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Interview with Skeletal Remains done by Patrick posted on 2-24-18

Interview with  Chris Monroy Vocalist,guitarist of Skeletal Remains done by Patrick

1.Hello  Chris how are you doing this week?Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hey man I am doing great thank you for asking! Chris here guitar and vocals for skeletal remains!

2.  Chris you handle the guitars for Skeletal Remains when did you become interested in playing the guitars?Did you take lessons when first starting out or are you self taught?
For the most part I am self taught I tried taking lessons once when i was in high school but it didn’t work out i was learning everything I could learn on my own so decided to stop taking em and just kept doing what I was doing before. My older brother actually played guitar so I guess he was one of the main reasons I started playing although he played a different style of music but I think it started with him showing me how to play a few songs back when i was younger then I kind of just started learning how to read tablature and Id just sit for hours a day and learn my favorite songs.

3.Who would you say are your influences and favorite guitarists?

Some of my favorite guitarist and influences are Jason Becker, Steve vai, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, James Murphy, Marty Friedman, Chuck schuldiner, David Gilmour.

4.Besides the guitars you also take care of the vocals when did you start growling?Do you do anything special to keep your voice healthy?

When i formed skeletal remains was the first time i actually took singing serious before that I never really sang much and if I did was just for fun when I would jam with friends but it was never anything serious like now and I never really wanted to be the singer it kinda just happened because we couldn’t find a singer at the time haha.. not really much man I guess just drink a lot of water when I’m on stage or right before getting on stage And try to stay hydrated.

5. Chris you all formed Skeletal Remains in 2011 when did you get the idea to form the band?And who would you say are Skeletal Remains biggest influences?

The idea came from just simply loving death metal and wanting to play some covers with a friend when we had free time it was never nothing serious as I was pretty busy with my full time band at the time so it would only happen when I was home from tour. Then we started writing our own songs and they sounded pretty ok so we decided to do a demo and the rest is history now we are here...
Some of the biggest influences would be pestilence, gorguts, demolition hammer, death, disincarnate, obituary, morbid angel...

6.Devouring Mortality is the bands third release how long did it take you all to write the music for this release?Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everything?

For the first two records before it was me and Adrian Obregon doing most of the writing but this time around it was pretty much all me doing the music and for lyrics I had help from Adrian Marquez and Johnny. As far as how long it took I guess it was quite a long time just because we went through three drummers during the writing of this album so that also made things take a bit longer.

7. Chris, you handle the vocals so I figure you take care of writing the lyrics for the music what are some subjects you all wrote about on Devouring Mortality?

It’s actually me and Adrian Marquez who wrote most of the lyrics for this album But alot of things come into play when it comes to the lyrical content on the album. From natural disasters to autobiographies and stories on historical figures, science-fiction and even video games believe it or not. Just a lot of what we are into and fine very interesting on a daily basis. We like to take any topic or idea we find interesting and try to make it as brutal as possible.

8.Besides the upcoming release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy?Besides the physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

You can still purchase the first two albums from us on our online store or at our shows as well with a bunch of other merchandise we have available. We have a lot of different things shirts patches sweats shorts flags pins etc. so go check it out. 

9.I know Skeletal Remains has played many shows over the years in both the U.S and Europe.What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?And who were some bands you have shared the stage with?

Oh man there has been so many cool shows I would say hellfest in France was one of the best shows sharing the stage with so many sick bands was a dream come true. Playing japan for the first time was amazing as well we had such a great time a lot of killer fans out there can’t wait to go back. Party san on our first European tour was also a big one we played first at like noon and there was so many people there for us it was really crazy and amazing experience.

10.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of Devouring Mortality?If yes where will the band  be playing?

Yes we have are playing Canada for the first time in March supporting the mighty demolition hammer and we also have an album release show here at home in April a European tour in May with our label mates angelus apatrida from Spain. Strikefest in Los Angeles which has an amazing bill that you should check out if your not familiar with it. And some stuff later in the year is also booked but I can’t announce yet I guess best thing would be to keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook and Instagram.

11. Chris, when not working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not busy with SR I am usually working here at home because we all still have daily jobs to pay our bills. Besides that most of my time I spend with my family because sometimes being away from them for a month or two on tour sucks so I always try to be with them when I’m home. And also go to shows when any cool bands come near LA.

