Cheers

Interview with Eskhaton done by Patrick 5-26-14

Eskhaton   come  out  of  the  mighty  Australian  scene playing   blackend  death metal.Their  new  CD "Worship Death"  was  just  released"  through Chaos  Rec. defintly a  great  cd  if you  love  blackend death metal.

Interview  with  Invokocide  Vocals  and  guitars  for  Eskhaton  done  by  Patrick
1.Hails Invokocide!  When did you all get the idea to create Eskhaton? How did you come up with the name for the band does it have a special meaning?
Hails maniacs, the idea for ESKHATON was back in 1999, but it wasn't till the arrival of Hammerkill around 2009 that we became the founding three members and began writing for the first recording.  ESKHATON is the end of all time and existence, the final point.  Total fucking DEATH.
2.What is the current line up of the band? For the readers who have never heard Eskhaton's music how would you best describe it?
INVOKOCIDE Vocals/Guitars, WHIRLWINDEAD Guitars, HAMMERKILL Drums, ABYSSNIL Bass.  ESKHATON is Bestial Death Metal of chaos and total fucking death, possessed by the evil spirit of the Death Deities to obliterate your soul.  Psychotic suffocating whirlwind horror, warping you through the eye of the storm into the ripping inferno.  Savage Chaos Death.   
3.Worship Death is the bands second cd how long did it take to write the songs for this release? Does the whole band work on music or does one or two members usually write everything?
The album 'Worship Death' was written during the nine months after 'Nihilgoety' and recorded at the end of those nine months.  Writing the music is a band effort, we work on riffs and drum beats together and other times riffs are written and shown to the rest. 
4.Who usually writes the lyrics for the band what are some subjects you all write about?
I write the lyrics, they are Total Death, SATAN, death deities, possession, death spells, darkness and chaos.     
5.How  has the  response  been from  the  fans?What  about  the press?
It has been well recieved. 
6.Does Eskhaton play live very often or do you prefer the studio? Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?
We played our first show last month 'When Terror Unites' fest which had a deadly lineup of bands over two nights.  We were on the Saturday night with TZUN TZU, LACERATION MANTRA, DESTRUKTOR and more.  We have a show this August in New Zealand for the maniacs over there, It will be a destructive night.  Full details soon.  We will organise more shows to unleash the whirlwind violence of chaos and death.
7.If you could set up a dream tour who are some bands {past or present} you would love to share the stage with?
As long as the bands are very heavy intensity, mostly Black / Death / Thrash bands. 
8.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene today? And what does the term Metal underground mean to you?
Best is the savage bands and worst is all the other bands.  Metal underground means that like Arkon, as he digs up the dirt, you will need to search for the metal corpse yourself.
9.You and the band come out of the Australian metal scene what is your opinion of the Australian scene?
There's fucking evil Death / Black / Thrash metal from the past to present and everything else can fuck off.  The horde is increasing.
10.Who are your all-time favorite Australian bands? Are their any new bands you can recommend to the readers?
SADISTIK EXEKUTION, BESTIAL WARLUST, ABOMINATOR.  I recommend before killing yourself, VOIDCHRIST a black metal band from Melbourne featuring a couple of the IGNIVOMOUS members. It is a dense dark assault of black anger.
11.Are you or any of the members of Eskhaton currently working/playing in other bands? If yes please tell the readers about them.
Abyssnil, who did join us late 2013, came from and is in the devastating monstrous death metal band IGNIVOMOUS.  Spewing hellfire they burn and crush you to the deep.
12.Invokocide you handle the vocals for the band when did you start singing/growling?Do you do anything special to keep your voice and throat  healthy?
I started when we did the 'Nihilgoety' recording in 2010.  Smoke pot, drink beer and invoke the dark ones screaming possession chants at the Moon. 
13.Who are some of your favorite singers?
Damon Bloodstorm, Rok, Mika Luttinen, Jeff Becerra, David Vincent and Mike Browning are some of my favourite vokillists from the early Death, Black period.
14.Invokocide you also handle the guitars for the band. When did you first become interested in playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you  take lessons?
The dark entities took hold of me around 1993 to become a Metal guitarist.  I had some lessons for the first couple of years and then went self taught. 
15.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?
Trey Azagthoth, Richard Brunelle, Sandy, Reverend Kriss Hades, Joe Skullfucker and Warslut amongst others, for their twisted warped guitar work that sends you to hell in absolute insanity.  On all the recordings I did the Bass work for some songs.
16.Well Invokocide thank you for taking the time to fill this Interview out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?
'Worship Death' is released by Chaos Records from Mexico, with the pure evil artwork of Cesar Valladares.  RIP your head off your shoulders.  Obliteration is upon you.

