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Interview with Angelcide done by Patrick on 2-24-15

Here   is  a  new  interview  done  with   New York's   Angelcide the  band  recently  released  the  second  cd  "Hunting  Astral  Prey"  through  the  mighty  U.S  label  Elegy  Rec.  So  take  a  few  minutes  and read about  the  bands  past  and  future  plans.

Interview  with   Maelstrom   vocalist  and  all   instruments  for  Angelcide   done  by   Patrick

1.  Hails! Maelstrom please introduce yourself to the readers?
My spirit longs for knowledge and adventure.  My story is told through my musical journeys.

2.  When  did you  first  become  interested  in  playing  music?  What  was the first  instrument  you   learned  to  play?  When  first  starting  out   did you take  lessons  or  are you  self taught? 
The quest of Maelstrom began at 15, some 15 years ago in 2001 when my first guitar was obtained.  I had some lessons for the first year or two but most of what I know now was learned through exploration and possibly some kind of claircongiance.  I believe music to be hereditary and passed down through my bloodline as my ancestors were classical composers in Italy.
3.  Who are some of your influences and favorite musicians? Are there any instruments that you  would like to learn someday?
My favorite guitar players were Jon Nodtveidt (Dissection) and Chuck Schuldiner (Death).  My favorite vocalists are the Mayhem and Gorgoroth vocalists.  Ihsahn of Emperor was also highly influential in both categories.  Apart from them my influences are to vast to list and encompasses many genres in and out of metal… although Judas Iscariot and Mutiilation were the biggest influences of the early Angelcide.  I know all of the instruments I wanted to learn but perhaps that will change someday.
4.  Besides playing all of the instruments you also handle all of the vocals for the band.  When did you start screaming?  Who are some of your favorite vocalists? 
Around 14 or 15 (the beginning of the last decade) I began honing my vocal tone.  I was the vocalist of the first band I recorded/played shows with before I was good enough to play guitar for a band.  All of the musicians I mentioned in the previous question comprise my favorite vocalists- especially the Mayhem vocalists!
5.  Originally Angelcide was formed in 2003 and you stopped the band in 2010.  Why  did you  stop the band?

I was disillusioned with metal culture and disappointed that the quality of the Angelcide releases I had done throughout that time did not reflect my passion for this music.  I struggled with extreme depression amongst other things at that time and ending Angelicde was a grand act of self destruction.
6.  Maelstrom you  reformed  Angelcide in 2015.   What  gave you  the  inspiration to  reform  the  band?
I wanted the legacy of Angelcide to be better represented than it was by what I had recorded throughout that first era.  I wanted to redefine the band now that my abilities as a musician and engineer have improved throughout the years.  This new Angelcide will be more in tune with my personal and spiritual narrative and better reflect my abilities as a musician.  The band was extremely important to my survival in those very difficult teenage years and I wanted the overall quality of the catalogue to reflect this.
7.  Maelstrom you handle everything in Angelcide.  When you first started the band did you  plan  on  keeping  it  a  one man  band  or  have you  looked  for  new  members to  join?
I sought members many years ago and even had a full lineup on the 2007 demo “Soul Departure" and a session drummer on “Twilight Carnage.”  I’m no longer interested in permanent members but the next album will feature a new session drummer…. a true USBM legend….
8.  If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians {past  or  present} who  would  be some  you  would  like to  work  with?
I believe I could create some exciting music with Hellhammer, the drummer of Mayhem.  I would also like to work with a skilled keyboardist though none in particular come to mind at this time.

9.  Maelstrom you are working with Rob and Elegy Records.  How did you come in contact with this great label?

I’ve known Rob for over a decade.  He lived with members of my old band, Abazagorath, and so I was at the label's HQ quite frequently for many years.  I've had many bad experiences with labels in the past and so it was important I dealt with someone I knew and trusted upon returning.  Also, I have always worshipped Elegy as they released some of the most important American metal albums from bands such as Judas Iscariot, Evoken, and Abazagorath!
10.  Angelcide has recently released the second CD "Hunting Astral Prey."  How long did it take you  to write and record the songs for the new release?  Where do you draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Many of the songs were from an early draft of what would have been the 4th Abazagorath album had I not left the band in 2014.  I revisited and refined this material, along with other songs from the past 5 years or so, to create this morbid work.  The lyrics were inspired by bold scientific theory, Lovecraftian art, and the absolute nihilistic hatred for humanity that has been much of my experience living in New York City the past two years!
11.  When you first started   Angelcide    I  believe  that  you  were  more  of  a   depressive  style  black  metal.  But  on  the  new  cd  "Hunting  Astral  Prey"   you  seem to  have  gone  for  a  more  straight  forward  blackend  death  style.  Why  did  you  decide to  go  for  a  more  straight  forward  sound?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it “straight forward" as it's more technical and varied than all of the past Angelcide albums.  However it is much heavier and brutal and this comes from my experience performing live rituals alongside bands such as Proclamation, Black Witchery, and Revenge.  It was also meant to be stylistically different than the last album I did (Abazagorath’s “The Satanic Verses,” which featured long, epic, melodic narratives) and meant to reflect my current experiences since moving to New York City.  I strive for all of my albums to be different than each other and have their own distinct personality.
12.  Besides  the  new  CD  coming  out  do  you  have   any  other  merchandise  or  releases  available   for the  readers?   If yes  where can  the  fans  buy them  from?
The new CD can be purchased at 