12.Skeletal Remains comes out of California's old school death metal what is your opinion of the metal scene in California?

It’s great man there is a lot of cool bands coming out all the time that are also doing the same style we are and it’s great to see that. The scene it self can be a bit weird here in LA people support rumors instead of music it seems like and i find that pretty dumb haha but it’s not always like that but you will come across it.

13.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of California and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

There is a few that i really enjoy. Necrot from Oakland is great also Rude but I’m not sure if they are still based out of Oakland. There is this band from Oregon, Torture rack who we played with at Maryland Deathfest also a sick band.Our friends from Morfin, Blade Killer you should check out as well.

14.Thank you Chris for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you guys for the interview and thanks to anyone who took the time to read this! Keep supporting and make sure you pick up our new album “Devouring Mortality” out April 13th!

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Interview with F.K.U done by Patrick posted on 2-22-18

Interview  with F.K.U  done  by  Patrick

1. Hello please introduce yourself to the readers? At what age did you first start listening to metal music?

Pat - Hi there, I’m Patrik Sporrong aka Pat Splat, the guy handling the bass duties in F.K.Ü. My first contact with metal, or to be more precise, harder rock, was when I saw KISS live back in 1976 at the age of ten. I was totality blown away and there and then I decided that this was the best music ever and that this was something I wanted to do as well.

2. Who were some of the first bands you listened to and who are some of your current favorite bands?
Pat – Well, for obvious reasons KISS was one of the bands I was deeply inspired by and listened to a lot. Then there were Sweet and Alice Cooper that also were in the line of the music I really liked. But pretty soon the search for harder stuff started and bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Slayer took over my life. My love for these bands is still intact. Some of my favorite bands right now would be Wolfbrigade, Terrortron, LIK, Södra Sverige and Henrik Palm.

3. F.K.U was started in 1997 what gave you the idea to start this band and who would you say are F.K.U’s biggest influences?

Pat - Well we started the band as early as 1987 actually and then our second big influence besides horror movies was the crossover thrash scene with bands like Crumbsuckers, Carnivore, Wehrmacht, Mucky Pup, D.R.I. etc. And among them one band particularly, namely the band S.O.D., and band that also gave us the idea for our band name.
Since S.O.D. had a song on their album “Speak English or Die” called Freddy
Krueger, that and our wish to make the name an abbreviation with three letters, just like D.R.I. we went for the F.K.Ü. aka Freddy Kruegers Ünderwear moniker. Adding the umlaut to the U just to make it more metal.
Our first logo even had a pair of boxers with Freddys knife fingers emerging.
And our main goal was the same as it is today, to have fun!

4. 1981 is the bands newest release, which is being, released through Despotz Rec. how did you and the band come in contact with this label?
Pat – We felt that it was time to move on when it came to record label and we were having serious thoughts of going back to releasing it all by ourselves as in the early years but then I heard from a friend of mine that Despotz knew that we were in-between labels and ask him to ask us to get in contact with them. And it only took one phone call to realize that this was a label we wanted to work with.

5. How long did it take the band to write the music for the new release? Does the whole band work on writing the music or does one member usually write everything?

Pat - On this album Larry and Emp wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics
And then we just isolated our self’s in the rehearsal room to make it all
merge together into one bloody mess. We were really focused and we decided early on that this album should be short, aggressive and in your face with no fillers. We really had fun recording this album and I think that is reflected in the final result.

6. Lyrics are based on slasher; horror movies released in 1981 what gave you all the idea to do a concept release from the year 1981?

Pat - We wanted to make an album that was 100% focused on paying tribute to the slasher classics and since 1981 was the year when a lot of the best ones in the genre
were released, we basically just came up with the idea of focusing on that year.
Calling the album 1981 and naming the songs by the movies that inspired them was our
Idea with being as honest as we could be with our intentions with this album.
The songs included on the album are definitely among our favorites but there are many that were left out since we wanted to make a relatively short and intense album. Titles like Happy Birthday To Me, Bloody Birthday, Bloody Moon, Cannibal Ferox, Final Exam, Graduation Day could easily have made it if we would have released a double album. But since we decided in an early stage that we wanted to make a short and intense album we had to be extremely selective choosing the ones finally ending up on the album

7. Besides the 1981 release are the bands previous releases still available to buy? Does the band have any other merchandise available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?
Pat – Our 1999 debut album ”Metal Moshing Mad” has been out of print for a long time. That goes for both the original pressing and the 2007 re-release. Our second album from 2005 ”Sometimes They Come Back… To Mosh” is still possible to get hold of from some retailers. ”Where Moshers Dwell” 2009 and 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers is still available both through our home page and most bigger retailers.