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Interview with Pact done by Patrick on 5-20-14

Here is another  interview  with the mighty U.S Black metal band  'Pact'  their second cd  is out on the mighty Moribund Records 
Patrick and Ode To War  web-zine

1.Hails Hag  When did you  all form  Pact? What is the  current line-up?  For  the  readers who have never heard Pact  how do you  describe your music?
.Pact was formed in early 2006,our current lineup is T on drums,Wretch and Dirge on guitars and myself,our music is sonic black magick,very intense and extreme,symbolic of pushing beyond ones self imposed limitations.

2.Pact recently  released  their second  cd  "The Infernal Hierachies Penetrating The Threshold Of Night" how long did it take for  the band to write the songs for the release? 

Somewhere between 6 to 8 months.  We had recruited a bass player during the writing process, so we spent time rehearsing with him, which in retrospect sucks because he exited before his first show.

3.Who usually  writes the lyrics for the band? Where do you  all draw inspiration?
I write the lyrics with inspiration derived from ritual black magick,spiritual alchemy and the life which I choose to immerse myself into,a world of occult experience and heightened consciousness,nature,solitude and darkness.

4.How has the  response been from  the  fans and  the press?

 .Everything has been positive,the fans really seem to appreciate what we are doing,everybody is extremely supportive.

5.Does Pact  play very many shows/tours?  Who are some bands you  all have shared the  stage with? 

5/6As far as shows,yes,we will be playing some venues and festivals as well,just beginning to emerge,we have played with Demonic Christ,Krieg,Ptahil,Church Burn,Bestial Mockery and a lot of great underground bands as well,July 26th we will headline Grimscape 2014 in Baltimore Md and also Wrath of The Goat III on September 19th and 20th,alongside Kult of Azazel and labelmates Wormreich.
7Are you or any member of pact working with side projects or bands? If yes  please tell the readers about them  
.Right now our main point of focus is Pact,though there are other projects we take part in as well.

8.what does black metal mean to you

Black metal is the genre of music that stands in defiance of herd mentality and in particular,of American pop culture,the aim,to destroy the sheeple and their false vision of Christos as the Jewish redeemer,crushing the religious moralist's ideal and usurping the individualist!!! He whom stands on his own,and by his own will shall it be done!!!

9.what is your opinon of  the U.S.B.M Scene   ?Who are your all-time favorite  U.S bands?

 There are no doubt some great bands in the US scene like Inquisition,Kult of Azazel and Nachtmystium,however,material such as older Deicide and Morbid Angel appeal to me more,though they are said to be death metal bands,their ideals once stood for something more,they are definitely among my favorites.

10.Are    their any new bands or projects you think the readers should watch out for?
We mainly listen to a lot of older stuff!!!!

11.Hag     you are thevocalist for the band.When did you become interested  in  singing? Who are some of your favorite vocalists? Do you  play any other instruments?
I became interested in singing at a rather young age,maybe 8 or so,my brother is also a heavy metal musician,he is 11 years my elder,I always looked up to him and would watch his band practice at rehearsal,that was in the days of Maiden and Priest,early Megadeth and,Metallica and Belladonna era Anthrax,if I had to pick some of my favorite vocalists,I would have to say Dickenson,Halford,Dio and Robert Plant,I also play drums and guitar as well.

12.Well thank you  for taking  the time to do this  interview  do you have any final comments for  the readers?

The world is your Will to Power,Hail!!!!!!!