A digital version of our debut “Twilight Carnage" bundled with 2007’s “Soul Departure" demo is available for purchase on

There will be a 7" split with Megalith Grave, the most minimalistic band in existence, available in early March 2016 on the resurrected Desastrious Records!
13.  What  does  black  metal  mean  to  you?

There has always been a part of me, from youth till tonight and beyond, that found beauty in darkness, death, night, hatred, despair, sadism, dominance, war, winter, the cosmos, the forests, the mountains, the ancient Earth, the vast sky, and the great unknown.  Black metal is what articulates this better than any communication currently known to humanity.
14.  Thank you Maelstrom for taking the time to fill this interview out.  Do you have any final  comments for the readers?

Follow your guides wherever they may lead you.  Think on why they have lead you here. 

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New reviews posted on 2-14-16 done by Patrick

Here   is  a   new  blog   of   metal  reviews  for  your   reading  pleasure.Hopefully  you  will  find  some  bands  or  labels  to your   liking  and  buy  some  merchandise  from them.
Keep  watching Winter  Torment  new reviews  and  interviews  coming  soon

Angelcide--Hunting  Astral  Prey   cd  {Elegy   Rec.}

Here  is  a   one  man  band  formed  by   Maelstrom{Ex-Abazagorath} with  his  new  cd   Hunting  Astral  Prey   which  will  be released  by  Elegy Rec.This  is  a very  good  release  mixing  in  both   raw fast  black  metal  and  some  atmospheric  passages  entertwined  within the  music.The  music  is  done  with  a lot  of  energy  and  experience  going  from  all out  speed  to  a  more  mid tempo  sound.The  vocals  are  raw black  metal  screams  that  fit the  music  perfectly.If you  are  a fan  of  raw,early  ninties  black  metal  metal  with  some   atmosphere  put  into  some  of the  music  then   this  is  a band you  will  want  to   hear  soon.
                                                                                  Label   Contact
Begrime  Exemious--The  Enslavement Conquest   cd {Dark  Descent  Rec.}
This  is   my  first  time  hearing  the  Canadian  death metal  band  but the  third  release  overall.The  music  starts  off  very  chaotic  and  heavy the  guitars  are  played  at  extremely  fast  speeds.But the  guitarists  do  know  how to  create  and  write  some  memorable riffs and  patterns that  range from  both  extremely  fast  sections  mixed  with  some  slower mid paced  guitar  sections.The  drumming  is  done  in  the  same  vein  with  heavy  and  fast  drumming  patterns that  do  slow to  a  mid paced  drum  pattern  in  a few  of the  songs.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  death  metal  growls  and  some  vicious  black metal  screams.If you  are  a  fan  of  well  written  and  played  death metal then  be  sure to  pick  the  new  release The  Enslavement Conquest   today.
                                                                                Label    Contact
Humanitas  Error  Est---Human Pathomorphism   cd   {Satanath,Black  Plague  Rec.}
Germany's  Humanitas  Error  Est  unleashed their  debut  full  length  cd  a  few  weeks  ago  and  it  is  a really  good  disk  featuring  eleven  songs  of  grim and fast black metal.The  guitarist  knows how to  play  and  write and play  extremely  fast patterns  but  also  can  write  some  memorable   patterns.The  drummer  is   just  as  good  with  a   mix  of  fast,crazed  drums  and  some  more   mid paced  drum   patterns mixed  into  the  fast parts.The  vocals  are  grim  black  metal  screams   with  some  deeper  growls mixed in  a few  songs.If you  are  a fan  of  cold,grim  black  metal  then  defintly  give   Humanitas  Error  Est  a   listen  today.
                                                                  Label's  Contact
Lebensnacht---A  Raging Storm  Of  Apocalypse  cd   {Naturmacht   Prod.}
  Germany's  atmospheric  black  metal  band   Lebensnacht return   with  their  fourth  cd   A  Raging Storm  Of  Apocalypse.The  two  man  band   featuring  R.B handling  the  vocals  and   instruments  and  Martin K.  handling  the  drum  duties.The  music  is  written  with  a lot  of  ability  and  experience  with this  style  of  music  ranging  in  both  a  fast  style  of  black metal  and  a  more  atmospheric and somber  sound  entertwined  within the  songs.Martin  does  a great  job  with  the drums     going  from  an  all out  assult  on  the  drums to  a  more  controlled and slower  drum pace.If you  are  a  fan  of this  bands  previous  releases then  defintly  give this  cd  a  shot  and  if you  are   new to the band  think  of  raging fast  black metal  with  some  very  well done  atmospheric  parts.
                                                               Label   Contact
Vargafrost--Honour,Blood,Spirit and Love  cd   {Naturmacht  Prod.}
New  Zealand's  Vargafrost  return  with  their  second  cd  Vargafrost    plays  black  metal  with  some  very  well  written  and  performed   instruments.The  guitars  are  done  in  the  early  days  of  black metal with  raw  razorsharp guitar  chords  and  riffs.The  drumming  is  done  with  with  a   mix  of  mid  tempo  drum  patterns  that  do  speed  up to  a  faster and fierce  drumming  style.The  vocals  are  harsh  black metal   screams  and  some  very  interesting  talking  type  of  vocals  used in  a few  of the songs.If you  are  a  fan  of  well  written  and  played  black metal  then  be  sure to  pick up   Vargafrost   newest  cd  Honour,Blood,Spirit and Love  today.
                                                                 Label   Contact

