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Vultur--Drowned In Gangrenous Blood cd{Memento Mori} posted on 9-28-19

Vultur--Drowned In Gangrenous Blood  cd{Memento Mori}
Greece's Vulture are a band who plays a great style of old school death metal.Drowned In Gangrenous Blood is the bands second full length featuring eight songs of vintage,pure death metal intensity. The guitars are played with mid paced patterns that do speed up to a faster pace in some of the tracks.The guitarist does compose and write memorable passages even adding some well performed solo's throughout the music.The vocals are old-school death metal growls and some deeper growls are used in a few of the tracks.If you are a fan of well composed and executed death metal then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Drowned In Gangrenous Blood when it is released.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Interview with Jim R. vocalist and instruments of Empire Of Hate done by Patrick posted on 9-17-19

1.Hails Jim how are things going in Greece these days?Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hails Patrick and thank you for the interview the things are going quite good here in Greece , so I’m Jim I play all the instruments in my one man band call Empire of Hate and also playing bass for Nachtfrost.

2.When did you first discover black metal and who were some of the first bands you listened to?Are their any current bands that have caught your attention?

If I remember right I was fifteen or sixteen when a friend of mine recommend me some bands and give a somberlain cassette so then I discover Immortal Windir Darkthrone Emperor you now the classic stuff , the last year I listen a lot atmospheric black metal bands like Pure Wrath (a really awesome band from Indonesia) Thy light, Cult of Fire , Grima.

3.When did you first get the idea to start Empire Of Hate and are satisfied with how things have progressed with the band so far?How did you choose Empire Of Hate as the band name?

Well the idea of a black metal project was running into my mind since I first heard this music but the ignite which gave it flesh and bones was an argument with my past thrash metal band where I played the guitar, eventually we split up and then the idea of making that project real and the name of the band came up (I was full of rage those days) and became this which is now Empire of Hate. I can tell that Im really happy with the progress of the album especially if you think that this my first record ever.

4.Jim I believe you are the sole member of the band did you plan to work alone or would you like to find more musicians to make a full line-up?

I was thinking of having a full line up but this will be only for a few shows but for the studio work I shall keep it personal and work alone.

5.What do you feel is the easiest and hardest part about being a one man band?

You know when you are alone some things can be faster and easier you are just record your songs without waiting some that came late in studio for example and the pressure its less I can tell but in the other hand when the music isn’t your main job the cost of production can be really high.

6.The Ancient Mysteries is the debut release how long did it take you to write the music for the debut release?
Except the Sysyphus that was one of the first songs that I ever wrote the rest of the album took one year to write it but I had some previous ideas.

7.Where did you draw inspiration for the lyrics and what are some topics and subjects you wrote about?

You know in Greece even the smallest village has at least an Ancient ruin so the inspiration came from the things that surround me the tails the ancient myths and History I used some of them as the theme in the album lyrics such as the Sysyphus ,Prometheus and Pandora’s box myths.

8.I believe the debut release is a digital-release are their any plans to do a physical release soon or do you prefer digital releases these days?Where can the readers buy the debut release?

To say the truth I believe that must be an equilibrium between digital and physical copies I believe that the music must be free for everyone so here the digital helps more the physical copies in the other side when someone wants to support a band can buy the physical copy and add it in his collection , I have made some copies that can be found in the bands Facebook page and Bandcamp in digital and physical form.

9.Besides the debut release The Ancient Mysteries are their any plans for new merchandise coming out soon?

I would really want to do some t-shirts but this is a future plan.

10.Empire Of Hate comes out of the Greek black metal scene what is your opinion of Greece's black metal scene over the years?

Surely I can tell that the Greek scene has some serious musicians that make a really amazing job and I can tell that things are better than the 90s because many new talented musician with great musical knowledge and amazing inspiration coming out every year and you can find a lot of little gems.

11.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Greece and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Some of my all time favorites are bands that give their lead to the Greek black metal scene as Rotting Christ , Varathron and Twilight . Now from the young blood I highly recommend the Human Serpent , Nihilism and Sanguis Profanum.

12.Are their honest.reliable labels or distro's in Greece that you could recommend to the readers?

The labels and distros that come to my mind are Floga records and Rock of Angels records , Empire Vinyl-CD-DVD and the nephelim strore.

13.When you need take a break from working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

I really enjoy to discover new bands reading lot of books (I’m really a lot into Lovecraft’s myology and Tolkien’s world) and hiking in forests and mountains playing some pc games and chilling around with friends (included my cat) and drinking some good beer.