Interview With Killgasm done by Patrick on 5-20-14

Killlgasm  released their  second cd  "A Stab In The Heart Of Christ"  through Moribund  rec.  defintly a worthy  cd if your a fan  of blackend Grind

Interview  with  Kuntslaughter  vocals for  Killgasm   done by Patrick 

1.Metal hails KuntSlaughter  how are things  going with you? Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.
You're welcome. Doing great, thanks for asking
2.When did you first meet the other members of Killgasm? What is the  current line up for the band? For the  readers who have never  heard Killgasm how would you describe your sound? 
Myself on drums and lead vocals, Corpse-Bukkake on bass and backing vox, and Nekrotiis on guitar. Me and the bass player have known each other since we were teenagers and the guitarist we knew from his band Rotten Funeral. We knew him for many years from shows but didn't enlist his help to join Killgasm until 2009 when we needed a new guitar player. Our sound is us trying to play black metal, death metal and grind all at once and it comes out sounding like a whirlwind of chaos, hate and violence (whether that is a good or bad thing is up to you).
3.Killgasm recently released their  second cd  "A Stab In The Heart Of Christ" how long did it take you all to write  the  songs for this release?
About 2-3 years. We used to pump out releases (splits, demos, eps) every year but after our 2011 full-length we were tapped out for a while and we were really slow at writing the 10 songs that are on this new album.
4.Who usually writes  the  lyrics  for Killgasm what are  some topics/subjects you all write  about?

Satan, pussy, the extermination of the human race.... umm...That's about it. Well I guess also we got 1 song about the wrestler Chris Benoit that murdered his wife and child. And another about a tank that is powered by hell and uses Christian blood for fuel. We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here or anything though.
5.How has the  response been so far to "A stab In the heart of Christ"  from  the  fans  and  the press?
I don't know, as of writing this it still isn't out so we haven't got any feedback. What do YOU think of it? Personally, I think it's the best shit we've written so far and all the other cliche' shit bands say when they're promoting a new album. But really, we have progressed so much in the past 4-5 since getting our current guitarist. Our writing and playing has gotten so much better that I'm truly impressed with what we've accomplished and we're finally playing the exact music we want to hear which has been one of the main goals all along.
6.KuntSlaughter  you  handle  the  vocals for the band when did you first start singing?  Who are some of your favorite singers?

I hope you're using the term "singing" loosely. I've been doing death metal/black metal vocals since I was in high school. It's been nearly a decade and a half since then but I think I've gotten a little better. My absolute favorite vocalist is Lord Worm from Cryptopsy. I also really like Legion from Marduk, The Black Lourde from Grand Belial's Key/Crucifier, Matti Way from Disgorge, Helmkamp from Revenge/Angelcorpse. Shit, just realized all my favorite vocalists aren't even in the bands anymore.
7.Do you  play any other  instruments?
No, just drums. I can sort of play bass too but so can anyone.
8.Does  Killgasm play live very often who  are some bands you  have shared  the  stage with?
Yeah we usually play around the west coast throughout the year if we're invited to a good show or a good touring band needs help booking something in our city. Some of our favorite bands we've had the privilege of sharing the stage with include Urgehal, Anal Cunt, Impiety, Dodsferd, Putrid Pile, Vehemence, Guttural Secrete, Drawn & Quartered, Insect Warfare, Ghoul and Kommandant and among many others!
9.Does Killgasm  have any tours planned?  who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?If you could set up a dream tour who are some bands [past or present] you
would love to tour with?
No tours set up at the moment. We just have our CD release show at the end of May with Icon of Phobos and an outdoor festival in the woods called Festum Carnis in early June with Nunslaughter, Inquisition and a shitload of other great and up and coming bands.
A "dream tour" would be us with Blasphemy, Incantation, and Grand Belial's Key. Those bands don't really tour though and our styles are pretty different than theirs so a dream is likely all that would every be. Those are some of our absolute favorite bands though that we would be honored to share the stage with.
10.What does  black metal  mean to you? 
Evil, hate and cold, vicious riffs. There are so many bands of varying styles and lyrical content that fall under the black metal umbrella now a days but if it at least has parts of those elements in it chances are I will enjoy it.
11.Killgasm come out of California's metal scene what is your opinion of California metal scene?

Well I can only really speak for Northern California as it is such a huge state and Southern California is so far away from us. When we started this band and for most our existence the black metal scene up here had very few bands of this style and a lot would break up or fade away. But just in the past couple years several new black metal bands have popped up that sound great and are helping put this region on the map. Most of those bands will be sharing the stage with us at Festum Carnis in June.
12.Who are some of your all-time favorite California bands? Are their any new bands coming out of  California  that you feel people  should check out soon?