8. What have been F.K.U’s most memorable shows over the years? And who are some bands you have had the pleasure to share the stage with?

Pat – Some of the highlights in our career so far would be the 2007 west coast us tour we did with Engorged and Ghoul and playing Sweden Rock Festival in 2010 in that it was
our first appearance at a bigger festival.
When it comes to bands that we liked sharing the stage with there’s many. But to name a few: Ghoul, Engorged, Hyades, Entombed, Meshuggah, The Ugly, Dr. Living Dead.

9. Are their any shows or tours planned in support of 1981?If yes where will the band be playing?
Pat – Well, things are brewing in the F.K.Ü.-camp, for sure, and although we cannot give you the specifics, there's more to come in a not to distant future and hopefully it will involve the more southern parts of Europe.

10. Besides thrash metal do you listen to any other genres of metal or music in general? If yes who are some of your favorite bands?

Pat - Personally I’m really into bands emerging from the early 80’s German syntwave known as “Die Neue Deutche Welle” with bands like D.A.F. and Der Plan. And of course all in the band are heavily into horror movie soundtracks, for obvious reasons

11. F.K.U draws influences from horror and slasher movies when did you first start watching horror movies?

Pat - My earliest memory is me being 6 or maybe 7 years old, sneaking into the living room in the house were I grow up, and hiding behind a sofa to secretly watch the original ”Invasion of the Body Snatchers” from 1956. And from that moment I was totally hooked and have been a big horror fan ever since. After that my parents realized it was no use trying to keep me from watching horror movies. Thanks mom and dad!

12. What are some of your all-time favorite slasher, horror movies? And what do you feel makes a good horror movie?

Pat - Well my all time favorite when it comes to horror is the first two original Halloween-movies. Both when it comes to the movies and the soundtracks.
Then I have a soft spot for Day of The Dead (1978), Psycho (1960) House on Haunted
Hill (1959), Happy Birthday to Me (1981), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) to name a few.

13. Who are some of your favorite horror movie actors? Are their any directors that you like to watch a lot?

Pat – If we stick to the horror genre some of my favorite actors would be Jamie Lee Curties, Amy Steel, Linda Blair, Kurt Russel, Donald Pleasence and Harry Dean Stanton to name a few. When it comes to directors/writers there’s nothing that beats John Carpenter / Debra Hill.

14. Do you all watch the remakes of horror movies over the last 15-20 years or do you prefer to watch the originals?

Pat - Obviously we are big fans of the horror from the 70s and 80s but I think that especially the last couple of years has seen some really good ones coming out, like A Dark Song, Devils Candy, Raw, Happy Death Day and The Untamed to name a few. I like it when the makers try to do something new even if they use an old formula, like Cabin in The Woods that as released a couple of years ago. 90 % of the remakes I would say are a waste. Why fix something if it’s not broken?

15. Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you has any final comments for the readers?

Pat – Thank you! As mentioned earlier we’re working hard to be able to come over to a town near you to spread some horror and metal to all die-hard moshoholics and until

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Interview with Thy Feeble Saviour done by Patrick posted on 2-16-18

Interview with Thy Feeble Saviour done by Patrick

1.Hails how are things going in Texas this week?

Sitting here answering this interview on a cold Monday afternoon in Southeast Texas. Clute, TX to be exact.

2.Thy Feeble Saviour was first started in 2004 but only lasted a couple of years why did you decide to stop the band?

I initially started THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR alone after a project I had called SACRELIGIOUS TORMENT died off. Got the urge to write more raw blasphemous black death metal. I wasn't planning on it being any sort of long term project at all so I recorded trax for a demo and a split 7 inch and that was it. I was busy with other things at that time so THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR just got pushed to the side. Since I was doing everything myself it wasn't a problem at all.

