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Hoth - Oathbreaker (2014) (Extreme Metal) (Review)

If I try to remain sensible (good luck with that lol) I'd write this review in a very professional manner, but I have to just announce a very important factor why Hoth get 9000 million Resi points. Ohhhhh Star Wars!!!! They are named obviously named after Hoth!  I want a Darth Maul hardcore band! Someone form one now! Annakin Crust Walker! Well we do have the D-Beat Punk band Bobba Dead Fett so there is room for more. 

I'm going to call up random NYHC personality and say "Hey man Darth Maul wants to form a band. I think its win as I can see him on stage nodding his pointy head towards the audience as they jump around like Wack Wack Binks. Do you share my vision?". lol Wonder if they will hang up on me huh? 

Ok this is going to be difficult for me not to contain my hyper nerdy oh oh's so I won't even try. 

 You know I was mentioning about Darth Maul forming a hardcore band well imagine Darth Vader got the day off from inter galactic chess club & he decided to form a black metal band to tell his story about his origins as Annakin Skywalker to the Sith Lord we all know. This is pretty much what Hoth are for me.

Yeah I'm a big sci fi nerd so I was sold on this from the Hoth I mean off, but seriously if you have any love for Star Wars you will know what I mean when you start to listen to Oathbreaker. Ya just like oh man u guys need to do the music for the new sequels. 

Its just got everything for me. Atmosphere, thought, story, music from an array of sources, which I will say fams this really makes it a concept album or a soundtrack for me. Go to the Hoth bandcamp site & press play on the music then start watching any Star Wars movie on mute or reading the various SW books. Within a couple of minutes you will feel like ya listening to a musical version of a Star Wars movie/book. Rather awesome!

I guess I should attempt to say something about the music Hoth play on Oathbreaker. Hmm I don't want to label this as its very forward thinking, but sighs for those that must know then its blackened for sure & maybe we can just say just Black Metal or Sith metal. 

Putting my nerdy outbursts aside this is good music peeps. Hoth play some really nice melodies and harmonies on some songs that add a melancholy feel to the album as it keeps you thinking man is this Darth Vadar they are describing? Hoth excellently bring the sad tale to life of Darth Vadar or someone like him through their music. There are so many different aspects to the music from acoustics, black metal, harmonies, dark moody gothic pieces (I know no other way how to describe it), mix of clean & harsh vocals, guitar solos, jazz, & much more.

Considering this is only their 2nd album its pretty rad!

I'm excited too see what Hoth will do next & I really hope they keep this theme going as its different & there is a wealth of material to offer inspiration from the SW universe or even post apocalyptic themes would be boss. Yes I'm such a nerd and was a little excited listening to Hoth.

To conclude you don't need to be a nerd like me to enjoy Hoth. The music is excellent, but it does help if you are a lil on the nerdy side as I think it helps someone appreciate Hoth & Oathbreaker so much more. 

Anyone do any Jedi Thrash/DM? 

Stellar Master Elite - II Destructive Interference Generator (2013) (Black Metal/Avantgarde) (Review)

Yo what up all? Man I've been meaning to write about Stellar Master Elite for a long time. I would like to recommend this band as they do offer something different with their music. Maybe its because I'm also a punk & an underground hip hop guy so I'm a little more familiar with coming across the lyrical themes and messages that Stellar Master Elite have as its far more common in those 2 scenes than metal. 

Musically II Destructive Interference Generator is black metal with clean vocals, which is important if we consider the subject matter within the music. Its not the usual stuff associated with the more popular ends of black metal. This is far more in line with red & anarcho bm. I guess a mix of avantgarde & melodic black metal. A later track even has a touch of doom metal, which complements the very down tempo flow. 

The whole concept of the album 'II Destructive Interference Generator' revolves around humanity becoming a slave population to the corporate empire that governs the planet. Song titles such as 'prison planet, thoughtcrimes/villain/slave, the mobius strip, and so on. Common themes to those of us active in the punk & underground hip hop scenes. 

Personally I feel the clean vocals make this album more accessible, and thus succeeding in allowing Stellar Master Elite to promote their message to a larger audience. For example I could sit down with some people I know in underground hip hop and say listen to this. If the band had opted for the harsher raw approach I probably wouldn't be able to do that. 

