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Affliktor interview done by Patrick posted on 9-10-17

Interview  with  Toby  Knapp  vocals  and  all instruments  for  Affliktor  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  Toby  how  are  you  doing this  week?Please  introduce  yourself to  the  readers?

Hello! I'm doing well! I'm a multi-instrumentalist based out of Wyoming. My main instrument is the guitar and I enjoy making evil and heavy music. That's why I'm here.

2.When  did you  first  start  listening to  rock  and  metal?Who  were  some  of the  first  bands that grabbed your  attention?

I'm an old bastard so I saw hard rock evolve into metal. In the seventies as a four year old I was listening to my parents albums- because they weren't interested in them anymore. Some of the first bands I heard were Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Black Oak Arkansas, Deep Purple, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Alice Cooper, Kiss, etc. Hearing Jimmy Page on the second Led Zeppelin album really possessed me. It scared the hell out of me, I sensed something dark there.....still do. At that point I knew I wanted to be involved in music but wasn't sure to what extent and in what manner.

3.Besides  rock and  metal  do you  listen to  any  other  musicial  genres?If  yes who  are some  of your  favorite  bands and artists?

I like so many genres. I love early progressive rock like Yes, King Crimson, Rush, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Camel, Alphataurus, Pulsar, Genesis and so many more. I like classic rock too- the roots; Beatles, Herman's Hermits, Thin Lizzy, Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Good rock and roll music. Favorite classical composer would be Vivaldi. I also enjoy real mellow and kinda corny AM radio music from the 70's. I like so much stuff, music is my life. There are some bands from the eighties I just discovered like Anger, Universe, Jupiter, Alien, Niagara, 220 never ends.

4.At  what  age  did you become  interested in  learning to  play  the  guitar?Who  would you  say  are  some  of your  influences and  favorite  guitarist?

Like I mentioned earlier it was really Jimmy Page. I was around 13 when I saw the Led Zeppelin concert film "The Song Remains the Same" and when the film was over I picked up the guitar and never put it down. I liked how the guitar could speak to and manipulate the emotions of the listener. I studied Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton heavily at first and then took things up a notch when I heard Ritchie Blackmore on the Rainbow album "On Stage". Soon after, Yngwie Malmsteen was introduced and I became obsessed with the guitar. All those Shrapnel Records releases of the eighties; Friedman, Becker, Vinnie Moore, Macalpine, Tafolla, Paul Gilbert, Kotzen, Greg Howe, Apocrypha....that was my life. Other players I really draw inspiration from are Loudness's Akira Takasaki and John Norum from Europe. There are many more but too numerous to list.

5.Besides  the  guitars  do you  play  any  other  instruments?Are  their  any  instruments that you  would  like to  learn to  play  one day?

I actually played the drums first and was getting really good before abandoning them for the guitar. I use a drum machine on several of my albums and I think the fact that I was a drummer obviously makes me a decent drum programmer. I wouldn't mind revisiting drums and maybe becoming more of a keyboardist than just simple atmospheric passages....but I'm still trying at the guitar, that is plenty.

6.When  did you first get the  idea  to  form  Affliktor  and  who  would you  say are the  bands  biggest  influences?

Often things that lead to an album are as simple as getting on a "kick". Affliktor was the result of revisiting a lot of my 90's Death Metal collection on long commutes to work. I was also listening to "mean thrash"- stuff like early Kreator, Pestilence and Sacrifice. Listening to Morbid Angel everyday I was like "fuck, I need to do something powerful, energetic and well.....negative." I just started making demos and recording riffs and it fell into place naturally. There are musicians in place for an Affliktor 'band'....but on this album I did everything myself. So with this Affliktor stuff, Teutonic thrash of the eighties like Kreator, Sodom, Destruction mixed with the early nineties Death Metal of bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Hellwitch...Slayer of course is hugely influential on this record. A friend of mine described it as a mixture of Annihilator and Bathory- and I really liked that comment!

7.How  long  did it take you to  write  the music  for  the  debut release?

Probably a took longer to record though because my gear kept breaking down. I ended up singing, for lack of a better term, through a marshall amp.