3.You reformed the band in 2014 what gave you the idea to resurrect the band? And for the readers who have never heard Thy Feeble Saviour's music how would you best describe it?

I had known Matt for years now and we had talked about writing some new THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR for a few years but it just never happened. We were both at an Uli Roth concert in 2014 and talked about it again and decided to give it a try since we both had time. Our songs are fast , evil black/death metal inspired the late 80's/early 90's raw evil black and death metal bands. No wimpy shit!!

4.I believe Thy Feeble Saviour is a two man band would you like to find more musicians to make a full line up or do you prefer to work as a two man band?

You are correct. It's myself(Francisco) and Matt. We work very well together and don't see a need to invite anyone else into the band as we have no plans of ever playing live shows.

5.And Darkness Fell is the bands debut release how long did it take to write the music for this release? Do you both work on writing the music or does one member write everything?

It might have taken a few months. I don't really remember. We rarely get together to "practice". So how it works is I write all the riffs and take them to Matt and we rather quickly get the basic ideas down for each song. We both have similar ideas of how we want the songs to sound so they come together usually very quickly. This is why we don't want or need anyone else in the band.

6.Besides the upcoming debut are the previous demo's and split's still availible for the readers to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise availible if yes what is availible and where can the readers buy it?

Currently our 2015 demo is available through Nero One Records. They reissued it for us and did a great job with it. I believe Jim from Desacration of God Productions may have some of the old split 7 inches from 2006. All other releases are sold out and unavailable at the time. Hell's Headbangers printed some shirts with the AND DARKNESS FELL cover art and you can get them directly from them as well as the tape and CD version of the album. LP version coming soon as well. Support Hells Headbangers!!

7.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground metal scene today? And what does underground metal mean to you?

I don't really concern myself with any scenes. I've been into this underground for 30 years and will continue to do what i do till the day i die. I've seen many people come and go over the years and here i still am into the same shit as i was when i was a kid. FUCK TRENDS!! THIS IS TILL DEATH!!

8. Thy Feeble Saviour comes out of the Texas black metal scene what are your thoughts on the scene in Texas?

Only thing i will say is here in the Houston area where we live we currently have some bands that deserve some attention. Bands like REMNANTS, SACROCURSE and OATH OF CRUELTY. Also, BLASPHERIAN who have been around for a while now and there's also IMPRECATION who have been going since 92. Touring bands that come to Houston have to really kill because each of these bands will make you look like wimps!!

9.Who are your all-time favorite Texas band and are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Lots of great Texas bands I like from punk, hardcore, grindcore, death metal, black metal, etc. SPLATTERREAH, ROTTING CORPSE, NECROVORE, S.N.O.T., STARK RAVING MAD, DRESDEN 45, FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL, ABSU, and many many more. As far as new band, I mentioned REMNANTS earlier.

10.Are their a lot of shows in your town or area that you live in?What have been some of the most memorable shows that you have witnessed?

Yes, plenty of shows here. I've seen so many shows over the years. Probably my favorite show ever was seeing THE ACCUSED when i was 16 years old. Totally insane!! IMMOLATION/GOREAPHOBIA in 92 was a great one also.

11.Besides working in Thy Feeble Saviour do either of you work with any other bands or solo projects?

Matt and I both have a lot of other bands we are involved in but don't really feel the need to mention them.

12.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Cheers for the interview. This is the very first interview for THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR I have ever done.

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Interview with Voracious Scourge done by Patrick posted on 2-16-18

Interview with Voracious Scourge done by Patrick

1.Hello how are things going with you this week? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hails Metal brothers and sisters, this is Jason main song writer and founder of Voracious Scourge. Things are going great! Just got back from watching the Mighty Exhorder (Louisiana Thrash Legends) destroy a venue in New Orleans.
For anyone who hasn’t heard of Voracious Scourge here’s a brief description of who we are.
Voracious Scourge is an old school brutal Death Metal Project which consists of Me (Jason Mcintyre) guitar player of Louisiana death metal band “Suture”. , Mike Smith on drums who is a former member of the brutal death metal gods “Suffocation”. Adrie Kloosterwaard on vocals of the mighty Dutch death metal masters “Sinister”. And Lance Strickland also of Suture on bass.

2.When did you first get the idea to start this band? And who would you say are Voracious Scourge biggest influences?