Over all this is a good piece of written & crafted music displaying an openness to other forms of creativity throughout. Maybe its just me as I'm a music nerd, but I certainly can hear many influences falling outside the metal spectrum. 

I'd certainly recommend II Destructive Interference Generator if you are interested in hearing a well known genre of music such as black metal presented in a radically different manner, but with an intelligent concept. 

Yo What Up From Resi

 Yo what up Winter Torment. Its Resi here from Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio. I put together the site for Pat & have been friends with him for so long. I'll post some reviews/promo posts on here that match what Winter Torment covers so they might be of interest to some peeps. 

My main site is @ & Pat also helps run the UR site with posting reviews/interviews.

Next up are 2 reviews by me taken from the UR site covering the bands Hoth & Stellar Master Elite. Peace. 1.

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Interview with Erebus Enthroned done by Patrick

Metal  Hails!! 
hope  everyone  is  having  a  good  week so  far? Here  is a  new  interview  with Erebus Enthroned  from  Australia  with  their second  full-length  released  on  cd  through  Séance Records in Australia  and a  vinyl  version  through  W.T.C  Productions  in  the U.S.  
hope  everyone  enjoys  the  Interview  and  be  sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of   Temple Under  Hell

Interview  with  A  Bass  player   for  Erebus  Enthroned  done  by  Patrick

. Metal  hails   A.   when  did you   first  discover  metal?  Who  were  some  of  the  first  bands you  listened  to? Who  are  some  of  your  current  favorites ?

And you. To be honest I’m really not sure when, but I do recall the first black metal release I bought was a CD of Bathory’s Under the Sign... It was all deeper into the pit from there to be honest, everyone knows that story for themselves I’m sure.
For the last few years though I am spending much more time writing music than finding it, but whatever takes you can never be denied. Some new bands have kept my interest, but for the most part my diet has been satiated on old German thrash, death metal and other wild, primal and heavy styles of playing.

2. When  did  you   all get  the  idea  to  form Erebus  Enthroned? What  is  the  current  line up of  the band? How did you  all come up with  the  name for  the band? Does it have a special  meaning?

 The original formation of the band was in fact devised by long before this group of individuals was gathered together; with a lot of changes and swapping of roles out of convenience. But now, our lineup has N handling the vocal mayhem, D on the electric guitars, M on drums and myself- bass. Truth be told, we have always been of the opinion these other first years don’t matter, and are not relevant at all to us. Erebus Enthroned really only began when the last wimp was ousted. What we have now will be the only lineup, the first and final.
The band name meaning is not cryptic, by any means, like so many it takes only a small scratch on the surface of the world’s mythology to understand. However, as far as any special meaning goes, a name is only as strong as you make it through your actions. There is a point when it ceases to signify the exact words from which it is derived and then represents a power, or a feeling. This is how the name has become to us; the idea of Erebus Enthroned is a beast with its own worldly momentum and ubiquitous intent. We are bound to it.

3.Erebus Enthroned  is getting  ready  to  release it's  second  cd/lp  "Temple  Under Hell"  how  long  did  it  take  to  write  the songs  for  this  release? 

At the time of writing, ‘Temple Under Hell’ has in fact been out on CD at least for several months. We had been writing this release for years, the first songs were already being written before our debut album, ‘Night’s Black Angel’ was even released. They were all written in a variety of ways- each to the individual power and merit of the songs. But ultimately, there can be no shortcuts to cheat creativity, nor any haste to produce a product to fill the silence.

4.Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics for  the  band? What  are some  subjects you  all write  about?

 For the most part the vocalist, N, will hold those reigns. Singing is an empowering instrument- there is a certain fire that it conjures within you, when the voice is treated like a weapon or as a pathway for overcoming one’s self. Naturally, if treated with that purpose in mind the singer himself is expected to formulate and craft lyrics around that upheaval of his own state of awakening. Who better? That being said, I have myself contributed some songs in the past as well as all of us occasionally becoming involved in the process of arrangement.
Are as far as subjects are concerned, for Temple Under Hell we have been fixated around the exploration of Satanic ideals around ascent and the processes of becoming. Represented as they are in the album’s songs through visualisation, frenzy, and devotion- the truth is this is simply one further step along the path.