8.Toby  you  are the sole  member of  the  band  would you  like to find  new members to  make a  full line up  or do you  prefer to  work  alone?

I have been at this alone for a very long time because there was really no other choice. However, lately I have been collaborating with drummer, vocalist Shane Wacaster in a band called Necrytis. We are actually writing stuff together and I am enjoying that. Our first album is coming out on Pure Steel Records in September and we have already begun the follow up. I have worked with some great musicians in Montana...but people just kind of drifted apart through the years. Hopefully things will come full circle one day.

9.Who  are  some  musicians{past or present}  you  would  like  to  work  with and why?

David Vincent needs me. I would love to work with him. I think I could collaborate on an album with him that would be great...but that is a pipedream. I always wanted to be in King Diamond or Overkill. I always wanted to just step into an established band and be a guitar player, do my assigned job. I almost got the gig with Mayhem a few years back but logistics were just not going to work out. Attila Csihar did some guest vocals on my solo album "The Campaign" though, so at least something good came from that. It would be nice to do a completely different thing and collaborate with Kate Bush...that is if I had my choice on how things work out.

10.Toby  I  know you  have  been  a  part of the underground scene  for  many  years what is your  opinion  of the underground scene  over the  years?

In the eighties the underground ruled- look what came from it? Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Overkill, Kreator, Exodus...these bands are still killing it today. In the nineties we saw great death metal; Immolation (still great), Nuclear Death, Impetigo, Blasphemy, Hellwitch, Morbid Angel, Crucifer, Deteriorate, Toxodeth.....and the first few waves of Black Metal, countless fucking great bands and singular artists. Today? Not much. Nothing that gives me hope or excites me. Realize I am 45 and don't relate to how the youngsters are going about the business of extreme music these days. That presents a problem many older fans are perplexed with....our favorite bands are getting older- how long are Slayer, Overkill and Kreator going to hang in there? What do we do when those guys stop? It's bad enough Rush called it quits....I understand that, we all get older. I just don't see a new generation carrying the torch once Slayer announces their last tour....I'm sorry...Lamb of God and all their little clones do not do it for me. I am not fooled by their groove shit. Social media ruined it too....I liked the survival of the fittest via snail mail, demo tapes and word of mouth. The scene was more selective then and not so overcrowded with bullshit. I am on facebook a lot pushing albums, do I like it? No, I hate it.

11.Besides  working  in    Affliktor  I  believe you  have some  other  projects and  bands active  please tell the readers a  little  about the  other bands you are  currently  involved  with?

Waxen is another one man band doing strict Black Metal for Moribund Records. Where Evil Follows is a traditional heavy metal project also on Moribund. Both are active. I do my solo instrumental guitar albums every few years either for Shredguy of Crushing Notes records. Necrytis is a three piece that is doing really well at the moment. We play kind of violent, raw and strange Power Metal and are working with Germany's Pure Steel Records. With all my projects combined I've done around 20 albums or so since the first one in 1993. That was a solo album "Guitar Distortion" on Shrapnel Records.

12.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you enjoy doing in your  free time?

Listening to music, collecting music. It's all about finding all the albums I missed out on, that keeps me busy!

13.Have you  ever  made  a  video  for  any  of the  bands  you  work  with?If  yes which  band  and song? If you  could  make  a  video  for  any  of your  bands which  song  would you like to see made  into  a video?

I had my band Onward in the early 2000's, we were with Century Media and did an official video for a song called "Night". Really, the only other thing is "Chaos Magick Totality" from Affliktor which showcases Mark Riddick's genius album artwork. An official DVD of bootleg live Onward gigs was circulated for awhile via Shredguy Records. I would like to do an Affliktor video for the song "Backwards Into Hell". That is my favorite. The Waxen tune "Hollow Eyes" would make a good video too.

14.Thank you  Toby  for taking the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  words for the  readers?

Thank you very much for conducting this interview with me, I really enjoyed it. Hello to all your readers and I hope they will check out one of my projects! There is something for everyone except Christian Metal or Groovecore or Grundge or Emo or Hipster Black Metal or Rap or Djent or................

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