Interview with Against The Plagues done by Patrick on 2-14-16

Here  is  a   new  interview with  the  Chicago  based  blackend death  metal  band  Against  The  Plagues.If you  like  blackend death  metal  with  ssome  other  influences  mixed  in then this  is  defintly  a  band  for you  so  feel free to  continue  reading  and  order the  new  cd.
Metal  Regards

Interview   with  Shaun Albro – vocalist/lyricist  of   Against  The  Plagues  done  by    Patrick 

1.Hails    SHAUN   when  did you  first  meet   the  other  members  of  Against  The  Plagues? Was  it  long  before you  all started the  band?

 Hails and thanks for having me!  When I first got the call to audition for Against The Plagues, it was by Milo Kovacevic, who replaced Novy on the bass guitar. He alerted me to ATP's ambition to consolidate the lineup to musicians all in the Chicago area so the band could be active and begin to work on a new album and tour. The lineup at the time was Logan Perez, Marco Martell, Varyen Chylinski and Milo Kovacevic.I didn't know Marco or Varyen at the time, I was however familiar with Varyen's other project Forest Of Impaled. I have been friends with Milo for a few years, we are from the same town, living a few blocks away from each other, and playing shows together in other bands we were in. Once I joined ATP, I brought with me Aaron Covarrubias to fill the position of second guitarist. I actually went to high school with Aaron in Hammond Indiana at a very terrible and ghetto high school called Hammond High. Not a very 'metal" are or school for that matter so we naturally became friends. Aaron also jammed with me in a band I had in 2007 called Ebonmortis, which Aaron filled in as bassist for a short time. When Marco left the band in 2014, we had a few session guitarists who were friends from the local scene, help us out with live performances until we recorded the "Purified Through Devastation" album. Milo actually wrote guitar riffs and arrangements for some of the material on the album. We felt that it was kind of a natural selection type of situation, Milo assumed the position of rhythm guitarist. Finally having the guitar section established , we brought in Kevin Ariel, who was working as a tech for ATP, to take over as bassist. I have known Kevin for over 10 yrs and have jammed with him in several projects in the past like ApotheCarrion and Human Extinction.

2.What  is   Against  The  Plagues  current line-up? For  the readers  who  have  never  heard Against  The  Plagues  music. how  would  you  best  describe  the  band's   sound?

 The current lineup for Against The Plagues is Shaun Albro (myself) as vocalist/lyricist, Varyen Chylinski as drummer, Aaron Covarrubias as lead guitarist, Milo Kovacevic as rhythm guitarist and Kevin Ariel as bassist. I always describe ATP's sound as heavy and aggressive, brutal and melodic, dark and epic. We are an Extreme Metal band. We are influenced by the extreme. We don't try to fit one specific genre, and would rather stay away from painting ourselves in a corner. There is a lot of poetic storytelling and   intense dramatic emotion. No 2 albums will sound the same, but we will always be ATP. If you are into Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir, Vader and bands of the like, Against The Plagues is sure to compliment your collection. 

3.Who   usually  takes  care  of the   lyrics  what  are  some topics/subjects you  all  write  about?

 I write the lyrics for Against The Plagues. A few of the songs on the album were written before I joined the band and I kept those songs generally the same and preserved Logan's lyrical contribution but did make minor adjustments to better suit my style of execution. The concepts and subjects are discussed by the whole band. We all have input when it comes to the overall theme and/or story that the band is trying to tell. We discuss certain topics and ideas and then I formulate lyrics that reflect everyone's image.