5.How  has  the  response  been  from the  fans? What  about  the  press?
They’ve been great. The fans, that is. Our album launch show a month or two ago here in Sydney was a total success, after a long period of gestation it was great to finally take this album into the light. As always, it is rewarding to see some friends and fans out there whose devotion can match our own. As for the press; while I wouldn’t say I hold it in any great esteem, as far as I know the press response has been quite positive to the new album.

6.The  cd  is  being  released  by  Séance  records How  did you come  in  contact  with  this  label? 

  Seance was begun in Australia by some very good friends of ours, who have always been more than willing to offer their genuine support to us. It was a natural decision, then, to cooperate with them on the realisation of our albums. A lot can be said as well for working with a label with whom you can speak face to face, on the same level. We have every intention to continue working with Seance as well.

7.The new release  is  also  being made into  vinyl  version  being  released  by  "W.T.C rec.   how did you come in cotact with  this  label? When  will the  vinyl  version  be  available to the  readers?

  Around the release of the first LP, we did some trading with Sven and later on got to talking about an LP release through the World Terror Committee as well. Working with vinyl out of Australia is very difficult for a lot of bands, it is much more sensible to release such a heavy format on the European continent.
As for the vinyl release, any day now...

8.Does  Erebus  Enthroned  have   any tours  coming  up? Who  are some  bands you  have  shared  the  stage with?

We’ve shared stages with some very memorable, and some very forgettable bands. From those that come to mind, there are a few great international bands we’ve had the pleasure to work with; especially the mighty Absu (US). In Australia, there are a host of bands here we have always enjoyed playing with; Nazxul, Tyrannic, Denouncement Pyre, Nocturnal Graves, to name just a few.
We don’t have any tours planned as such, but we will be destroying the Under the Black Sun festival in germany this coming july. Beware!

9.What  does  the   term  "Black metal"  mean  to  you?

 A primal art form, rooted in a morbid obsession with the endless calling of darkness and fire. It is the magical tool through which we extend our willpower and wild spirit into the world, and through which we allow it to grow and evolve ad infinitum. I personally believe it must have a deep seated wildness entrenched within; carrying in it the howls of the caged beast.

10.I  have  been a  huge  fan  of  Australlian metal  since  the  late  90's   What  is your  opinion  of  Australia's  metal  scene?\

 As I’ve mentioned, there are a lot of bands whose company we enjoy. Some, not so much. In the past, there have been some stellar examples of every style of heavy metal here in Australia. Even still today, but the ocean borders of the country make it difficult for a band to thrive as they would in Europe or the American continent. We have at most 5 capital cities worth travelling to, so the extent of touring that is possible changes things completely. Geographic isolation means that a lot of bands appear and die off just as quickly, when faced with the challenge of trying to break out of this cage- it takes some real work and devotion.
This definitely shows in any scene we have, at times it resembles a mutual respect and other times it reeks of cabin fever to me. Nonetheless, there are a lot of promising bands whose progression has me waiting for more.

11.Who  are  your  all time  favorite  Australian  bands?Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
Personally, I have great respect for the entity that is Nazxul. If you know them, watch carefully as those black wings may soon unfurl once again. I grew up listening to the D666 maniacs, and that is still with me as well. As far as newer bands go here; check out Innsmouth (new album is killer), Convent Guilt and Tyrannic from Sydney. Interstate, there are a host of great bands at the moment- Nocturnal Graves, Denouncement Pyre, Grave Upheaval, Cauldron Black Ram stand out to name just a few.

12.Are their  any good  Label's/distro's  you feel  the  readers should  check  out? What  about   metal web or  fanzines?

  13.A.  you   handle  the  bass for  the  band  when did you  start  playing  the  bass? Are  you self  taught or did you  take  lessons?
I play bass because someone has to, I started about a week after I joined the band... and yes I am definitely self taught.

14.Who  are some  of your  favorite  bass  players?  do  you  play  any  other  instruments?
Favourite bass players? Hah, we both know that nobody really cares that much about bass players. For conversation’s sake I’ll say the legend Angelripper, but to be honest that could really just be a matter of favourite bass guitars though. Usually, I’ll play six strings or sing as well, that is it thought.
15.Are  you  or  any of the  members of Erebus Enthroned  currently  working  with  other  bands? If  yes  could  you  tell  the  readers  about  them?
All of us are, and none of them are really open to discussion here and now. We have a lot to handle with an upcoming European assault alongside this LP release, and possibly another more local tour so right now this is where our focus lies.