14.Thank you Jim for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you to Patrick for including me on the webzine, support your local scene and stay metal.
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Monday, September 16, 2019

Idolatry--In Nomine Mortis cd{Humanitys Plague Prod.} posted on 9-16-19

Idolatry--In Nomine Mortis cd{Humanitys Plague Prod.}
Coming out of the Canadian black metal scene is Idolatry with their newest full length in Nomine Mortis.The new release contains a very well written and performed intro and nine tracks of harsh yet well performed black metal intensity.The music is a mix of fast and crazed blackend metal but the band does perform some more structured mid paced patterns entertwined into the music.The vocals are a mix of raw black metal screams and some gruff growls and hollering are used in a few of the songs.The guitar work is done with both extremely fast and chaotic guitar patterns but do slow to a more calm guitar passages.If you are looking for a band that cobines both harsh black metal with some classier well composed black metal then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of In Nomine Mortis today.
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Atra Mors--Dominate Upon The Throne Of Might cd{Humanitys Plague Prod.}Posted on 9-16-19

Atra Mors--Dominate Upon The Throne Of Might cd{Humanitys Plague Prod.}
Atra Mors are a two man band with members coming out of Italy and the U.S.A.Upon The Throne Of Might is the bands third full length featuring eight songs of dark and grim black metal.Musically the band plays a very cold early 90's style black metal style.Each of the instruments are played with skill and raw guitar patterns and passages.The music for the most part is played in the mid paced to slower black metal with some faster parts used in a few of the songs.The vocals are grim black metal shrieks and raw blackend screams are used in some of the tracks.The vocalist even uses some deeper growlish screams that fit the music perfectly.Atra Mors plays a very cold and grim black metal and they do it right highly recommended to faans of black metal.
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Friday, September 13, 2019

Interview with Exhumed done by Patrick posted on 9-13-19

Interview with Exhumed done by Patrick

1.Hello please introduce yourself to the readers?
Hey there, I'm Matt Harvey, guitarist / vocalist of Exhumed (among others!).

2.When did you first start listening to death metal and who were some of the first bands you listened to?Who are some current bands that have caught your attention?
I first began to get the idea that Death Metal was its own thing, separate from Thrash bands like Sodom, Kreator, Slayer etc, in 1989, when records like Slowly We Rot and Leprosy were in heavy rotation among me and my handful of weirdo friends. I was 13 at the time, and becoming disenchanted with how “nice” a lot of the Thrash records were getting at the time. Early on we heard Death, Bathory, Obituary, Necrophagia, Napalm Death and bands like Autopsy, Carcass, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Carnage, Bolt Thrower and many others soon followed. By 1991, we were digging mostly Eps from American bands like Mortician, Incantation, Deceased, Goreaphobia and more underground stuff like Impetigo, Blood, Sore Throat, Repulsion, Master, etc. There is a bumper crop of good Death Metal happening right now. Some of my favorites are Ruin, Necrot, Aseptic, Mortuous, Skeletal Remains, Gorephilia, Cemetery Filth, Lantern, Lago, Fluids, Tomb Mold, among many others I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment.

3.Exhumed was started back in 1990 when did you first get the idea to start this band?

Well, among our group of metalhead friends, we were always discussing doing a band, and I was kind of the leader of this whole idea. Some friends and I used to do covers of songs like “Bombenhagel,” “Regurgitated Guts,” “Sacrificial,” “Riot of Violence,” and “Persecution Mania” but once Col (Jones, original Exhumed drummer) got a kit in early 1990, things got a little more “serious.” Col and I wanted to do something a lot more extreme, stuff like Napalm Death, Carcass, Xysma, Extreme Noise Terror, etc, but the other guys were more into a thrashier kind of direction a la Coroner, Kreator, etc. It took about a year for me and Col to find other guys who wanted to do the heavier shit and put together a few songs. We played our first show in October 1991.

4.Who would you say are the bands biggest influences and have they remained the same over the years?How do you feel Exhumed's music style has changed over the years?

I think around 1994 we kind of found our style. We were still quite young at the time, I was 19 so... I think our influences since then have been pretty similar. Napalm Death, Carnage, Master, Repulsion, Autopsy, Carcass, Possessed, Death, Sadus, Exodus, Razor, Slayer, Kreator, Pestilence, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Cryptic Slaughter, Siege, Discharge, etc. By bringing in influences from traditional metal and thrash, we kind of found our niche, rather than just doing the typical Cannibal Corpse / Suffocation type stuff that had really taken over the Death Metal scene at that time. I think we've gotten a lot better at playing and a lot more confident in our songwriting and stage performance, but the inspiration really hasn't changed too much. Some records lean more heavily in one direction or another, just to keep it interesting, but it's still us doing our thing.