4.Besides  the   new  cd   "Purified  Through Devastation" .  does  the   band  have   any  other   merchandise  available  for  the  fans? If  yes  where  can  the  readers  find  it ?

 Yes we have the first album "Architecture Of Oppression" for sale through Varyen Entertainment, we also have the import version which is "Decoding The Mainframe" put out under Vic Records in the Netherlands, also available through the band. We have a full line of t shirts, stickers, pins and we are working on patches, 7' vinyl, and dvds. You can purchase our merchandise online at our store, which is linked through our Facebook page

5.Does   Against  The  Plagues   ever  play  "live"   or  do you  prefer to  work  in  the studio only? Who  are  some  bands you   have  had  the  opportunity  to  share the  stage with?

Of course we play live! Haha, we actually just performed over the weekend at Chicago's Premiere Metal Venue Reggies Rock Club with The Ox King, THEORIES, Jungle Rot and Decapitated! It was a great show! We got asked to jump on the show very last minute to fill the spot for Black Breath, who dropped off the tour. Prior to this recent show, we opened for Cattle Decapitation and Cannibal Corpse on Halloween Night Oct 31st 2015. We were honored to perform with Arsis, Destruction and Sepultura for Sepultura's 30 Year Anniversary Tour. We also had the extreme pleasure of playing direct support for Nile and Necrophagia.

 6.What  have  been  some  of your  most  memorable  shows to  date?  Are there  any tours  or  shows  planned  for  2016?

 I think we'd all agree that opening for Cattle Decapitation and Cannibal Corpse on Halloween Night will be one of the most memorable shows we've done. We are lifelong fans of Cannibal Corpse and over the years have developed a friendship with them. Having the opportunity to open for them on Halloween was one of those once in a life time opportunities! And of course it was a packed, sold out show, with a crowd full of ghouls and zombies! We even had friends come down from Canada to see the show! We do have tour plans for 2016. We have a few agencies we are in talks with and getting some details worked out but we will be announcing tour dates soon! We have some opportunities to do some Canadian dates as well as the US and South America. 

7.Against  The  Plagues    comes  out  of  Chicago's  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion   of the  metal scene  in  Chicago? What  about  Illinois as a whole?

 Chicago is a strong city for Metal. There are always a ton of shows going on every weekend and often during the week. Between major touring acts and the vast local scene, there is no shortage of new talent. I will say there is, as there is in any scene, the click/elitist/douchenozzles who are a negative cancer on the scene and cause division amongst bands and promoters. We are extreme metal, we carry ourselves as professional musicians who are expressing our art and we don't limit ourselves so we'll perform with any bands who are metal. Black metal, death metal, thrash metal, doom, grind, slam, hardcore, it's all metal, it's all extreme! Chicago is pushing to bring the strength back to the region with Fests like The Chicago Domination Fest and in southern Illinois there is the Full Terror assault Fest, which is an open air fest, 3 days of extreme metal on a campground where fans can camp out and cookout all weekend!

8.Who  are  some  of your   all-time  favorite  Illinois   bands?  Are there  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

 I guess my best answer for this question would be to credit some of our friends. Withering Soul, Jungle Rot, Usurper, Disinter, Narcotic, The Everscathed, Ditheist and Beyond De-th to name a few. I would also like to mention my good friend Dan Klein, who is an amazing musician and studio engineer/producer who has recorded many of Chicago's metal bands as well as performing drums in numerous projects such as Relentless, FIN and Disfigurement. 

9.What   does  underground  metal   mean  to you?

 I think all Metal is underground. We are the screaming voices of those cast aside. The ones the "world" tries to ignore, oppress and stifle. Metal has a fighting spirit. The spirit of revolution, overcoming adversity and devouring the opposition. There is much more to this world than what is on the surface, its contents, it's guts and glory are brewing in the underground.

 10.When   not  working  on  band  music  or  business  what  do  you  enjoy  doing  in your   free  time?

 When I am not working on the band, I enjoy spending time with my two sons, Seth and Jacob. They are my greatest achievements in life, I love being a Father. my boys are gamers and we enjoy playing video games and card  games like Magic the Gathering.. I also enjoy writing poetry and odd stories. I hope to publish some of my writings in the near future. I have a full time job that is flexible and allows me to take time off to dedicate to the band, which is awesome and I am also a college student, studying Business Management. When I'm not doing all of that I like to go for rides on my mountain bike and get in some good weight lifting sessions.

11. Do you   have  any  final  comments  for  the readers?

Thank you all for your constant support in Against The Plagues! We hope you pick up a copy of our latest album "Purified Through Devastation" on Varyen Entertainment and Non Serviam Records out now worldwide! Go to YouTube and check out the videos for TerrorForm and Enblightened! Stay in touch and we'll see you on the road in 2016!!! Keep supporting METAL!!!!