My absolute favorite is Chronaexus. They have an album out on Buriedinhell Records (the same label we started out on) and just released a new split with Dodsferd. Check them out online somewhere...very bleak and haunting stuff! Other great black metal/black death bands from nearby and surrounding areas are Xenotaph, Torture Chamber, Miasmic, Azathoth, Fiends at Feast, Plague Phalanx, Bloodfog, Black Fucking Cancer, Pale Chalice, Valdur and Cyanic. There's a few more too I think I might be forgetting or have broken up. But if you come to any black metal show in NorCal chances are you will be seeing one of those a fore mentioned bands on the bill. Also check out our side project Rotten Funeral which our guitarist does the vocals for.
13.Thank you  for taking the time to do this interview is their anything you would like to add  before we close the interview?
You're welcome. Please correct my spelling and grammar if I made any mistakes

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New Reviews Done by Patrick on 5-16-14

Here  are  a bunch  of  Reviews  from  every genre  I love hopefully  you  will see and buy some  releases from  these  great  bands  and  Labels .

Arkona--Yav   (Napalm  Record} 
Russia's  Arkona    have  released  their new  cd  Yav through the mighty  Napalm Rec. Yav  is  defintly   their  best  work to  date mixing in metal and  folk  infuences together.Masha "scream" does the vocals for the band  and what  a great  vocalist  she is  she mixes  in clean  singing  with some  whispering type of  vocals  and  even some  growls and screams.The band  has never  sounded better mixing in some fast to mid paced metal  with a lot of  folk and pagan  instruments.If your  a fan of Arkona   then definitely pick this one up  as soon as  possible. 

                                                                   label  contact

Cemetary  Lust-Orgies  Of  Abomination   cd/Lp   {Hells Headbangers  Rec.}
Portland Oregon's  Cemetary Lust release  their first release through Hell's headbangers  {their second  release all together} Cemetary Lust  play  old-school thrash with some punk influences as well.The guitars  are  played at  extremely  fast with some  wild and crazy riffs  in the mix..The drumming is top notch  with some extremely well  played  blast beats  and more mid-paced  pounding drums.The vocalist has some  really good  screams and  deeper vocals/screams.This is a great  thrashing punk  release  by Cemetary  Lust that anyone into  old school thrash or punk  should get this  soon.
                                                                                            Label   Contact 

Dust Bolt--Awake The  Riot  cd  {Napalm Records}
Dust Bolt is a young  German band  that  has a lot  of  talent and creative  ideas  but ccan still play  a really vicious  thrash  tune.Dust Bolt seem to have influences  from both  Germany and the U.S  thrash scenes.Incredible fast  guitars with some  killer solo's  mixed in.The drumming is relentless,with a lot of vicious  beats.The vocals  are  done with a lot of  power  and force  fierce screams that are done  very good.If your a  fan  of early  german and  American thrash  then you should  defintly pick this one up.

                                                                               Label  Contact

Eskhaton--Worship  Death   {Chaos  Rec.}
Australian metal  has never  let me  down before  and it  doesn't  now  with Eskhaton .Eskhaton  release  their second  cd  "Worship Death" through Chaos  records.Eskhaton  play old-school  death metal the way its  supposed to be  played heavy and loud.The guitarist  does a great  job keeping  a balance between  heavy  mid-paced riffs and the faster riffs with some solo's mixed in.The drummer is violent and pounding  on his kit  with  some great  drumming and pounding  the drum kit into  oblivion.The vocalist does a great job of  brutal death growls and some deeper grwls mixed in a few of the songs.This is a must  have for  anyone  into vicious  and violent Australian  death metal.                                                
                                                                           Label  Contact 