5.Horror is the bands newest full length how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?How long does it usually take to complete one song?

The writing process usually goes pretty quickly. I tend to write songs in clusters, I'll come up with two or three pretty complete ideas in a week, and then a month later or something, a couple more will get done. We always have a lot material written, though. I think we have seven songs in the can for Exhumed at the moment. Once we find a direction to go in, things come together pretty quickly from there.

6.Besides the upcoming Horror release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to purchase?Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise currently available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

All of our albums are available via Relapse, we've been working with them since the first record back in '98. We have our own merch store with exclusive shirts, cassettes and even our own hot sauce at as well.

7.What have been some of Exhumed's most memorable shows over the years?And who have been some of your favorite bands to share the stage with?
We play a lot, and we drink a lot so... my memory may not be the best haha! We had a really great show in Santiago Chile a few months back, it was our first time there and the crowd was really, really into it. Tokyo is always a great place to play as well. We have a good time with just about all the bands we tour with. Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation were a blast to hang out with. The Dying Fetus guys were a really good time, Goatwhore are old buddies of ours, the Obituary guys are always a pleasure as well.

8.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of Horror if yes where will the band be playing and who are some bands you will be touring with?

We have a six-week US tour with Gatecreeper, Necrot and Judiciary that starts in Los Angeles on October 27th. It should be a total fucken ripper!

9.Exhumed comes out of California's grind,death metal scene what is your opinion of the scene in California over the years?

I grew up in the bay area in late 80s when bands like Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Heathen, Laaz Rockit, Vio-lence and Death Angel were ruling the world and the scene. After about 1991, that started to fade a bit, and Death Metal was never really as big in the bay area, but we did have Autopsy, Sadus, Immortal Fate, Plutocracy and us. In the mid-90s the metal scene on the West Coast really wasn't very interesting, but there were loads of great hardcore and powerviolence bands in California, like Man is the Bastard, Crossed Out, Excruciating Terror, Gasp, Spazz, Infest, etc. Now there's a real embrace of Death Metal, with bands like Necrot, Mortuous, Aseptic, Acephalix, Skeletal Remains, Ruin, Mortal Wound, Calcemia, and loads of others making a lot of noise.

10.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of California and are their any new bands you could recommend to the readers?

New bands, see my last answer. All-time faves: Metallica, Exodus, Sadus, Autopsy, Dark Angel, Slayer, Insanity, Possessed, Infest, Crossed Out.

11.What does underground metal mean to you?
I mean... that's a pretty sweeping question haha! It means a group of people galvanized by their love of crazy, fucked up music that pushes boundaries aesthetically and musically without any restraints.

12.When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

I hang out with my dog, haha! Usually working on music is my mental break, especially from band business which sucks and sucks up a lot of time.

13.Back in the 90's I know fanzines were big in the underground did you read a lot of fanzines?What made a good fanzine in your opinion?

I think a good fanzine needed enthuisastic, honest reviews and a good smattering of stuff that you knew and loved already and stuff that you would never be able to hear about anywhere else. A good layout or design was pretty much unheard of, so you were mostly focused on the editorial content and how encyclopedic the coverage was.

14.What were some of your favorite fanzines to read back then?And are their any current fan or web-zines that you like to read?

A few that I remember off the top of my head were Comatose, Chainletter, A Lesson in Pathology, Atmosfear and Necropolis. Nowadays the level of journalism, design and writing quality is sooooo far advanced from the early days, I tend to read sites that I'm familiar with and have reliably good writing, like Decibel, No Clean Singing, Toilet Ov Hell, Last Rites, Invisible Oranges, etc.

15.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview – the record Horror is out October 4th on Relapse Records, check it out and STAY DEAD!
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Visceral Disgorge--Slithering Evisceration cd,LP{Agonia Rec.} review posted on 9-1-19

Visceral Disgorge--Slithering Evisceration cd,LP{Agonia Rec.}
Visceral Disgorge are a brutal death metal band who come out of Baltimore Maryland.Slithering Evisceration is the bands second full length release featuring nine tracks of brutal intense death metal with some slam elements used in the music.The vocals are guttural,low death metal growls that the music perfectly.The guitars are played with fast and frenzied guitar patterns and some slower more calm passages.The guitarist does write and perform some well written and performed guitar parts that showcases the guitarists skill and experience.The drumming is done with top notch writing ability and skills mainly played with insane fast blast beats.The drummer does slow to a more controlled yet fast pace and writes some memorable and well done drum patterns.If you are a fan of brutal,slam death metal then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Slithering Evisceration today.
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