I came up with the Idea for the project early in 2017. After a few email conversations, Mike and Adrie jumped on board, then Lance joined about month later after I had everything in place to start recording the EP.
Some of my biggest influences are of course the late 80’s and early 90’s death metal and thrash bands like Suffocation, Sinister, Deicide, Death, Pestilence, Entombed, Exhorder, Paradise Lost, Entombed and so on.

3.Our Demise is Voracious Scourge debut Mcd which is being released through Immortal Souls Prod. how did you and the band come in contact with this label?

Adrie has been friends with Juro (ISP label owner) for many years. He told him about the project and Juro was immediately interested. He contacted me about signing Voracious Scourge to ISP. So he and I worked out a deal we both benefited from. Immortal Souls has been great to us so far. He and I have a good business relationship.

4.Does the whole band work on writing the music or does one member write everything? How long does it usually take to write one song?

I write all the material including lyrics. Send out rough demos and everyone puts their own unique twist on it. As far as how long a song takes, I never put a time limit on creating a song. Some come pretty quick while others take weeks to finish. I never rush anything. The song Oracle of Repugnance took 2 days to write, while Harbinger of our own Demise took 2 weeks. It’s funny because you would think it would be the other way around considering the 2 songs themselves.

5.Besides the debut Mcd does the band have any other merchandise available forth readers to buy? If yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

At the moment Immortal souls are offering Cds, and T-shirts. But its my understanding Vinyl versions and Cassettes will be available in the very near future. Please visit

6.Has Voracious Scourge played live yet? If yes what have been some of the bands most memorable shows?

No, we all live worlds away from each other. A live show is not probable but it’s also not impossible, it would just need the right motivation behind it. Motivation meaning funding.

7.Has the band started working on new music for the next release? Will it be a Mcd or would you like to work towards a full length?

Yes, I have started working on new material. The next release will be a full length. I am hoping we can be finished recording it later this year for a 2019 release. But who knows, if things fall into place quickly, maybe it might even be sooner. Like a late 2018 release. I definitely do not want to be a band that takes 2 years to put out releases. Especially since we are not built for touring.

8. I believe all the members of the band have been active in the metal underground since the mid 90's what is it that has kept you doing this for so long?

Sorry for such a short answer but, The love and passion for creating extreme music fuels me, that’s it.

9.How would you say the underground scene has changed or evolved since the 90's to present day?

Other than the fact the scene is still thriving and healthy with tons of great and unique bands. I can say the “real quality” bands from back in the day, mainly the forefathers, have withstood the test of time. While all the pretenders and bandwagon bands (and fans for that fact) have fallen off the map.

10.When you need to take a break from writing music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

Spend time with my family. That’s the most important thing to me in life next to Voracious Scourge.

11.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you very much Patrick for the interview, I really appreciate it. I am also very humbled by the show of love and support we have been receiving so far regarding our new Ep "Our Demise". Please Visit Immortal Souls Productions, they put a lot of their faith, hard work and support into us by releasing our ep. Stop by our Facebook page give us a like, a share, or send us a message letting us know if you liked the ep. Once again Thank you and stay brutal My friends!

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Skeletal Remains--Devouring Mortality cd,Lp {Dark Descent Rec.} done by Patrick posted on 2-12-18

Skeletal  Remains--Devouring  Mortality Cd,Lp {Dark Descent  Rec.}

Coming out  in April  is  the brand new release  from  California's old school death metal masters Skeletal  Remains.Devouring Mortality  is eleven tracks of  solid well written and performed  old school death metal.The guitars are  done with a lot of  skill and experience for the most part  the guitars  are played in mid paced range.The guitarist  does  speed up to  a faster pace throughout the songs and also writes and adds  some well played  solo's  that are mixed into some of the  songs.The  vocalist does a great  job of old school  death metal growls and some  gruff vocal parts are used in some of  the songs.The drums  are done with  expertece and skill just like the guitarist  the drums  are mainly played with mid paced drums.But  the drummer does  play  some heavier  and faster  drum patterns mixed into some of the  songs.If you are  a fan  of Skeletal Remains previous  releases  then defintly  pick this up once it is released and if you  are new to the band  and enjoy well written and performed old school death metal  be sure to pick up Devouring  Mortality.

