welcome to winter torment web-zine. the web-zine originally started out as a black,dark metal web-zine.well after alot of thought i have decided to "add" these other extreme metal genres old-school death,thrash/speed metal,heavy metal and old-school grind.
The main focus of winter torment will still be to promote/support the diy.underground bands,labels and zines etc...but will have a more well-known band from time to time {if they share the same attitude as the zine of course}
so if you are in a band or label {or you know one!} we are always interested in hearing from them. here are the styles we support at winter torment

black metal
old-school death
technical death metal {i'm pretty picky in this genre though to be honest}
thrash/speed metal
heavy metal
old-school grind {again i'm pretty picky with this genre}

thanks as always to everyone who has taken the time to read/check out winter torment.i hope you find some bands you will enjoy.
keep the flames of metal burning eternally
patrick and winter torment web-zine
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