Erebus  Enthroned---Temple Under  Hell   {W.T.C/Séance  Rec.}
 This  is  Erebus Enthroned  second  release  Temple Under Hell  the band comes  out of the  mighty  Australian scene.Erebus Enthroned  play black metal  violent and fast  drumming is done great  with a lot  of  talent  and experience.The guitarist  is brutal and insane  with some really great  riffs.The vocals are kinda  drowned out but you can still hear  them  with black metal  screams  and some   shrieks.If your  a fan of extreme and brutal black metal  then pick this  up soon
                                                                                 Labels  Contacts
                                                                          (for the LP}
Funest--Desecrating Obscurity  Cd {Memento Mori}
This  is the debut  cd from Italy's Funest .Funest  play  heavy,old-school  death metal.Funest do speed  up with fast raging guitars and drums but do know  how to  slow it down to a more mid-paced range.Crushing  fast guitars  with some  really good drumming  that goes  from  mid-paced to  fast blasting beats.The vocalist does a great job  with the  death growls  similar to  Autopsy  and early  nineties  bands. A great  release if your  a  fanatic   for  old-school death metal.
                                                                                     Label Contact  
Horrid--Sacrilegious Fornication  cd  {dunkelheit  Produktion}
Formed in 1989  Italy's  Horrid  have stood  the  test of time  Horrid play  death metal in  the  old-school vein.Semi fast guitars with some really cool  memorable and catchy riffs.The  drummer  is  also excellent with  the  drums  playing fast  with a lot  of  heavy mid-paced drumming.The vocals  are  heavy death metal growls with some  rawer death growls.This is a great  release  and anyone  into  old-school death metal  needs this  now.
                                                                          Label Contact 
Hrizg--Individualism  cd   {Moribund  Records}
 Hrizg  come out  of  the  U.S black metal scene  and  have released one of the best  cd's of the  year.Individualism is  the second cd  released by the one man band  which was written very well grim,mid-paced  blackness  with touches  of atmosphere  in some of the  songs.Their are a few tracks  that speed up and go for  blood but  mainly  Hrizg is a mid-paced black metal band.If you  heard the  band's  debut cd  and  didn't care  for it  give this one a shot and see if your mind changes.
                                                                             Label  Contact

 Infest--Cold Blood War   cd  {Xtreem  Music}
Infest  are  from Serbia  and have  released  their  fourth  cd  "Cold Blood War" If you have never  heard  Infest you are missing  some great  thrash metal  with some early 90's death metal influences.Fierce and vicious  guitars  that really  hit  the mark  with their speed and aggression.The drumming is  some of the  fastest and  greatest  drumming I've heard  the  vocals are done  with a lot of  great  screams and  gruff vocals.This  is a  must hear  if your a fan  of early to mid 80's  thrash and early death metal
                                                                 Label   Contact
The  Lustmord--Trapped  In  Purgatory  Mcd (Lustmord Entertainment}
This  is The Lustmord  from Phoenix,AZ  return with a brand new e.p  six songs of  blackend death metal.The vocals are done with sheer force  growls with some  really wicked sounding  black metal screams.The  guitars are done extremely  well with some  really well thought out riffs and few solo's.The drums  are  crazy and wild  but  also  a lot of talent  and speed.The Lustmord  plays a really good  mix of black and  death metal  defintly  worth a listen  if your a fan of blackend death metal
                                                                                 Band Contact
Mass  Infection--For I Am Genocide   {Comatose  Rec.}
 Greece  has had a lot of  great  metal bands over  the  years in  most  metal genre's.Mass Infection is  no  different playing brutal,death metal .The guitars  are  done extremely tight  with some  mid-paced riffs  when they need it but mostly  playing at insane  speeds.Vocals  are vicious death growls with some  deeper vocals.The drumming is non stop blast beats with  some  very well played  mid paced  drumming.This is a good release  if your a fan  of the extreme and brutal  death metal.
                                                                                     Label Contact
Morbo--Addicted To Musicial  Dissection  cd  {Memento Mori}
Morbo  has  released  their debut  cd  "Addicted To Musical Dissection".Morbo  are defintly  old-school  fanatics  but play a little faster  then  most of the early bands who stayed within  the  mid-paced range .The  guitars are  played  with a lot of  intense and furious  riffs.drumming is also done  with a lot of speed and aggression  but the  band is  not all speed and aggression their are some really great  guitar  riffs and drum patterns.The vocals are screams with the gruff styled vocals  and their are some death growls  mixed in  as well.Morbo  have created a good  death metal  release totally worth  the money.
                                                                                Label  Contact
Sacrocurse--Unholier  Master   LP   {Iron Bonehead Rec}
Sacrocurse  play  violent and crazed  old-school brutal death.Ultra fast  drumming  that  is  top notch  with thunderous  beats.The guitars are  chaotic but done very well with a lot  of creative  and talent.The vocals are  deep growls  with some  raspy  vocals entertwined in.Iron Bonehead is  releasing the  LP version  and Hells Headbangers  is doing  the  cd/Lp but  not sure  when  the  Hells Headbanger's is  going  to  release  the  cd  so if you  can't  wait  then  get your copy today  from  Iron Bonehead  Rec.
                                                                          Label  Contact
Septuagint---Negative  Void  Trinity  Mcd  {Forever  Plagued Rec}