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Cadaver Putrefacto--La Maldicion Del Zombi Errante cd {Brutal Records} done by Patrick posted on 2-12-18

Cadaver  Putrefacto--La  Maldicion  Del  Zombi Errante  cd  {Brutal  Records}

Coming out  of  Argentina  is Cadaver  Putrefacto  who play a  very aggressive and brutal form of death metal.Their debut release La  Maldicion  Del  Zombi Errante  is nine songs of mid 90's death metal with some touches of  modern day brutality added into  some  mixed into  some of the  songs.Leonel handles  the  vocal duties  which  are  deep,guttural  death growls  that fit the bands music perfectly.Juan takes care of the  guitars  which  are a  mix of  fast and frenzied guitars  and some controlled  mid paced guitar parts.Juan  also takes care of programming the drums for the debut  which are mix of brutal,fast drums  and some 90's inspired mid paced drum patterns.If you are a  fan of early Cannibal Corpse,Broken  Hope and Dehumanized  then  be  sure to  pick up  a  copy  of   La  Maldicion Del Zombi Errante  when it is released.

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Torture Squad--Far Beyond Existence cd {Brutal Records} reviewed by Patrick posted on 2-8-18

Torture Squad--Far Beyond Existence  cd  {Brutal  Records}

Brazil's  Torture Squad  will be unleashing their eighth release Far Beyond Existence in  March or April.This is my first encounter with Torture  Squad who play a  style of  aggressive thrashing death metal.The guitars  are played with  extremely tight guitar riffs and patterns that range  from ultra fast  riffs.The guitarist can  also write  and play  some well performed  mid paced guitar structures and some  solo's are added  into  the mix.The drums  are played  with hyperspeed  blasting  drums that  fit the bands style  perfectly.The drummer  does slow to  a  calmer mid paced style with  some well  written and performed  drums.If you  are a fan of  well performed old school death metal mixed with  a healthy  thrash influence  then  be  sure to  pick up  a  copy  of  Far Beyond  Existence.

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Grim Fate--Emerging From The Crypt cd {Chaos Records} review posted on 2-6-18

Grim Fate--Emerging  From The Crypt  cd  {Chaos  Records}

Starting  off  with a  short intro the music doesn't take long to for the music to pick up to  a faster pace.Wim  handles  the guitar  duties mainly playing in the heavy mid paced  but does speed up to  a faster pace in  a  few of the songs.Wim also writes and performs  some  well written and played  solo's and guitar patterns.Pier handles the vocals  which are  heavy deep death growls and some  screams are used throughout  the recording.If you are  a  fan  of Demigod,early Incantation  then  do yourself a  favor  and pick up  a  copy of  Emerging  From The Crypt today.

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Infernal Legion--Under The Cloven Hoof cd {Moribund Records} posted on 2-6-18

Infernal  Legion--Under  The Cloven Hoof   cd {Moribund  Records}

After a seven year  slumber  Infernal  Legion  return  with their  fourth release.Under The Cloven Hoof  is  six songs  of  old school death metal  madness  mixed with the bands own  writing ability and  visions.The  vocals are old school death metal growls  similar to  the gods of mid 90's the vocalist does use  some  deeper growls used in a few of the songs.The drummer  can play  some very well  executed  mid paced drums mixed with  some extremely  fast  drums entertwined within  the music.If you are  familiar  with Infernal  Legions  previous  work you  know  what to expect  but if you  are new listener to the  band  then  expect  nothing but  solid and powerful  death metal.

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Blood And Brutality--Decor Macabre EP. reviewed by Patrick posted on 2-2-18

Blood And Brutality--Decor Macabre  EP. {Blood And Brutality Rec.}
Coming out  of  Alabama's death thrash scene is  Blood And Brutality  who  have  unleashing  music  since 2009.Their newest EP. Decor Macabre is five  tracks of  solid death metal with a healthy dose of thrash metal influences.The guitars  are played with alot of experience and range  going from  an all out assult of  thrashing  fast guitars to a more calmer and slower pace.The guitarist even writes and performs  some well written guitar patterns and solo's mixed into the music.The vocals are a mix of gruff old school death growls  and some  thrashy gruff screams  are used throughout  the  songs.Anyone into  old school thrash and death metal mixed together  should defintly  give  this  band a  listen today.
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