16. Thank you  A.  for  taking  the   time  to   fill this  out.Do  you  have  any  final comments  for  the  readers
Never rest.

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Metal Reviews done for 6-17-14

Metal  Hails!! 
I have   some  new  reviews  to  post  up    hope  you  all will  enjoy  them  and   hopefully  buy   some  merchandise  from  these  bands and  labels.their  is a  little  bit  of  everything black metal,death,old-school  etc....

Desecresy--Voracious   Mass cd   {Xtreem  Music
Desecresy  come  out of the  great  Finland  scene  the band  plays  heavy death metal.The  musican's  in  Desecresy  are  very  good  with  the  instruments and  know  them unlike some bands in  the  scene today.The  drumming is  very  good  with a lot  of  speed and  great drum beats but  the  music  does  slow to a mid paced range in some songs.The  vocalist  is really good with deep death metal growls. A defintly  good release if your a fanatic  of  death metal.

                                                                          Label  Contact  

Devangelic---Ressurection  Denied   cd  {Comatose Music}
 Comatose  has  done it  again a new  band   from  the  Italian scene  that  knows  how to  brutalize  you.Devangelic  play  some  great vicious and brutal death.The  musican's  know  how  to  play  their  instruments  with a lot  of  force  and  talent.The   guitarist  are  extremely  fast  with  some chunky,heavy  riffs  mixed in the speed.the guitarist  does  slow down on a  few songs before  speeding right back up.The  vocalist  does a good job with  the  brutal,low vocals.You  should get the  picture  if  your a  fan  of brutal death metal or  Comatose's other bands you  will love  this band  as  well.

                                                                    label  Contact

Grave Crusher--Morbid  Black Oath   cd    {Xtreem Music)
Grave Crusher  are a  new  band to  my  ears and  I'm  really  enjoying  what  I'm  listening to.GraveCrusher  play  the  death metal  similar to  the  late 80's and early ninties  scene.Semi-fast  guitar's The  drummer is  really good as well going  from  mid-paced  drums to all out assult  on  the  listeners.The  vocalist  does a good  job  of  death growls.If  your a  fan  of  old-school death metal  then  pick up a copy  of  Morbid  Black Oath today
                                                                    Label  Contact      
Grey  Skies  Fallen---The  Many  Sides Of Truth  cd  {Paragon  Records}
This  is a  re-release  of  Grey Skies  Fallen  cd  "he  Many  Sides Of Truth"This  is  a good doom release.The  music is  top  notch  with  some  very good acoustic guitars and  mid paced  guitars with some faster  guitars.The   drumming is  done  with a lot  of  slow  to  mid-paced  drum  beats  and even some faster  drumming.The vocalist has  some  very interesting  vocal  parts  with  the  clean singing of the  male  vocalist  and  some  more blackend  screams.This  is  my  first  time  hearing  the  band  and it  is  defintly a good release  if  you are a doom fan with  hints of  other  genre's  then  defintly  get a copy  of  this   release today.
                                                                      Label  Contact