 This    is  the  debut  Mcd  from  Greece's  Septuagint   very heavy black metal with some faster tempo's  but never goes to chaotic.The drumming is done  with some  great  drum patterns and  beats  the  guitarist  plays with a lot  of talent and  creativity.The vocalist  is just as good with  blackend shrieks  and screams this is a  great Greek  black metal band. defintly worth checking out  if your a fan  of   Greek black metal
                                                                              Label  Contact 
Verberis---Vastitas    cassette  {Iron Bonehead Rec}
Verbis  are a new  band  to  my  ears  from  New Zealand   and what  a great  release.Verberis  play  heavy  old-school  type of death metal.Fast blasting drums  the guitarist is extremely fast.The guitarist does know  how to slow it down  on a few tracks  with some great riffs and solo's.Drumming is  chaotic  but at the same time done extremely  well played.Verberis is a really  good band  can't  wait to hear their  next offering. 
                                                                                                     Label  Contact 
 War Master--Blood Dawn  Mcd (self-released}
War Master have  released  their  new Mcd  Blood Dawn E.P  four  songs  of  brutal,old-school  death metal  at  it's best.heavy,fast  guitars  that  are  done really good.The guitarist  has a lot  of talent and great  riffs with some excellent solo's.Drumming is top notch  as well with mid-paced to  all out fast drumming .This  is a great  release  of  tight death metal.
                                                                                                                        Band   Contact 

Interview with Italy's Fornace done by Patrick done 5-16-14

Interview  with  Possessed  bassist  for   Fornace  done  by Patrick

1.Metal Hails  Possessed !!  When did you all get  the idea to form  Fornace?  What is  the  current line up?

Hails Patrick and thanks for your interview!  I formed Fornace in 2000 with Gnoll (drums and vocals). During all these years musicians went and go, now I'm the only original member. After the departure of Gnoll (2008) I found a complete line up with which we recorded Fornace's first full lenght album "Pregnant is the night". Actually from that line up only me and Mastiff members are Sadomaster on the guitar and Sorg Krieg on drums.

2.For the  readers who have never heard  Fornace  how would you  describe  the  music?
Fornace have Always played black metal...during the years my influences and the contribution of new members have led to sound more dark and evil. Our 3 demo tape (Highest Towers in 2002, The man who wanted change the world in 2004, The awakening in 2007) were more hellenic black metal (old Rotting Christ, Varathron..) with some Death metal influences. With Pregnant is the night is added a new approach more evil, melanchonic and epic.(inspired by Denial of god, Horna, Sargeist...); this new approach will be emphasized on the next album.

3.Fornace  recently  released their cd  "Pregnant Is The  Night"   through  the mighty Paragon  Rec.How long  did it  take you all to write the songs  for this release?
Originally the album was released for the russian Autodafe productions in digipack with other artwork (2012). Paragon records wanted to re-release in 2013 and did a great work!!!
About the release we spent more time in studio during the mixing rather than create songs because it' s natural writing studio we had different visions about the final result and it was not easy to find the final sounds. I have to say that I'm not so satisfied about it because it's not so evil enought, but it's sure that for the up coming new album things will be better!
4.Does the whole band work  on the music or does one or two of you usually write  everything?  Who usually writes  the  lyrics for the band?  What are some subjects/topics you all write about?

)Generally I write riffs and prepare the songwriting alone, I also know how it will be the drums. Even Mastiff has great riffs, his contribution is growing, he also dedicate to harmonizations, it's really a great musician!
For the demo tapes lyrics were written by me, on Pregnant is the night" were written by Morrigan our ex vocalist (except for the title track written by me) and on the next album are written by me and Sirol (the vocalist after Morrigan).
My lyrics deal with individualism, evilness, desperation, Morrigan were more inspirated by Paganism.