Nechbeth---Coerce  Creed   MLP. {Iron  Bonehead  Records}
Nechbeth  come  out  of  the   Singapore's  violent  war/blackend death scene.Nechbeth   does a  great  job  of  creating  music.The  vocalist  are  extremely  violent  blackend  shrieks and  few  growls.The  drumming  is  blasting  with  some  mid-paced  drums.This  is a  great  release  and  anyone  into  violent  war metal  should   pick  this  up  today.
                                                           Label  Contact
Nocturnal  Damnationion/Nihil  Domination---Baphometic  Goat  Of Thermonuclear  War    7inch  {Hell's Headbangers  Rec}
South Korea's  Nocturnal  Damnation  are  up  first   with  two  tracks  of  violent war  death metal.The  music  is  really  fast  and  chaotic.the  second  song is  a  little  more  blackend  death with  the  war  influences.the  vocals  are  deep growls and  screams,whispering type  the guitars ars  extremely fast  but  played  with a lot  of  power.Nihil Domnitatiiiion  are up  next  coming  out of  the  scene in  Ecuador.with two  tracks  of  war death metal with  some  screams  mixed in.This  is  a  great 7Inch  with two  great bands  everyone  into  blalckend death with war  influences  should  get  this  today.
Sabbatic  Goat--Imprecations  Of Black Chaos cassette {Vault  Of  Dried  Bones}
New Zealand's Sabbatic Goat  have  released their  new release 'Imprecations  Of Blackend Chaos"   Sabbatic  Goat   play  a  style  of  blackend death war  metal.Heavy fast  drums with some mid-paced drumming  mixed in a few of  the songs.before  picking up  the  pace  again.The  drums  are  played  with inhuman speed  but are done  very  good.The vocalist  is  deep death growls  and  some  shrieks.
VerbumVerus-Melkiresha  cd    {Daemon Worship  Productions} 
 Coming  from  the   Netherlands   Verbum  Verus   play  extremely  good  black metal  with a  nice  mix  of  fast and mid-paced black metal.The guitars  are  done  very good  with fast guitars and  some  solo's  and  great  work with  the  guitars.The vocals  are  done  very  well  with  blackend  shrieks  and  screams.This is  a  band  to  watch  out  for a good  release to  add to  your  collection.
                                                                 Label  Contact

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Interview With Thy Legion done by Patrick

Metal  Hails! 
Here  is  a  new  interview  with  the  Malta  metal  band  Thy  Legion  they  have  released a  new  song  and  are  going  to  release  a  new  cd  in  the  future  here is a  interview  with  Elton  Falzone guitarist  for  the band.

Interview  with  Elton Falzon  Guitarist  of Thy Legion    done by Patrick

.Hello Elton  how is life going with you  these days? When did you  first  discover  metal?Who  were some of the  early bands you  listened to? Who are some of your current favorites?

Hello Patrick, I would like to start by thanking you for the interest you have shown in the band. 
My life has changed quite a bit since the last time that we spoke. Now that I have a two year old toddler running around, life is literally speeding by ! I guess I find myself at another stage in life. Hehe.
If I am not mistaken the first bands that I listened to where Guns ’n’ Roses, Nirvana, Metallica, The Offspring ... all at the age of 12. Along the way I made new friends, some of who were into heavier bands. At the age of 14, I discovered Black Metal. This, for me was like “Holy Shit, now that is what I am talking about” ! The first Black Metal bands that I listened to influenced me very much and changed my lifestyle. These were the might Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Darkfuneral, Emperor, C.O.F. Carpathian Forest amongst many others.  My all time favourite bands will definitely remain Immortal, Bathory, Venom, Slayer Obituary, Dissection and a few more. 

2.When did you and the  other  members  of   Thy Legion  first meet?What is the  current  line-up?For  the  readers who have never heard your band how  would you  describe your  music?
 We all knew each other before the band was formed as we were all childhood friends. In 2004, our ex-vocalist Tyrone Mifsud came up to me with the idea to form a band and form then on we started to rehearse and create music. 
The current line-up is Kurt Dimech – bass, Clayton Cini – drums, Tonio Spiteri and Mark Dimech – vocals and myself on guitars, with David Depasquale as live session guitarist. 
I would describe our music as the brutal way of blackened Death Metal with two violent vocalists who raise hell!!
3.Thy Legion  have a new  cd  coming out  soon  what is the title of the new  release? How many songs are on  the new cd?
 The new upcoming album will be titled “World Stigmata” and will feature 10 tracks, one of which is instrumental, composed by a talented artiset David Pulis (aka Umarth – Martyrium (MLT)).  Another guest appearance by Tyrone Mifsud on vocals (ShadowBourne (MLT)), who will be unleashing his screams on one of the songs. We are also going to be including a live version of the infamous track ‘Feed Them Bullets’.
4.Will a label help the band  release it or are you all going to  self-release the new disk?
 This time we are trying to release the album with a record label, but if this does not happen we will go ahead and self-release this one as well.
5.How long did  it  take you all to write  the new songs? Does  the whole band help in the writing  department or does one-two members handle everything?
 In 2011, after we played live with Arranged Chaos (GER), Purgatory (GER) and Master (CZ) in Dresden, Germany we decided to take a break from live performances to focus more on song-writing. It took us about a year, year and a half to write the whole album but we wrote something different from the previous albums, this time switching more to the Death Metal genre. For this album I can say that Clayton and myself co-wrote the songs, but each member input his ideas and suggestions, making it a band effort. 
6.Who usually writes  the  lyrics for the band?What are some topics/subjects you all write about?
 I write most of the lyrics by taking all the negative things which happen in the world around us. This is what you will find in Thy Legion’s lyrics hehe. 
7.Does Thy Legion play live very often? Who are some bands you  have shared the stage with?
7.    As a band we play live between 3-4 times per year. We would like to keep it that way, at least for now.I will name a few bands that we have played alongside these years: Cannibal Corpse, Abysmal Torment, Beheaded (MLT), Repugnance, Dew Scented, Contradiction, Spawn (GER) and as mentioned earlier Purgatory and master. These are the ones which come to mind. 
8.I know you have done a few shows outside of Malta  whehre all have you toured/played? Are their any tours coming up that the  fans  can watch out for?
 We played in Berlin and Dresden. We are currently focusing on promoting the upcoming album, but we try to organise a mini tour or to play in festivals outside of Malta. Hopefully, next year. In the meantime we are gearing up for the Malta Death Fest, which is going to be held on the 6th and 7th of September 2014. 
9.If you  could set up a dream tour  who are some  bands[past or present] you would love to share the stage with ?
  I never really thought about it, but I would love to tour with Venom, Immortal and if I could bring back Jon Nodtveidt with Dissection. 
10.Elton you  play the guitars for Thy Legion  when did you start  playing the  guitars?Are you  self taught or did  you take lessons when first learning?
I am not entirely sure, but if I am not mistaken I started playing when I was about 13 or 14. At first I did not take it seriously, but after a year of wasting time I began to practice frequently. I did not take any lessons, making me self-taught. I prefer to learn things by myself. 
11.Who are some  of your Influences/favorite  guitarist? Do you  play any other  instruments?
 I don’t really have a favourite artist, but definitely admire Ihsahn as he is a highly talented musician. Every time I listen to his solo project I am amazed. I currently do not play other instruments but would like to find the opportunity to learn to play the mandolin. 
12.Are you  or any members currently working with other bands ?
Personally,  I prefer to input each and every idea into Thy Legion. Clayton plays guitars with ShadowBourne and Kurt plays bass with Hex Omega and Virtuosi. 
13.In your opinion  what is the best and worst thing  about the underground scene?And what does  Metal underground mean to you?
The best thing about the underground metal scene is that the music comes from the heart, not for money or the masses. If one wants to sing about taking a dump, nobody will judge. There are no boundaries. 
The one thing that I hate about the underground metal scene is how many Black Metal bands try to copy Darkthrone, sounding all the same, this really pisses me off ! I understand the difficulty a band finds to sound original, but it is worth a try !
 The underground scene to me means everything, the beginning. A number of bigger bands started off as underground bands, and as I already said before, the underground scene knows no boundaries. 
14.Elton you and the band come out  of  Malta  what is your  opinion of the Malta Metal scene?Who are your all-time  favorite bands from Malta?Are their any new bands you can recommend?
We live in a small island where the metal scene is not as recognised as in other countries. I personally think that in the past  the scene was better than it is nowadays. 
With regards to the bands, Malta has such great bands which are known around the world such as Forsaken, Beheaded, Nomad Son, Abysmal Torment as well as Weeping Silence and Victims of Creation, whose names are spreading outside the Maltese shores. 
My favourite band which I have been following these past 3-4 years is the one-man band Prayer of the Dying – Martin Ciappara, who is a very talented musician as well as a personal friend. 
Yes, there are a number of promising bands. The first that come to mind are Repugnance, War Trigger, ShadowBourne and Relicuia. 
15.Thank you for taking the  time to do this interview  my friend.Do you  have any  final  words for the readers before  we end the Interview?
 I would like to conclude by thanking you once again and by reminding the readers to an eye out for Thy Legion as well as the Maltese metal scene in general: there are many great bands hailing from this small island !