5.Does Fornace play  live  very often?Are their  any tours in support of "Pregnant Is The  Night" coming up?
After the release of "Pregnant is the night" half of the members Leaves Fornace for which no tour was possible. In previous years we played about 20 live gigs. It's a great experience to do concerts, but I realized that playing in front of people who don't understand anything about black metal is inconvenient. Also in Italy the concerts are organized by organizations that prefer their friendships or worse bands who pay money to play and we do not want to have anything to do with it...I believe in meritocracy, not in the right knowledges of mafious systems.

6.Who are some bands you all have   shared the stage with? If you  could set up a dream show/tour  who are some bands you would love to  play with?
The most famous bands with which we played are Taake (Nor) and Azaghal (Fin). I also had the pleasure of playing with Imago mortis and the true endless, historic italian bands that I like and support. If I could choose a band to make a tour surely would choose Denial of god, no doubt!!!


7.Are you  or any of the members  of  Fornace  currently  working with  side-projects or  other bands? If yes  please tell the  readers about them?

No, I haven't side projects. I played long with the mighty Movimento d'avanguardia ermetico and I recorded with them Ignis, Stelle senza luce and the split " i sentieri della tradizione". Now I will back to play with them for the next album.
Mastiff help many bands to do concerts, it's a kind of session member, and our new drummer Sorg krieg play also in Schwarz pest and Herjan, two underground black metal bands in the city of Torino.
8.What does Black Metal mean to you? 

Black metal means to be a Wolf among the sheeps, is to follow your instincts, believe in our own strenght, means individualism. Musically I want to believe in a form of art where darkness ,melanchony, hate, despair, pride, epicity blend together.
9.You and the band come out of the  mighty   Italian  scene  what is your  opinion  on Italy's  metal scene? 

I do not know what you mean for "mighty italian scene"...I do not follow the scene for the reasons I told you before about the possibility of emergence of a band compared to other only by by the knowledge of the "right people" or because they pay an agency...anyway there are still great bands that are not involved in this corrupt system and who will be remembered for their music; some are split up, some active and I hope that in the future there will be still bands who believe in the true spirit underground black metal.

10.Who are  some of your  all-time  favorite  Italian bands? Are their any new bands you  feel  the readers  should check out?

In the past we had great bands like Death ss, Bulldozer, Mortuary drape, Necrodeath, Negazione, Handful of hate,, Necromass...most of them are still active but (some of them) now are different from their early years...The mighty bands I recommend are: Movimento d' avanguardia ermetico, Sarghnagel, Vacuum, Enthroning silence, Tenebrae in perpetum, Beatrik, Near, Altar of perversion, Imago mortis, The true endless, Khephra, Malakhor, Kult. Surely I forgot Others great italian bands...

11.Thank you  Possessed  for taking  the time to do  this  interview  do you  have any final comments for  the  readers?
Thank you Patrick for this interview! soon our new album "My journey is ending but the torment will be eternal" will be finish, and believe me it will be the best release ever done from Fornace. I want to say to the Readers to support the underground, do not download mp3, buy records, cds, tapes and go to concerts!
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Enthroned Interview done by Patrick 5-16-14

Metal Hails!
Here is a new  interview  with  Enthroned  from  Belgium   that are  getting ready to release their tenth  cd  "Sovereigns"  through Agonia  Records
enjoy  the  interview  and  please tell everyone  that  Winter Torment  has a new   blogger
More  reviews,Interviews  will be  posted  very  soon

Interview with Nornagast vocalist and  guitarist    of Enthroned   done  by  Patrick 

1.Hails!! Nornagest , how are things going with you this week? Please give a history of Enthroned ..

Ave! Really a busy week here, tons of work, practice with my two bands (Enthroned and Goat Torment), concerts etc... as for our history, the band was created under the name of Enthroned in 1993 (existed as another entity, Morbid Death since 1987), we released 10 studio albums, 2 demos, 2 ep’s, 1 mini album and one live album, band split up with original vocalist in 2007, and celebrated 21 years of existence, 20 after the first release this year. More details on our web site.

 2.Enthroned  recently  released their new  cd "Sovereigns" through the mighty Agonia Rec. How long did it  take you all to write and record the songs for this release?

The whole process went actually fast, seems we had some kind of revelation all at once in this band... it maybe took 4 months in total to complete the album from the composition to the recording, in this case I guess having your own recording studio helps a lot!

 3.Who usually  writes the lyrics for the band? What are some subjects you all wrote about on the new cd?

I write all the lyrics, except now and then, when a close friend has something that belongs to the concept I’m working on at that moment. Sometimes I ask one of those close ones to write something about an experience they had and if they want to share it. Our concept is turning generally around the Occult/ Satanism in what is it in its pure sense without any exaggeration or fantasy added to it like most Black metal band do, we have some traces of hermetic philosophies as well as Typhonian depending who or what experiences we went through and to which experience the lyrics are referring to. The concept of “Sovereigns” in kind of complex to get especially for someone who is not into the Occult, Satanism, Goetia etc... Even then some might interpret it as fiction or simply misunderstand them in the core of their true essence, but it is absolutely not the case. We are dealing here with another perspective upon things, until now our lyrics were based upon us, how we see things, deal with them, learn from them and what we learn from them. In this chapter we see all those things from “their” point of view, these views being interpreted regarding the experiences we had with some of those entities or someone of undoubted reliable source had with one or more of them. Eight of them are given the pen, if I can say it like this, on “Sovereigns”. The title doesn’t mean that we see them as our rulers or our Sovereigns, but as the monarchs in their own domain, field and attributes. “Sovereigns” could as well be interpreted as our sovereignty upon our own career, not upon other bands etc..; that would be rather arrogant and ridiculous, not that I consider myself lower than anyone else but after 21 years of existence we conquered many adversities, time and fate itself, so it can also be seen that way.


4.How do you feel Enthroned music has changed over the years?  For the readers who have never heard Enthroned how would you describe the  music?

Enthroned plays Black Metal, brutal, intense with some atmospheres properly related to its lyrical content. The band went through several stage of evolution while remaining faithful to its original style, evolved into an entity with a touch of its own I would say.

5.Does Enthroned have any tours  planned for  "Sovereigns" if yes where are some countries you all will be playing?  Who are some bands you will be touring with?

We are planning several tours and concerts, some shows with Mgla from Poland, a tour in South America with my other band Goat Torment, some dates in the US, some shows in Brazil and Central America and some dates in Europe for the end of the year.

7.What does Black Metal mean to you?
Metal based music with a Satanic/ Occult theme. In our case I see more Enthroned, it is my personal point of view, more a part of the Occult than Black metal due to our message but it is strictly my own personal point of view. 

8.Who are your all time favorite Belgium bands? Are there any new bands you  have checked out lately that you feel the readers should as well?

Back in the old days I loved bands such as Black Sheppherd, Crossfire, Asphyxia, Ostrogoth and Cyclone, they were excellent yet underrated bands. In this actual scene, there are really good bands such as Emptiness, Cult of Erinyes, Goat Torment, Amenra, Pek, Sardonis, The Reckoning...


9.Nornagest, you handle the guitars for the band at what age did you  start  playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when first starting out?

I started by playing bass actually when I was 12, then switched to guitars when I became 14/15.
I’m completely self taught, never took any lessons, I always saw it as a feeling killer; most teachers force their own style unto you and it kills most of your own touch. 

10.Who would you say are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?

Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Slash, Tommy Iommi, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Jimmy Page, I was quite amazed by Axel Rudi Pell but I really do not like his band to be honest, KK Downing and Glenn Tipton.
11.And you also handle the vocals. When did you first  start singing? Who are some of your  influences/favorite singers?

I started when I was 12 with my first band Heresia,  it was pretty crap to be honest. After this except for Enthroned, I’ve always been the vocalist in the bands I played with (except for a few session/ guest appearances) now, I just play guitars in Goat Torment, and studio/ composition with Enthroned, since a tendinitis doesn’t allow me to perform long sets anymore. My favourite singers are Freddie Mercury, Bruce Dickinson, Attila, David Eugene Edwards, Nick Cave, Vorphalak, Ihsahn, Arioch, Lisa Gerrard, Diamanda Galas, Rob Halford, Nocturno Culto, Tomas Pettersson from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Triore.

12.Well  thank you for taking the  time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanx for the interview! Khep’r!